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Vastu for Home in Dubai

Vastu for Home in DubaiLet happiness peace – love – opportunities- growth be the pillars of your home

Our homes are our havens in life. They are the spaces we can rejuvenate and energize our bodies and souls. It is crucial that directions, zones, and elements are balanced in our homes. When the elemental energies and directions are balanced, they nurture love, peace, and acceptance. Vedasrivastu is providing Vastu for Home in Dubai, and Vastu for Villas in Dubai. Connect with us to get the best home Vastu services at an affordable price. Vedasrivastu remedies include correcting entrances, toilets, and rooms, and relocating objects to control any negative zonal and planetary effects. 

Here are some beneficial power Vastu zones for homes:

North-East is the zone of wisdom and prayers. In Vastu, this direction plays a very important role as it connects one to the divine and gives clarity of mind. The presence of a toilet, store, or kitchen in this zone may have adverse effects on the inhabitants.

The East zone is the zone of social connections and friendship. A living room when designed here helps the inhabitants to enhance their social circle. 

South-East is known as the zone of fire. Zeal to work and earn money is also considered a fire element. So, this is the ideal zone for kitchens

South-West is the zone for family bonds, relationships, and marriage. A master bedroom when located here ties up the family together.

These very examples to understand directions and their effects on our lives. As per Vastu each zone in our homes has its own attributes and effects and is governed by one of the earth’s five elements. From study tables to the location of a home bar, every placement affects the balance and imparts a good or negative impact on the inhabitants. An imbalance adversely affects the lives of the family occupying that space. Remedies for balancing with appropriate colors, materials, and symbols treat the problem and generate the desired results in life.

Implementing Vastu remedies can help achieve:

New opportunities, attainment of wealth, and career growth

Bonds of respect and love between family members

Strengthen peace and harmony with in-laws

Improvement in children’s focus and attention