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Maadhur V Gupta 

A professional Vastu and Numerology specialist who combines ancient practices with scientific techniques to deliver success, balance, and growth to homes and corporate clients.

Through Vedasrivastu, she brings her expertise in Vastushastra, Numerology, Geopathy, Intuitive dowsing, Chakra Analysis, and healing to harmonize and rebalance life. Specializing in providing consultations and recommendations she takes care of the complete transformation process, from an initial audit to finding solutions.

Vastushastra is an ancient science of architecture and directions that balances the interplay of the energy of the elements within the spaces we live or work in. This science can guide the design and construction of buildings, warehouses, companies, offices, etc. using the simple and natural laws which can govern the universe very well. The origin of this science of Vastushastra goes back almost 7000 years. It is also important to realize that Vastu is very rational and the complete underlying basis of this science is scientific studies and therefore can never come with unusual assumptions. Not only this, this science comes with permanency too as this science always considers the directions that will remain static. Thus, Vastushastra basically assists a person in all those ways that help him live in agreement with the elements in nature. When these elements are balanced there is growth, happiness, and peace. If not, problems like disputes, losses, depression crop up. Along with Vastu remedies, these issues can be addressed with a favorable numerology name and number which determine the nature of future experiences and growth opportunities.

 Maadhur loves to get to the bottom of a challenge and rectify imbalances to restore harmony to lives and spaces, be it a one-room home or a mansion; a start-up business, or an industry. Her years of engagement and pursuing advanced level courses with various renowned gurus in India give her the knowledge and expertise to back her passion and help bring about transformations. Based in Dubai, Maadhur serves clients across the globe, mainly in the UK, India, UAE, and GCC countries.

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