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Cosmic Numerology – An Extra Dimension

Numerology is an ancient science that is a part and parcel of what a person is as it is aligned with you ever since your birth. As per vastu expert from Dubai, it is something that brings unique vibrations to you and it helps decode your personality along with your path. Finding your numerology and discovering your number using your date of birth, your personality type, all these speak volumes about a person and their connection to the cosmos.

Another aspect is that these numbers are not limited to birth, but these are everywhere, these are related to your mobile numbers, your house number, your workplace, license plate number all these deeply impact your life in all aspects.


Cosmic Numerology an Extra Dimension

Now it is essential to understand that there is a lot of power when it comes to your personal number, it allows a deep delve into understanding yourself. Looking at the cosmic aspect of numbers, each number vibrates to different frequency corresponding to the universal frequency that deeply impacts in the following aspects:


These are deeply impacted by vibrational frequency of numbers of both the partners; the combination can be harmonious, it may be conflicting and it may be supportive to the relationship too. However, it takes understanding, of the numbers on a deeper level.


Identifying your own strengths, your weaknesses and seeking guidance in alignment to the numerological aspect. For instance, if one is born with numerological aspect of 1 are natural leaders and they do well in positions of authority, while a person with number 6 aspect would be good in creative arts, in design and is good with people.


Each number corresponds to different planet that rules different body part and thus with each number comes a distinct vibration that supports or weakens the specific body part. For instance people with number 5 aspect will require taking care of their nervous system.


Money too is energy and this needs to be balanced in accordance to your personal cosmic alignment through the tools of numerology. For instance, your bank account, your professional name and your personal number should all be in similar frequency and alignment that would help strike harmony and balance, to achieve financial abundance.


Cosmic Numerology an Extra Dimension

Hidden aspects of each cosmic number

Understanding the hidden aspects in correspondence to each number is essential to know the deeper meaning related to it,  so as suggested and explained by vastu Shastra expert from Dubai, following  are the cosmic numbers and their significance:

111- Stands for intuition, manifestation, alignment and creation.

222- Stands for partnerships of all kinds and soul connections.

333- Stands for creative expression and social interaction.

444- Stands for stability and foundation.

555- Stands for stepping ahead into change with conscious choices

666- Stands for finding balance and re-balancing life and practical aspects also including your thoughts.

777- Stands for luck that is amplified.

888- Stands for abundance in all aspects of your life, money, relationships, health and everything.

999- Stands for completion and ending of a phase in life.

000- Stands for gathering up all your energy to begin afresh.

Cosmic numerology contains within itself deeper aspect that is not easy to grasp in one go, an expert should be therefore consulted for personalized reading and seeking remedial measures to balance the cosmic numerology.

Vastu & Numerological Remedies

Numerology is a science of numbers that helps demystify the meaning, purpose, and personality of an individual based on the vibrational frequency emitted by numbers associated with planets. It simplifies the date of birth in an individual’s chart to achieve a single digit, utilizing other digits to decode their life path, soul journey, core number, and lucky number.

As per a professional Vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai, numbers are so powerful that they can unlock the future due to the energy they correspond to. Each number has a unique frequency with great significance. For every individual, there are lucky and unlucky numbers. Factors such as the purchase of property are considered based on the individual’s core number.


Vastu & Numerological Remedies

What are core numbers?

There are five core numbers that are attained through the full name of an individual along with their date of birth in numerological chart.

The first two numbers are core numbers that comprise birth date and life path; while the other three numbers reflect the soul, personality and expressions of the individual.

Calculating numerology

In order to calculate life path number, apply the following steps if the DOB is 27 august 1994:

Add your date of birth, if it is a 2-digit number. For instance, 27 this would be 2+7= 9

Then add the month of birth, 9+8= 17, then again 1+7= 8

Then, add the year of birth, here it is 1994, 1+9+9+4= 23. 2+3=5


Vastu & Numerological Remedies

Why is numerology essential for a homeowner?

It is all about recognizing the numerological combination to ensure that the specific property or house would be lucky for the homeowner or not. However, as easy as it may seem, it requires deep analysis by a numerological expert who can help by extracting the best number and the right date in relation to the individual numerology that would bring them abundance.

