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Vastu Planning for Rooftop Terraces

It is essential that the house you live in should be properly ventilated and that can only be possible when you build a rooftop or your terraces as per vastu compliance principles. As per vastu expert from Dubai it is important that the rules of vastu Shastra be followed so that the house receives ample sunlight, ventilation and positive energy from the cosmos that would bring prosperity to its residents, let us understand how.

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Vastu for rooftop terraces

If one is to understand that the basics of vastu Shastra are followed for home construction on a plot then the roof too should not be left out, the rooftop terraces are essential part of the house. It is to be noted that the parameter to consider for terraces is that if you like to have a slant rooftop then the slant should be in the direction of north-east. Alternatively another direction that would be auspicious would be north direction or east direction.

Tips for the rooftop terraces

Rooftop terraces are attractive and a trend that is fast taking over, however, without vastu compliance it would not be favorable for the residents, just as vastu principles apply to the plot, house and any other building it is essential to learn about the same principle applies to rooftop terraces, here’s how:

  • South direction is not auspicious for an opening for rooftop terrace
  • The design should be such that it should be in the shape of rectangle or square that should be wide opening in the east direction.
  • North, east or north-east directions are favorable for construction of rooftops.
  • If you happen to construct a water fountain on your terrace then it should be ideally placed in the north-east direction that would harness the positivity of the cosmos.
  • If you are planning to have a sitting area on your terrace then the furniture should be ideally placed in the south-west. However, avoid using wrought iron furniture.
  • Keeping shrubs and small plants in the east and north directions of the terrace is auspicious.
  • For attracting wealth into your house constructing a terrace in the north is the best option, if you like to have an east facing rooftop terrace then it would bring good health and attract lot of opportunities. However, avoid west and south directions as it would lead to litigation and hazards with fire.
  • Using pastel colors on rooftop terrace is advisable to exude serenity and relaxation.
  • Remember never to clutter or keep unwanted objects on rooftop terrace.
  • If you would like to have a swing on your terrace then the ideal direction is north-west while the one sitting on the swing should be facing east or north direction.
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These are generic tips that would for sure help bring in positivity; however, for personalized vastu Shastra solutions and vastu compliance analysis, it is essential to engage a vastu expert from Dubai. It is essential to get a personal analysis of the property done as then application of personalized remedial measures and vastu advice can be given for betterment of the residents.

Vastu for Lawns and Gardens

Building your home as per vastu compliance brings in positivity and abundance; it is also the source of harnessing positive cosmic energy within your house that greatly impacts the health and finances of the occupants.

As per vastu expert from Dubai, it is essential that one should also take in account the garden area of the house or the lawn that too should be as per vastu principles. Vatu Shastra explains where to plant trees, auspicious / inauspicious trees/ plants and the right directions for placement of different garden items, let us understand it all.

Vastu for Lawns and Gardens

Location of Lawn/ Garden

Vastu Shastra expert from Dubai explains that garden is the place that integrates all the cosmic energy and all the elements (Panch MahaBhoota); Earth- southwest, water- northeast, fire-southeast and air-north west, the central point of the lawn/ garden is representative of space. Keeping all this in mind it is essential to understand the rightful placement or building the garden in the right direction, for instance it is inauspicious to have a lawn/ garden in the southeast or southwest directions as it would only become a source of constant tension to the residents.

  • Having a front facing garden then it is essential to remember that it should be free of any blockages; the entrance to the garden should not be blocked. If there is a massive tree out-front then it should be removed.
  • Having trees surrounding the walls of the garden is the best.
  • East and north side of the garden can be adorned with a small Zen like waterfall or a mini waterfall.

