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House Number and Vastu Shastra
November 28, 2023

Your house number too impacts your personal wellbeing and can be either a blessing or a curse, as per vastu expert from Dubai when you choose a house, the number vibration related to that house too would impact your life significantly. Therefore it is essential to consider the house number, your birth number and the life path number these all should be in harmony rather than in conflict for the house to be auspicious to its residents or the owner of the house. Let us understand how vastu Shastra, number and numerology are all about finding out lucky house number for the residents.

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How Vastu Shastra Helps in Finding Favorable House Number?

Foremost it is essential to understand that when one is calculating house number it is essential to consider all the digits. Another thing to notice is that if the house number comprises of an alphabet then too it should be included. For instance your house number is:


2+9= 11=1+1=2

Now let us also include alphabet B that would be 2


2+2= 4

So the sum total of your house should be 4

Also consider whether the number is even or odd that too is highly impactful as per Vastu Shastra.

Now that you have an idea of calculating the house number as per Vastu Shastra, let us understand each number as per Vastu Shastra individually.

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Vastu Shastra for House Number


  • The number stands for independence, initiation, beginnings and for people who are looking for fresh start.
  • For people in business, for independent and free spirit, this number will be a blessing.
  • People wanting a solo lifestyle shall choose this number as it vibrates to passion, achievement and independence.


  • Good for those who are beginning their life together, good for new couples, people looking for harmony in their intimate relationships.
  • For people who like to have good friends and family this number is a blessing.
  • The number stands for unions, bonding and creating something together in partnership.
  • Good for people looking to start a family.


  • People in creative professions whether musicians or artists should choose 3 as their house number.
  • The number blesses individuals with creativity and skill.
  • It encourages the vibrations of professional growth, happiness, creative support and optimism.
  • Individual occupying a number 3 house will be able to express publically.


  • This number is a blessing for people who are into civil work, professionals, ecology and architecture.
  • The number blesses the occupants with security if that is what they are looking for.
  • If you are a no.4 person then it will bless you with excellence in business and at work.


  • Enthusiasm and dynamism is what the number is capable of blessing the occupants of the house.
  • Possessing a no.5 house would mean that the occupants will find beginners luck when they are starting a venture.
  • Good for people who are starting a business or individual path seeking positivity, strength, imagination and want to explore something new.
  • Individuals living in house no.5 will be able to find opportunities galore and discover new places as well.


  • Occupants of this house number are blessed with longevity, wealth and prosperity.
  • Equally good for pet owners too, as the house number ushers in tranquility.
  • The number vibrates to healing and support, good for people in medical field.
  • People looking for fame, fortune, luxury and riches should opt for house no 6.
  • Working for people, society at large and for senior citizens can occupy this house.


  • The number vibrates to transparency, serenity and good luck.
  • Good for people leading a life of solitude and spirituality.
  • Helps in achieving the right direction for people looking to start their inner journey.
  • It blesses the occupants with achieving their real worth and finding their real place.


  • Good for people who are looking for balance in their life and who would like to achieve equilibrium in their personal and professional lives.
  • The number brings the individuals closer to their destination and blesses them with wealth + harmony alike.
  • It brings satisfaction and stability in the life of people occupying a no.8 house.


  • The house number blesses the occupants with adjustment, compassion and trust within their family group.
  • People occupying no.9 house will find them projecting a warm and people winning attitude amongst their peers and in society at large.
  • People connected to spirituality, fostering community and showing interest in esoteric art or looking to enhance intuition should occupy this house number.


  • People looking for determination, exploring and newness should find this house number blessing their individual pursuits.
  • Socializing and people centric individual will enjoy the high-vibrations of this house number.
  • Blessing the occupants with infinite possibilities in their lifetime will help them achieve new connections and open pathway towards new opportunities.
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Lucky House Number in Vastu Shastra

  • Family oriented individuals should choose 1:3:5:7:9 as odd numbers impact positive status and blesses the family life for people with odd life path number.
  • People with even life path number should choose 2:4:6:8:11:22:33.

Vastu Shastra is a holistic science based on ancient facts, armed with deep knowledge and wisdom of how house number corresponds and correlates with the individual / occupants can only be done by a vastu expert from Dubai, as explained above.

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