Following will explain how each number vibrates to a given planet:

  • Number 1 related to Sun
  • Number 2 related to Moon
  • Number 3 related to Jupiter
  • Number 4 related to Rahu- the moon’s north node
  • Number 5 related to Mercury
  • Number 6 related to Venus
  • Number 7 related to Ketu- the moon’s south node
  • Number 8 related to Saturn
  • Number 9 related to Mars

Different Types of Numerology

There are different types of numerology and each uses different methodology as per these to calculate numbers for creating numerological chart.

Gematria/Hebrew Numerology

Kabbalah the prime practice of Jewish mysticism, the methodology is calculated numbers in relation to a letter. Hebrew alphabet numerology where each letter is given a numeric value.

Pythagorean/Western Numerology

The Greek system is the most popular one that is said to have originated between 569 to 470 B.C. This too comprises letters assigned to digits.

Chaldean/Mystic Numerology

Considered the most accurate numerology that is also the hardest to master, using a single digit that helps define the personality traits of a person, dual digits helps in defining the inner traits.

Tamil Numerology

Methodology works on planet and numbers assigned to planets. Comprises of destiny, psychic and name number, it includes Vedic Squares mechanism.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that helps resolve numerous queries and balance energy, numerology is a part of this science as it introduces to the mathematical aspect and implication. Understanding all this and through the application of both these methods it is possible to achieve balance, peace and harmony.



Numerology Tips for Finding Vastu Faults Through Your Birthdate

If you are experiencing chaos and repetitive karmic patterns in your life, it may be due to a numerological defect in your chart that directly impacts your vastu, creating vastu doshas. Often, vastu doshas are created when individual numerology is not in harmony with the direction and elemental energy of the given space. As per a professional Vastu Consultant and Numerologist in Dubai, the Karmic theory, as suggested in the holy Bhagavad Gita by Lord Krishna, explains how one is born with acquired karmas and must go through them. This aspect is hidden in their birth-chart and numbers.

Numerological defect impacting vastu

Individual Numerology and Vastu Faults

Calculations of birth numbers and personal numbers are performed through tools such as Numero Kundali, often Surya Yantra, and other charts prepared by various vastu shastra and numerology experts. These calculations determine how the individual’s date of birth impacts different aspects of their life, career, relationships, behavior, basic nature, and karmas. Additionally, the chart or grid helps the expert understand how missing numbers negatively impact the individual’s life or how the repetition of certain numbers is their strength or weakness. Each number holds a unique vibration related to different planets and cosmic energies, which helps understand how vastu shastra defects are created.

Directions & Vastu Flaws

Different directions can help identify flaws according to individual charts:

  • East: Faults in this direction indicate disharmony between father and son, causing quarrels and great disharmony. Career-wise, the individual may suffer from government penalties, and health issues such as skin problems, heart issues, head and eye troubles.
  • West: Faults in this direction cause professional troubles, negative entity attachment, gastric issues, immobility, leg issues, back troubles, and diseases like smallpox or leprosy.
  • North: Flaws in this direction result in academic and financial troubles, throat chakra issues, communication problems, sinus infections, confusion, anxiety, and epilepsy.

Numerological defect impacting vastu

The methodology and tools involved in drawing charts or grids according to personal numbers require skills, experience, expertise, and accuracy. Consulting a professional Vastu Consultant and Numerologist in Dubai is always recommended to discover the mysteries in your numerology. This helps eliminate defects and implement remedial measures effectively. Drawing conclusions or making quick decisions in this matter is not advisable. Balancing individual numerology with vastu shastra principles can only be well understood by an expert.

Pyra Vastu or Pyramidology – What is it?

Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of balancing elemental energies with that of placement, space and items with relevant directions; however, there is more to it. As per vastu expert from Dubai, there are numerous aspects to vastu Shastra, for instance it comprises of crystals, vastu balls and even pyramidology or Pyra that is less known to majority who are interested in Vastu. Understanding Pyra is essential as for fact it is not only an ancient structure but it is relevant in Vastu Shastra as well.


What is Pyramid?

As fascinating as Pyramids are, it is essential to understand that these huge structures that are amazing part of Egyptian culture are indeed utmost significant to vastu Shastra as well. Imbued with the power to focus cosmic energy and healing properties it is something that is designed in a specific manner that serves the purpose of uplifting humanity. Ingenious power of Pyra is undeniable, when used in the right manner it acts as a healing tool that can instantaneously help with relieving symptoms, with magical properties it also has the power to cease road accidents when placed in the right direction. The structure of pyramids is such that it possesses cosmic positivity that helps in curing numerous diseases and renders serenity, harmony and peace in the environment it is placed, such is its power. 