Planting Trees

  • East and north side of the lawn / garden can be adorned with small shrubs.
  • Northeast direction should be kept free of any hindrance.
  • West, southwest and south sides of the garden are suitable for planting tall trees.
  • The house should not be covered with shadows of tree especially between 9 am-3pm.
  • Any tree that would attract pests, serpents and insects should be avoided as these will only bring back luck.
Vastu for Lawns and Gardens

Vastu Shastra for a Positive Garden

  • Ideal location of the garden is on the western or northern direction of the house.
  • Tulsi or Holy Basil is the best that can be planted in the garden as it brings positivity.
  • North side of the lawn or garden is ideal for recreational fittings like swings and even planting flowerbeds in this direction is auspicious.
  • West side of the garden is good for planting mango trees and for fitting artistic pieces like sculptures or stone art pieces.
  • South direction of the lawn or garden is ideal for swimming pool or water fountain; even a pet’s house can be installed in this direction.
  • Install benches or stone sitting fixtures in the east direction,
  • Leave the central part of the garden/ lawn free of any hindrance.
  • If you have built a pathway in your lawn or garden then ideally it should have jasmine plants on both the sides as it is auspicious as per vastu Shastra.
  • Keep the plants and trees properly pruned and these shall not be above three feet of height unless recommended by vastu Shastra expert.

House Number and Vastu Shastra

Your house number too impacts your personal wellbeing and can be either a blessing or a curse, as per vastu expert from Dubai when you choose a house, the number vibration related to that house too would impact your life significantly. Therefore it is essential to consider the house number, your birth number and the life path number these all should be in harmony rather than in conflict for the house to be auspicious to its residents or the owner of the house. Let us understand how vastu Shastra, number and numerology are all about finding out lucky house number for the residents.

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How Vastu Shastra Helps in Finding Favorable House Number?

Foremost it is essential to understand that when one is calculating house number it is essential to consider all the digits. Another thing to notice is that if the house number comprises of an alphabet then too it should be included. For instance your house number is:


2+9= 11=1+1=2

Now let us also include alphabet B that would be 2


2+2= 4

So the sum total of your house should be 4

Also consider whether the number is even or odd that too is highly impactful as per Vastu Shastra.

Now that you have an idea of calculating the house number as per Vastu Shastra, let us understand each number as per Vastu Shastra individually.

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Vastu Shastra for House Number


  • The number stands for independence, initiation, beginnings and for people who are looking for fresh start.
  • For people in business, for independent and free spirit, this number will be a blessing.
  • People wanting a solo lifestyle shall choose this number as it vibrates to passion, achievement and independence.


  • Good for those who are beginning their life together, good for new couples, people looking for harmony in their intimate relationships.
  • For people who like to have good friends and family this number is a blessing.
  • The number stands for unions, bonding and creating something together in partnership.
  • Good for people looking to start a family.


  • People in creative professions whether musicians or artists should choose 3 as their house number.
  • The number blesses individuals with creativity and skill.
  • It encourages the vibrations of professional growth, happiness, creative support and optimism.
  • Individual occupying a number 3 house will be able to express publically.


  • This number is a blessing for people who are into civil work, professionals, ecology and architecture.
  • The number blesses the occupants with security if that is what they are looking for.
  • If you are a no.4 person then it will bless you with excellence in business and at work.


  • Enthusiasm and dynamism is what the number is capable of blessing the occupants of the house.
  • Possessing a no.5 house would mean that the occupants will find beginners luck when they are starting a venture.
  • Good for people who are starting a business or individual path seeking positivity, strength, imagination and want to explore something new.
  • Individuals living in house no.5 will be able to find opportunities galore and discover new places as well.


  • Occupants of this house number are blessed with longevity, wealth and prosperity.
  • Equally good for pet owners too, as the house number ushers in tranquility.
  • The number vibrates to healing and support, good for people in medical field.
  • People looking for fame, fortune, luxury and riches should opt for house no 6.
  • Working for people, society at large and for senior citizens can occupy this house.


  • The number vibrates to transparency, serenity and good luck.
  • Good for people leading a life of solitude and spirituality.
  • Helps in achieving the right direction for people looking to start their inner journey.
  • It blesses the occupants with achieving their real worth and finding their real place.


  • Good for people who are looking for balance in their life and who would like to achieve equilibrium in their personal and professional lives.
  • The number brings the individuals closer to their destination and blesses them with wealth + harmony alike.
  • It brings satisfaction and stability in the life of people occupying a no.8 house.


  • The house number blesses the occupants with adjustment, compassion and trust within their family group.
  • People occupying no.9 house will find them projecting a warm and people winning attitude amongst their peers and in society at large.
  • People connected to spirituality, fostering community and showing interest in esoteric art or looking to enhance intuition should occupy this house number.


