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January 30, 2024

We are all in a state of constant stress due to the fact that we have forgotten to live a life without worry and without thinking about tomorrow. Having constant stress to have life in certain order and the illusion of gaining control these days is where the human is wrong and creating unwanted diseases due to stress. So, what can be done to eliminate stress from our lives? Vastu Shastra is the answer and holds the key to help relieve the burden of stress of daily grind and rat race, as per vastu expert from Dubai, vastu Shastra tips to help relieve stress is all about adjusting the frequency and vibration of your life and your space that would help bring harmony. Let us understand all about it.

Happy living

Vastu a tool for stress free living

These are some simple tips that will help balance energy within your body and in your surroundings that will help release stress and provide harmonious environment congenial for emotional and physical health:

  • Vastu Shastra suggests when not using the right direction for lying in resting position on your bed it can wreak havoc with the magnetic energy of earth and the brain waves. To bring it all into harmony it is essential that one should lie with head in south or east direction that will help release stress and provide restful sleep.
  • Avoid keeping your bed under a beam or rather avoid an overhead beam in your bedroom if possible, if this is not possible then paint it in white color to neutralize its effect.
  • Avoid keeping mirrors or even dressing table in your bedroom as it may reflect your body and it will cause stress and disease in body part reflected in the mirror. If it cannot be kept elsewhere then ensure to cover the mirror or adjust it so it won’t reflect your body. Same goes for reflective surface of TV screen and even having a mirror decoration overhead or on your bed.
  • Another means of eliminating stress due to overhead beam is to hang a flute on it that would bring back harmony while cutting off its negative influence.
  • If your house happens to have a courtyard then keep it well maintained at all the times as a dilapidated courtyard would only invite negativity and people occupying the space will be full of stress.
  • Electrical equipment especially those that are related to heat should be placed in southeast direction. Remember to do away with defective electronic equipment as it would only bring stress to the residents of the house.
  • Include light blue colors in your house and home décor but only after consulting a vastu expert from Dubai after a thorough personal analysis of the property.
  • Using lavender color is yet another way to eliminate stress, use it in bedclothes and bedsheets that would help your mind relax.
  • Include pink and all shades of this color that helps calm the mind and keep the stress away.
Stress Free Living

These tips mentioned above are simple yet effective when applied in your daily life. However, a personal consultation is something that would help you understand where and how to apply other principles of vastu Shastra so a vastu expert from Dubai will help analyze your property and suggest what needs to be done to bring back serenity and harmony in your life.

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