Pyra or Pyramidology

When we look at the unique structure of a pyramid, it is designed to harness cosmic energy and focus it on a focal point where it is required. The pattern or the structure is full of massive energy, the focal point called Pyra or the Fire and Mid is center, concentrated Pyramid is filled with the power to strike equilibrium wherever there is power misbalance or negativity is experienced. Often spiritual structures are designed with the geometric pattern of pyramid, for instance religious places of significance, temples, church, monasteries and mosques.


Pyramidology as remedial vastu tool

Deploying different tools and techniques, vastu Shastra utilizes the energy of pyramid as well within a structure or at a site that requires rectification. Pyramids are available in metal and crystal forms with different combinations for the purpose of rectification. It is essential to note that not only it acts as a tool to transmute negative energy into positive one, but also holds the power to change the environment and make it auspicious wherever it is placed. Holding the power to attract and focus cosmic positivity in and around it instills the environment with vibrant energy that helps elevate heaviness wherever it is placed.

 Even though different types of pyramids are available in the market these days, one should avoid randomly picking any, it is essential to understand which one is suitable and for what purpose should one use it. Noteworthy aspect regarding pyramids is that while one type may be good for a given situation, the same might not be suitable for another. While for a particular remedial measure (depending upon the zone that needs correction) – a metal pyramid may be recommended, the placement, the direction and the personalized vastu Shastra remedial measure might be suitable for a particular individual, it may differ for another, varying on individual and case basis. It is advisable to consult a vatu Shastra expert to reap the benefits of utilizing Pyra power.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Plots for Constructing Commercial Establishments

The significance of utilizing vastu Shastra for the construction of commercial establishments is essential to reap the benefit of the right direction and for the establishment to be fruitful too. Designing the commercial building as per vastu Shastra compliance of principles would bring the owner good fortune and abundance, let us understand as per vastu expert from Dubai what all shall be considered for auspicious commercial establishment.

Commercial plots - vedasrivastu

Tips for commercial complex

Building a commercial complex requires proper following of vastu Shastra guidelines, such as:

  • The ratio of the complex shall be square or rectangular with 1:1 and 1:2, if it is irregular in shape then it would be inauspicious.
  • North and east directions of the plot shall be left vacant for harnessing cosmic positivity, if it is hindered in any way then it would lead to stuck up energy and the business would suffer losses.
  • North east direction is ideal for prime entrance, while a south west entrance is inauspicious.
  • The prime entrance height should be higher than any other entrance of the shops and units.
  • A multi-story building with staircases should be kept in the south west and clockwise direction when a person is climbing on it.
  • South and west directions are ideal for constructing a storeroom.
  • Water elements like tanks and bore wells should be kept in the north east direction to harness the luck related to success and profits.
  • The southwest direction is ideal if there is to be an overhead tank. Toilets should be in the west or northwest direction only.
  • North east corner is ideal for constructing a temple within a shopping complex to ensure that the establishment is blessed with good luck. However, avoid putting it right opposite to the prime entrance.
  • Prime entrance of the establishment shall not have any kind of hindrance like thorny plant or obstruction while entering or else it would stop luck from blessing the establishment.

Commercial plots - vedasrivastu

Vastu Shastra Compliance Guidelines for Shops & offices

  • Reception area should exude serenity as it is the first place any visitor arrives, it should therefore be constructed in the east or north direction ideally.
  • The walls of the establishment should be painted in white, grey or blue colors to enhance abundance and for good luck.
  • Owner of the establishment should face east or north direction for harnessing abundance.
  • Higher power positions people like managers and directors should be seated in the south west or south direction.
  • West zone of the establishment should be reserved for the seating of executives of the office.
  • North and east facing seating arrangement is ideal for employees.


These are generic tips that one can follow for harnessing positivity related to the directions mentioned, however, it is always the best course of action to seek vastu Shastra experts to be able to fully access the establishment. Following and application of vastu Shastra guidelines as per the recommendation of an expert would lead to betterment in financial gains and lead to good luck and abundance to the owner of the commercial establishment. 

Auspicious and Inauspicious Plots for Constructing Residences

Residential vastu expert from Dubai explains how it is essential to first assess whether a plot is auspicious or inauspicious for construction, numerous factors are at play when it comes to choosing the right site for constructing residences. When the right or auspicious plot is chosen then it is likely to bring fortune and abundance to its dwellers, when the opposite is done then it only wreaks havoc in the lives of its inhabitants, let us understand all about it.