  • People looking for determination, exploring and newness should find this house number blessing their individual pursuits.
  • Socializing and people centric individual will enjoy the high-vibrations of this house number.
  • Blessing the occupants with infinite possibilities in their lifetime will help them achieve new connections and open pathway towards new opportunities.
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Lucky House Number in Vastu Shastra

  • Family oriented individuals should choose 1:3:5:7:9 as odd numbers impact positive status and blesses the family life for people with odd life path number.
  • People with even life path number should choose 2:4:6:8:11:22:33.

Vastu Shastra is a holistic science based on ancient facts, armed with deep knowledge and wisdom of how house number corresponds and correlates with the individual / occupants can only be done by a vastu expert from Dubai, as explained above.

Energy Fields in Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra defines energy fields elaborately when it comes to directions and sub-directions. Vastu Purusha Mandala is where all the directions are defined that helps in understanding where the rightful placement of an item or a favorable direction is for building and construction. Let us understand what is Vastu Purusha Mandala.

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Vastu Purusha Mandala

In vastu Shastra the belief system works upon the principle that earth is a living breathing entity or a cosmic man. Every detail associated with vastu Shastra regarding the construction, structure and principles is based on this mandala that comprises a detailed chart explaining elaborate ancient architecture in alignment with cosmic forces.

Vastu Purusha Mandala is a scientific observation and factual description based on Brahma and 44 deities that makes it total 45 deities. It begins with vacant plot digging and elaborates the right direction of building an entire construction area in accordance with vastu Shastra principles.

Vastu Purusha Mandala and 45 energy fields

Now there are some principles and some facts that define it and will help a layman understand all about it in the most simplistic manner, as defined by vastu Shastra expert from Dubai, she further explains Vastu Purusha Mandala in the following manner:

  • The mandala is a structure that comprises flow of energy currents corresponding to pivotal points in human body.
  • Energy fields depicted in the mandala are directly related to the energy current that runs throughout human body impacting all the five senses of human species.
  • If a structure whether home, office, SOHO or a commercial complex and establishment is built in accordance with it then occupants will experience profound harmony and financial growth. When these are not followed the occupants suffer with various ailments and blockages in finances. The crux of the matter is that these meridians are in accordance to the energy field/points in human body that are highly impactful.
  • The core of the energy field is where Brahma resides that is referred to as BrahmaSthaan; the other 44 deities reside at significant other directions (sub-directions).
  • The mandala is divided into 9*9=81 parts or squares that gives a 360 degree view within the chart format.
  • 32 out of 45 deities reside in external closures while other 13 within internal closures.
  • Each of these are rulers assigned to various human life aspects due to the inherent qualities of these deities.
  • The core of vastu Shastra planning for any given structure is based on this mandala.
  • Manduka/Chandita Mandala is depicted with 88=64 squares.
  • Paramasaayika Mandala is divided with the ratio of 99=81 courts.
  • Paramasaayika Mandala is utilized for the purpose of designing places and homes.
  • Manduka mandala is utilized by vastu practitioners for the purpose of designing temples.
  • Vastu Purusha Mandala comprises of 81 Pada and 64 Pada.
  • Further it comprises of 4 Vithi- Brahma Vithi, Deva Vithi, Manushya Vithi and Paishacha Vithi each determines a different quality and that determines how and where placement for items, things and building direction that would be auspicious or otherwise.
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Above mentioned is the simplistic manner for a layman to grab the elaborate yet complex Purusha Mandala or energy fields in vastu Shastra but as per vastu expert from Dubai, these are only for reference purpose and for beginners to understand the basics, one would need to consult a professional to be able to apply it practically.

Helpful Vastu Tips for Shops, Showrooms and Commercial Establishments

Vastu for commercial establishments is essential to help balance the space with elements relevant to the given direction as per vastu principles. As a shop owner or showroom owner you should be able to create a congenial environment that would help you with steady flow of finances and gain lot of customers too. So, let us understand as per vastu expert from Dubai as to how negativity can be eliminated and business can prosper through application of vastu tips.


  • Owners of stationary shops should use west direction for profits. If you own furniture shop then your ideal direction is south, if you run a grocery shop then north-east direction is the best or alternatively use east or north directions for your benefit.
  • For cloths shop or showrooms the best direction is east where the entrance should be placed and for high-quality brands south direction is ideal.

