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Best vastu consultant in Dubai
December 29, 2023

Vastu Shastra is the tool that helps in balancing and maintaining harmony within a living space, it is to be observed and noted that through the application of vastu Shastra principles it is possible that the living space can be made auspicious. For the same reason majority of interior designers are working in collaboration with vastu Shastra experts. Vastu Shastra expert from Dubai is keen on sharing some insights when it comes to vatu tips and interior decoration as per vastu compliance.

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Why is vastu Shastra essential for interior decoration?

It is a fact that when the directions, elements and the placement of certain items are in harmony then the living space becomes auspicious and brings prosperity to the occupants. However, when the aesthetics of the living space are not as per the principles of vastu Shastra then the occupants experience mental and physical stress and chaos in their daily lives.

Designing a living space as per the principles of vastu Shastra means living in harmony with the nature and the cosmos that leads to a serene and abundant life.

With the incorporation of vastu Shastra principles in interior decoration / design the energy would flow naturally and create an atmosphere of joy and peace that is good for the well-being of the occupants.

Vastu Shastra benefits in the following manner when the interiors are designed as per its principles:

  • Balanced energy of the living space that leads to serenity and prosperity
  • Occupants experience positive life changes and achieve their goals easily
  • Enhanced aesthetics with positivity
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Vastu Tips for Interiors

  • Being close to nature and its elements would mean incorporating natural materials in interiors too that would include clay sculptures, wooden flooring and stone walls for decoration purpose or for building Zen like waterfall
  • Choosing soothing colors that are again a part of nature like all the hues of greens and blues will exude serenity to the onlooker
  • Furniture should be in light color avoiding dark or black color

Do’s and Don’ts

Vastu Shastra suggests some common tips for do’s and don’ts regarding interior design and placement as follows:


  • Placement of entrance should ideally be in the east, north or north-east directions and the door should be bigger than all the other doors in the house. Additionally, the door should be specially adorned and beautiful that would signify prosperity
  • Walls and furniture should be in light colors that are soothing to the eye
  • The center or the house or the Brahma Sthan that is epicenter of the energy should be free of clutter and therefore no furniture or heavy item should be kept in that specific area
  • Living room furniture should be in such a way that everyone sitting should face each other
  • Place vastu fish or the Arowana either live one or the metallic as suggested by the vastu expert from Dubai in the east direction, similarly if you like you can also place a Shree Yantra in that direction after consecration
  • The western wall of the house can be adorned with the picture of your Guru as it will bring blessings to the whole house
  • Placement of a golden globe in the south-west direction helps in bringing travel opportunities that are fruitful
  • Keeping a golden money box with money will help in saving finances and keeping steady financial life


  • Placing reflective surfaces or mirrors opposite bed or those facing entrance should be avoided
  • Toilet should never be adjacent to prayer room or kitchen
  • Ensure there are no false ceilings with beams that run across the center ceiling of the house
  • Avoid keeping cacti in house or any thorny plants as it leads to quarrels and chaos
  • Avoid keeping artificial plants or flowers in the house
  • Do not opt for paintings that depict sadness, are grim or violent as home décor
  • Avoid dark and heavy interior upholstery

The above mentioned vastu Shastra tips are generic yet powerful when applied in daily life for maintaining your interior aesthetics, yet for personal analysis and vastu Shastra remedies it is always best to consult a vastu expert like vastu expert from Dubai.

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