Residences - vedasrivastu

Auspicious & Inauspicious Plot

To determine whether a plot is auspicious or inauspicious for constructing residency there are some tips that you can apply and check.

  • Let the owner of the plot dig a pit equal to the length, depth, and breadth of their hand in evening, then fill it with pure water. Check the direction of the water rotation after it is filled up, clockwise is auspicious if the water is rotating in anticlockwise direction then remedial and rectification measures need to be applied using vastu Shastra and religious ceremony.
  • After digging the pit and filling it up with water as mentioned above, take hundred steps away from it, return back and check if the water level is the same than the house is good for you. If the water level decreases than such plot should be avoided
  • According to Vastu expert of Dubai there are many other ways of checking the energies level of the plot before you buy. 

Checking auspicious & inauspicious omens on digging

There are some common yet potent signs that directly indicate if a plot is auspicious or inauspicious after checking what materials/ items are unearthed while laying foundation:

Inauspicious omens

  • If one finds python or termite, snake, eggs, husk or chaff then it is inauspicious, if one builds a house on such a plot then they will suffer with immense pain.
  • If sea shells or cowrie shells are unearthed then the residents of such a plot will suffer with chaos in their relationships.
  • Torn cloth is unearthed then it leads to extreme worry within the inhabitants of the plot.
  • Burnt or broken pot or pieces or broken tiles lead to quarrels, burnt wood would mean diseases manifest.
  • Iron pieces are the worst omen to the owner of the house resulting in their death.

Such places should consulted well with an experienced Vastu expert and proper remedial measures should be conducted

Auspicious omens

  • Good omens as per vastu expert from Dubai to unearth would be tortoise shell/ oyster shell, conch-shell and cow-horn.
  • Unearthing or finding copper coins, stones, bricks on digging for foundation would bring good luck to the occupants.
  • A land where cow had lived is considered auspicious.
  • Land where you find Tulsi bring good omen to the inhabitants 

Auspicious plot shapes to consider

  • To be successful in all your endeavors ensure you purchase a rectangular plot.
  • For increasing your prosperity purchase a square shaped plot.
  • If you are dealing with academics and require enhanced wisdom then circular plot is ideal shape for you.

Residences - vedasrivastu

Avoid the following shapes

  • Triangular shaped plots would bring fear from authorities.
  • Plot that is broad at one end and narrow at another brings danger to house pets.
  • Bow shaped plot adds to fear and anxiety issues.
  • Curved boundaries with straight boundaries on either sides would lead to loss of wealth quickly.

It is advisable to consult a vastu Shastra expert to help with thorough analysis of the plot prior to purchasing one or signing a deal for one to avoid misfortunes and to invite good luck. 

The Influence of Vastu Shastra on Modern Interior Design

When it comes to incorporating vastu Shastra in modern interior design, it is always something that should match the taste of the person vs. alignment with vastu Shastra principles. As per the best vastu consultant in Dubai, when vastu Shastra principles are aligned with interior design in modern structure, then perfect harmony prevails and balance between energy, matter, and material is all considered. Let us understand the concept on a deeper level.

Modern Interior Design - Vedasrivastu

New Breakthrough

It is obvious that when modern design meets vastu Shastra the ancient science of design it creates a new breakthrough. Emphasis is heavily laid on striking harmony with the spaces, aligning natural forces and balancing out the cosmic energy. All this is essential to bring about tranquility in the environment and in the lives of the occupants. For this reason modern interiors are now designed as per vastu Shastra principles and it is in high demand with regard to living spaces.

Spatial Planning

One must remember that the core principles of vastu Shastra is based on achieving perfect balance between the five elements, such as: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Planning interiors is done as per the same methodology, in modern set up these five elements are matched with five physical representative martials like, metals, stones, wood, etc. creating a balance of elements within spatial planning is where it takes place. The layout is optimized in harmony with the flow of energy; the design is functional as well as soothing due to the proper balance of spiritual energies.

Placement Planning

Different colors impact the psyche in different manner, vastu Shastra too is all about proper balance of positive vibrations with regard to space, light, colors and elements. Building windows in the right direction that would enable free movement of air / sky element is balanced. Creating an ambience of serenity using wood furniture placed in alignment with the earth element helps harnessing positive energy. Positioning of bed as per vastu Shastra, using harmonious colors and lights as per vastu compliance, is all about balancing décor elements with cosmic elements. 