Cash Counter

  • It should ideally open towards north direction and one should ensure that there should always be some cash in it.
  • Placing idols of Lakshmi- Ganesh in locker is good but if only you worship them daily.
  • Keeping the locker in south-west direction is good if the entrance of the establishment is in north direction.
Vastu Tips for Commercial shops and showrooms

Picture of Deities

  • North-east is the ideal direction for placing idols and pictures of deities and these should be worshipped daily.

Raw Materials Placement

  • Heavy stuff and raw materials should be ideally kept in a room or storage that is in the south-west or northwest and ready material should be kept in North northwest for easy sales / movement.

Electronic Equipment

  • Placing electronic equipment in a proper storage and in the right manner is essential to avoid chaos; therefore it should be ideally placed in the south-east corner that would attract sales.

Main Entrance

  • Prime entrance to commercial establishment or a shop or showroom should be ideally in the north direction.
  • The owner should be sitting in the east or north direction for attracting new business opportunities.
  • Ensure your entrance does not have a drain running next to it as it would impact adversely on your financials.
  • Your establishment shall always be well-lit and the entrance should be well lit at night and well decorated too to usher in prosperity.

Showroom Shape

  • Ideal shape for showroom is square or rectangular.
  • Irregular shapes of plots of commercial establishments impacts the income and thwart any financial gains.
  • Ensure the front portion to be wider than the rear of the shop that would make it positive.

Lightweight Objects

  • Small and routine use items should be placed in east or north direction, same goes for grocery store items.
  • Daily sales items are ideally placed in north-west direction of the store that would boost sales.
  • Medical should place Ayurveda medicines in east or north direction. Allopathic medicines and medical equipment is best placed in the south direction.
  • Top selling items should be ideally placed in the north north-west direction, that is the direction of movement and quick sales.
Vastu Tips for Commercial shops and showrooms

For in-depth analysis and personalized vastu compliance for commercial establishments, it is essential to engage the best vastu consultant in Dubai. With their expertise and detailed analysis, your business will prosper and your financial life will improve dramatically.

Easy Vastu Tips for Inviting Wealth in Your House

Having enough money is never enough, in fact all that we humans desire is to have wealth that would make our bank balance burst money rather than simply hold it. While some have it easy, others keep working towards it, if you are the one who is still struggling in the finance department then you need to know why? Often the cause of not having wealth is vastu doshas in your own home or the property that you are acquiring. If there are vastu defects then you will keep losing money, but if you are aware of these defects then these can be fixed too. Let us find out some vastu tips for inviting wealth in your house.

Lord Ganesh

As per Vastu Shastra, placing a picture of Lord Ganesh can help ward off bad luck and invite prosperity. Consult a Vastu specialist like vastu consultant in Dubai who suggests placing one such picture in the right direction. However, after a thorough analysis, only one should make changes.

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Basil Plant

Basil or Tulsi plant is auspicious and helps in bringing prosperity as per vastu Shastra. The best place to keep this holy plant in in the north-east direction of your house, it should be outside rather than inside. When this is done it helps create positive energy flow throughout the house.

Basil Plant


Lighting a lamp or Diya every morning and evening impacts the energy of the house in a positive way. However, the lamp should be lit in front of the idol or picture of Goddess Lakshmi in your home temple. Another thing to remember is the placement of the temple, as per the Vastu consultant in Dubai the temple shall be in the northeast direction.

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Kuber Yantra

If you are not yet aware, then God Kuber symbolize wealth and keeping a Kuber Yantra in your temple or holy shrine at your home will invite prosperity. Another thing to take note is that you should remove any clutter, heavy furniture, or objects from northeast direction/ corner of your home or else your wealth and abundance would be blocked. According to Vedasrivastu, you can fix the yantra on the north wall of your house if you cannot place it in the temple.


All your precious gems, jewels and money along with important documents like property documents or money bonds should be placed in the north or south-west corner; this is an ideal place for keeping your lockers and having a locker room. When this is done you are inviting in prosperity, remember that the door to your lockers or locker room shall open towards north or north-east direction for best results.

