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Vastu for Shop/Showroom

Vastu for Warehouses in DubaiEvery showroom or shop owner aspires to have sufficient footfall of customers and to earn a good name, goodwill for the brand along with profits. Vastu norms are a potent remedy in countering the numerous challenges in the retail world today. Be it ruthless competition; increasing rents; stringent regulations and policies; online shopping, staff motivation onto problems in maintaining stocks and supplies. On the other hand, a growing population, increasing consumerism, and a higher purchasing power coupled with good products and a Vastu balanced shop can be a mantra for victory. Vastu compliance of a showroom or a shop is instrumental in ensuring the continued success of an establishment.

A shop that is constructed in accordance with Vastu’s layout and orientation at the planning stage is likely to see success and prosperity. A pre-existing space of any size and dimension, however, can benefit from Vastu balancing as well. The nature of the business also plays a decisive role in the planning and placement of activities and zones of a shop. Vastu principles can help in increasing impact by the implementation of zonal colors and materials in window display and signage as well. 

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A few beneficial power Vastu zones for a shop/showroom

A shop should be a regular geometric shape with no cuts in the north or northeast direction.

East or northeast entrances are advised for a shop or showroom.

The owner of the shop must sit either in the south or the west while facing the east or the north direction.

Cash counters can be placed in the North or southeast direction.

To gain an edge over competition the floor elevation should be higher in the South.

Pantry and electronic equipment should be placed in the South-east corner of a shop.

A shop owner who lives in a Vastu balanced home benefits has a greater chance of prosperity.

Along with this, a shop must be well lit and should smell good. 

Decluttering a shop and keeping it clean is also crucial. 

Note*: These are very broad guidelines, which can change as per the type of business activity.

Implementing Vastu remedies can help achieve:

  • An ambiance of positivity
  • Increased footfall
  • Increased sales and returning customers
  • Fame and goodwill
  • Better cash flow and profits
  • Motivated employees
  • An edge over competitors 
  • Favorable business deals with suppliers