Integrating nature

Often due to space constrain in metropolis, homeowners are demanding interiors be incorporated with bonsai and greenery become a part of their interior tapestry. It is all due to their love of nature and to have a green patch area of their own where they can unwind and be in touch with nature. Jute décor, bamboo, water fountain, bonsai plants are fast becoming a part of indoor greenery.

Modern Interior Design - Vedasrivastu

Natural Materials

It is no longer about being rigid in planning interiors, it is more about being one with nature, environment friendly materials are now being used in designs. Utilization of sustainable materials and incorporating eco-friendly material go well with modern design. Environmental awareness is at its peak with growing consciousness regarding saving the planet, vastu Shastra becomes an integral part of it all. Thus, modern design along with vastu Shastra principles creates a perfect living space where nature and humans are in harmony.

Essentials for making a meditation room in a residence

In this chaotic life where stress is increasing and taking a toll on our health both emotional and physical it becomes essential to indulge in some holistic practice, such as yoga and meditation. Now that it is ideal to join a yoga or meditation class, it is equally the fuss that traveling to get there is indeed difficult and stressful. So, the best that you can do is create space in your own home dedicated for meditation room. As per vastu expert from Dubai there are few yet powerful vastu Shastra tips that will help you create a serene atmosphere where you can harness the energy of elements and directions to make your ideal meditation room.


Tips for Meditation Room

  • North-east is the ideal direction for creating meditation room as the direction comprises high positive vibrations from the cosmos that would filter through the body of the one meditating.
  • All pastel shades and green colors are good to be used in your meditation room that exude serenity and promotes positivity. Additionally, ensure that your meditation room receives ample daylight or sunrays to keep it positive.
  • Keeping your meditation room free of clutter and only useful items to be used in meditation would ensure that you have positive vibrations without any disruption.
  • Buddha statue or painting, uplifting pictures and paintings, mandala art and OM symbol are ideal for adorning your meditation room that would create a visually positive environment.
  • Ensure that you utilize natural elements that are alignment with the five elements of vastu Shastra for promoting tranquility: using clear quartz or amethyst crystals in the right direction as suggested by vastu expert from Dubai. Using materials like bamboo wind chimes, cotton linen, wood flooring or low chairs and silk are good to begin with.
  • To create serene environment utilizing sound therapy and aroma therapy is ideal. Use a diffuser with rose or sandalwood essential oils, OM meditation music can be played in background.

Meditation 2

How to keep sleeping room in order

It is said ‘a proper place for everything makes the space proper’, well it’s not just a saying but vastu Shastra too works on the same principle, it is all about keeping your sleeping room or bedroom in the correct order. As per vastu expert from Dubai: It is all about organizing and placement of all the items right from the bedsheets to the furniture and even electronics in your bedroom in the right direction and in the right manner that would highly impact the energy of your sleeping room and aid in a good night sleep. Additionally, if it’s a couple’s room then they will have a harmonious relationship.

keep sleeping room in order

Position of the Bed

  • For a sound sleep it is essential that the positioning of the bed in the bedroom should be in the right direction that should be in alignment with the right poles of the earth so as not to cause disturbance in your sleep due to opposing magnetic poles.
  • South-west direction is ideal for the placement of the bed wherein the person sleeping should sleep with their head in the east or south direction that would enable in harnessing positive vibrations of the relevant directions.
  • The bed should be made of wood and it should be either square or rectangular, any other material or any other shape of the bed would cause confusion and conflicts.
  • Avoid placing bed under a beam if it cannot be avoided then consider adding a false ceiling above to correct the vastu dosha.

Easy Tips for a Sound Sleep

  • Mirrors should be avoided in bedroom, especially directly in front of the bed.
  • Keeping the bedroom clutter free would give you clarity of mind and serenity.
  • Bedroom is not the ideal place for keeping electronic items that includes laptops and tablets too.
  • Bedroom walls should ideally be painted in pastels and earth tones like white, pink or cream.
  • It is ideal to air out the room every now and then to maintain the balance of air element that controls the emotional state of the one occupying the room.

Placement of Wardrobe / Cupboard

  • South-west and west are ideal directions for wardrobe installation or keeping a cupboard. Alternatively, north-west too is a good option for the same.