Easy Vastu Tips for Inviting Wealth in Your House


Water Bodies

Water tanks, water bodies, pools or any such source of water should be better placed in the north direction that calls for positive flow of wealth in the entire house. If you have a water fountain big or small regardless of the size then too it should be kept in the same direction.

Having a financially abundant life is indeed a dream come true, however if you are wondering what all can be done then it is suggested you consult a vastu expert like vastu consultant in Dubai for personalized vastu Shastra remedies and analysis.

Vastu Tips For Success at The Office

We all desire success at the workplace and like to be appreciated by our bosses. Being that successful employee and a good performer amongst our peers is what makes a successful career and this is what each one of us wants. However, often due to Vastu defects and misplacing of objects whether on the workstation or work desk, sitting in the wrong direction or not being able to harness the positivity makes it difficult to achieve success, so, what can be done? As per Vastu for Offices in Dubai experts, a few Vastu tips that are simple and easy to apply will help a lot with the situation and you will get desired results. So, let us learn all about these Vastu tips for success at the office whether you own an office or you work at one both will benefit from it. 

Right sitting arrangement

  • If you are an entrepreneur or work with creative aspects then the best that you can do is sit in a way that you face north, northeast, or east direction as these directions symbolize beginnings and growth. 
  • For those who are into marketing/ sales, they need to face the east or west direction as this direction helps in making them proactive. If this is not possible then the North West direction is the second alternative to it. 
  • Working in the accounting department, then you should face the northeast direction and your seat should be placed in the southeast corner.
Vastu Tips For Success at The Office

For manager/owner

  • Your cabin as an owner of the office should be in the west direction while your seating should be such that you face north or east direction. 
  • If you own a business then you should be sitting in such a way that you face the north or east direction. Your back should be against a solid wall rather than a partition or a window for stability. 
  • Working in a managerial/ executive or director position your seating should be in the south, west, or southwest.
Vastu Tips For Success at The Office

For work desk/cabin

  • Hang or paste scenery of a mountain behind your back or chair if possible. 
  • Your desk shall always be neat and clean as it helps in better focus. 
  • Documents that are not important should be removed and done away with immediately. 
  • Documents, files, and books should be kept neatly in a drawer or locker. 
  • If you still have broken stationery then dispose of it immediately as it hinders financial life.
Vastu Tips For Success at The Office

Vastu for cabin

If you own the office or have a cabin to sit then the following is applicable:

  • Your cabin is best placed in the west or southwest direction.
  • The leadership team shall face the north or east direction. 
  • Always ensure the back of the chair shall have a strong concrete wall and not some partition. 
  • Avoid placing pictures of religious significance behind your chair. 
  • The table should be wooden and rectangular in shape. The cabin too shall be a square or rectangular in shape. 
  • The cabin door should ideally be in a northeast direction.
Vastu Tips For Success at The Office

Vastu items for your office

Certain Vastu items can be placed on your desk or in a particular direction for good luck and abundance, these are:

  • The entrance shall be decorated with a Buddha statue.
  • Plants and flowers can be placed in the east direction. 
  • Placing some rock salt or sea salt in a bowl can help absorb the negativity in the space.

According to Vastu for Offices in Dubai advises these tips which are simple yet effective when applied and bring in abundance in the life of the one seeking success in the workplace.

How To Use Vastu To Achieve Peace Of Mind?

Vastu In Dubai For West Facing Home

As per Vastu Shashtra, it is essential to choose a home or make a home that should be in a favorable direction. However, many forget that the direction may be suitable for a given purpose and should be suitable to the one who is buying it. For this reason, the majority are of the belief that a west-facing home is inauspicious which is a myth that requires an in-depth understanding of Vastu . Vastu Consultant in Dubai are of the belief that no direction is inauspicious. Through this article you will get to know that even west-facing homes are auspicious . Vastu compliant west-facing home or property home can also give you abundance. 

Defining a West facing home

It is a home or a property that faces the west direction, the main entrance is facing the direction the west. 

Why are west-facing Vastu Compliant homes beneficial?

