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Numbers are considered a universal language. Unseen by us, all the planets move at a certain speed, our computer program is made up of numbers, so much so, the alphabets in all the different languages have a number frequency. Numerology is the ancient study of numbers and their correlation with life events. These numbers interact with the number frequencies of our partners, competitors, children, every day and everywhere.

Our date of birth and name reveals the numbers which will rule our life, which can be utilised to release our potential and uncover information about our life path journey.





Problems are a symptom of disharmony in our numbers and name
Unlock the power of your name and numbers
And find your mantra to success – Maadhur

Number Frequency Equation Match

The first aspect of the equation is the date of birth. Every individual is born on a predestined, specific date, at a specific time, depending on their past Karma or Karmic record. This event creates a set of vibrations that defines our personality and life journey. These planetary numbers are the most influential numbers of our life

The second aspect of the equation is our ‘name frequency’ numbers. Every alphabet has a specific number frequency, our name, therefore, adds up to a unique frequency based on numerological calculations.

The first and second set of numbers have to be in sync and equated in a fine balance to allow balance and harmony to flourish in life.

If our name frequency matches the birth date frequency than life will be focused, result-oriented and peaceful but if it does not match, then our mindset will be stressed, anxious and disturbed.


At times, the numbers on both side of the equation match with each other and balance out but on occasion, the numbers conflict with each other and create disturbances.

To understand this analogy, think of your favourite radio FM station.

If we want to set and listen to the station frequency, 119.8 but you tune in to 119.2 instead, there is bound to be disturbance and unclarity.

Similarly, if our ‘date of birth number’ frequency is in tune with our ‘name number’ frequency, life will be focussed and goal-oriented.

If the frequencies are mismatched, duality of thoughts and disturbances mark our life.

The science of Numerology offers powerful remedies by filling the missing numbers and name correction. The solution has bearing on all aspects of life from successful relationships, bonded families and career growth.