Placement of Electronics

  • If you cannot avoid electronics then placing a TV set in the south-east would be ideal.
  • Avoid placing TV directly in front of the bed to ensure that your bed is not reflected on its surface.

Right Type of Bed Linen

  • Ensure fresh, clean and new bedsheets are used.
  • Light and pastel shades are ideal for linen in a bedroom.
  • Often decorating bed with extra pillows and cushions are a trend, but this should be avoided as it breeds negativity.

Placement of Flowers and Plants

  • Artificial plants and flowers should be avoided, if you like to decorate then adorn your bedroom with real and fresh flowers that should be changed daily.
  • Placing flowers in a vase with the ideal color is essential as it affects the vibes of the room: red vase for increasing love in relationships; yellow vase for students for concentration and knowledge.
keep sleeping room in order
Sleeping room 2 1

Dos and Don’ts as per Vastu for Bedroom


  • Ensure that the door installed in your bedroom should create a 90 degree angle when it’s open.
  • The door of the bedroom should never make creaking sound or have cracks or kept dirty.
  • Keeping pleasant pictures like family pictures and pictures or paintings that are pleasant within your eyeshot in bedroom is good.


  • Bed placement should be avoided across bathroom and directly in front of the door.
  • The center of the house should be kept free and therefore no bedroom shall be designed in that direction.
  • Mirror or reflection of bed in any shiny surface in your bedroom is bad for your health.
  • Avoid box beds as it would only breed negativity or only store items that you use and discard the rest.

Importance of Crystal Balls in Vastu Shastra

Sun rays comprise seven colors that are in correspondence to the seven major chakras or epicenter of energy in human body that governs health whether physical or emotional. Now if by any chance any of these chakras are imbalanced or energy flow is blocked, then the individual in question would face numerous problems related health, finances, success, low energy and even suffer with numerous diseases manifested in the body due to the imbalances, however the ancient science of Vastu Shastra as per vastu expert from Dubai has the answer to it all: it is all about using vastu crystal balls to bring back harmony within and outside.

crystal ball 2 1

Crystal balls are the source of magnification of the energy and rays of sun that are used in vastu Shastra practice. It is all to achieve harmony, energetic positivity and to balance the chakras of the people occupying the particular space it is hung or used for specific purpose.

Beauty of Crystal Balls

Spherical shaped crystal balls are highly attractive and have magnetic energy with the ability to bring back the harmony and positivity to the environment. These when used in the right manner as per vastu expert from Dubai then it is good for rectification of vastu doshas. Available in numerous sizes as per the area it should be places; these crystal balls are all about balancing energy levels.

  • Helps in balancing positive energy within a given environment
  • Rectifies vastu dosha and the direction it is placed
  • Provides healing energy to the people suffering with physical ailments

Vastu Crystals Balls

Clear Quartz the most beautiful and yet the most powerful one is used in shaping up vastu crystal balls. Quartz is the most magnetic crystal and versatile that is filled with metaphysical properties. Amplifying the energy in the environment it is placed, it is essential to consult a vastu expert prior to utilizing it for personal gain. Quartz has the property of absorbing energy and therefore it is advisable to clean it every six months to ensure that it would only be filled with positivity,

Vastu Crystal Balls are filled with pure energy filtration and vibrations that radiate positive energy and release it within and around the environment it is placed.

How is Crystal Balls Beneficial as per Vastu Shastra?

Using crystal balls in any given space would help the space and the occupants in the following manner:

  • Balancing and harmonizing the energy released by crystal balls whether it is kept in home or in the office.
  • Rectification and correction of vastu doshas that enable in free energy flow to specific area enabling in overall well-being and ensuring prosperity of the occupants in a building or space.
  • Helps in promoting prosperity and attracts wealth and good luck.
  • Provides protection from negativity and even acts as good repellant of evil eye when placed in a particular direction within a property.
crystal ball 3 1

Different Color Crystal Balls and their Utility

It is essential to note that crystal balls are not only clear but also comes in various colors with different utility, let us explore these:

  • Red- Direction- south- is used for the purpose of attracting good luck
  • Blue are ideal for offices that enhances business
  • Green- Direction- east enables in enhancing the luck for career prospects and boosting career
  • Yellow are good to be used to balance and uplift mood
  • Pink best for improving interpersonal and intimate relationships
  • Orange is good to be used for financial inflow and luck related to money