  • West-facing homes are known to bring exuberance and a zest for life to the residents of the house. 
  • West is the direction wherein all the energy enters the house. 
  • Occupants of west-facing homes are blessed with abundance and wish fulfillment. The main entrance in the field of Varun Deity ensures that all your desires convert into reality and the inhabitants live a fulfilled life.
  • People who would benefit from west-facing homes would-be teachers, businessmen, politicians, and religious leaders; they are most benefited by the west direction. 

Why is the west direction suitable?

It is all about the orientation of the property and the rooms that should be paid attention. Best Vastu consultant in Dubai advices few points to consider:

What to avoid?

  • The Southwest direction is suitable for the master bedroom especially when you are choosing an apartment in a building. If you are building your own house then it should be situated on the top floor of the house.
  • Kids room can be placed in the west direction or the south direction, but the door should be facing the east or north direction.
  • Your living room shall be in the northeast, northwest, east, or west directions as these are equally good, the furniture however should be kept in the southwest or west direction. 
  • The prayer room of the house shall have the deities facing the direction of the west while your face should be in the east direction when you are praying. 
  • The kitchen of the house should be ideally in the Southeast to South direction. The cooktop or the stove shall be placed in such a way that the one cooking food should be facing the east direction. 
  • If you are building the property then remember to place the staircase in the south, west, or southwest direction and it should be built in a clockwise direction. 
  • Avoid choosing a plot with the northern part higher than the southern part of the plot. 
  • If there is any toilet or kitchen in the Northeast of the house then either avoid purchasing it or change/alter the direction. 
  • Southwest direction should be avoided when it comes to placing waterbodies like pumps, bore-well, and motors.


In conclusion, all the guidelines and principles of Vastu Shashtra for a west-facing home state that the house in this direction is auspicious. Veadasrivastu, the best Vastu consultant in Dubai, advises that picking the right direction for a particular placement of a room, furniture, and other items is the key to making it positive. Any direction will yield the best results when a home is designed according to Vastu principles.

Numerology for #3 People

If you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th of any month then your ruling planet is Jupiter or Guru, the Guru of all. The planet denoted affluence, wisdom, knowledge, and ambition. 

Character traits

  • You are an early bloomer who began working early in life and became independent of obligations in your life at an early stage. 
  • Versatile by nature you are the one who enjoys a position of authority rather than following it. 
  • You are a nature lover and creativity is something that is an inborn trait that you carry. 
  • Taking things as they come, you are confident in your words and action which makes you an excellent leader. 
  • Positivity is one such trait in you that you are well admired for and makes you attractive to others as well. 
  • Your social skills are excellent which makes you a good communicator. 
  • Charming and magnetic you are the majority of the time’s center of attraction. 
  • Having an uncanny insight into people and things you rely upon your strong inner voice.
Numerology for #3 People

Areas of improvement

  • Your bad habit of procrastination is something that keeps you from completing a project undertaken. 
  • At times you find it difficult to deal with the challenges of life and tend to lose focus. 
  • You may begin showing over-dominance and let your emotions take over you. 
  • Learning from your own mistakes will help you reach for success. 
Numerology for #3 People


  • Your work should be something that gives free rein to your creativity or else you may get bored and switch to the next best option available that at times leads you to roam clueless when it comes to the career front. 
  • An inspirational work field is something that would keep you glued to a particular job or a position. 
  • The travel industry, musician/ actor, a chef are some of the careers that may keep you inspired yet help you with financial stability. 
Numerology for #3 People


  • Being an extrovert your partner will never find a dull moment with you. 
  • Parties and having fun are your way of life that will keep your partner interested in you for a long. 
  • You need to be careful with being over domineering as this often pushes your partner away from you. 
  • Fun-loving and creative you let your partner have their say whether it comes to picking home décor or having guests over, you are all game for it. 
  • Socializing is something that comes naturally to you, but this may backfire when your partner feels left alone or ignored at times.

Lucky colors

Including purple and yellow in your wardrobe and surrounding yourself with these colors will help with your creativity and enhance your spiritual power as well. Thus these colors will help you strike a balance between the material/ creative aspect as well as the spiritual journey that you undertake. 

For a personal consultation and more in-depth numerology reading it is better to consult an expert like a Professional Vastu Consultant and Numerologist in Dubai who will provide an accurate reading with tailor-made remedies that are suitable for you.