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Vastu for Industries in DubaiManufacturing industries are the backbone of modern civilisation, encompassing, textiles to transport, oil extraction to plastics, steel production to pharmaceuticals.

Vastu planning for industries requires integrating processes, material, energy, and manpower into auspicious zones and directions to deliver increased productivity and high-quality products. The production processes, the workflow, energy requirement, and the end product are all unique and distinct in each industry. For industries of every genre, the guiding principles of Vastu remain the same despite the distinct, unique requirement of the process and machinery

When the processes, the associated activities, and the employee stations are planned as per corresponding Vastu zonal elements, they lead to the overall growth of the industry. The birth numbers and name of the owner also is important in customizing the Vastu integration plans for the factory or industrial unit.  Vedasrivastu is a professional Vastu service provider company. We are providing Vastu For Industries In Dubai, Vastu for Home in Dubai, and Vastu Consultant in Dubai services.

Beneficial power zones for factory/industry planning are:

The main entrance for owners and senior staff should be in the north

Entry for the workers should be through the auspicious entrances

A beam should never be placed above the machines moreover the Northeast and the center, the Bhramasthan, of the building should be left empty.

The factory’s heavy machinery should be located from the southeast to southwest zone.

The industrial ovens, generators, incinerators, chimneys, and transformers should be placed in the Southeast zone.

Administrative office and other office blocks can be constructed in the northwest.

All finished products should be stored in the north-west of the building 

Note*: These are very generalistic guidelines, may change as per industry type 

Implementing Vastu remedies can help achieve:

  • Increased productivity
  • Safety on the factory floor
  • Maximum profits
  • Goodwill and fame
  • Financial stability
  • Enthusiastic and motivated employees
  • Increase in sales
  • Opportunities for growth