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Numerology Financial Matters
July 2, 2024

When it comes to numerology the there are numerous meanings assigned to the numbers in the date of birth of an individual. As it is already known to many that the date of birth is added till you achieve a single digit that makes for your birth number. Numerology expert from Dubai explains that each number vibrates to different frequency, it helps in determining the financial life of the individual with that certain number. Let us understand all about the significance of numerology in financial matters.

Numerology and Fin Mat

Financial Matters and Numerology

It is to be understood that the ancient scriptures explains the significance of life path in accordance to the birth numbers, these are calculated when the date, month and year of birth are added. For instance any person born on 27 June 1989 will calculate it in the following manner:

2+7+6+1+9+8+9= 42

Now again it shall be added to achieve a single digit, 4+2=6

6 is the birth number of this particular individual.

Let us now find out how each birth number impacts the financial life of the individual born under it.


  • Financial prosperity comes easily to them without struggle.
  • Blessed with good health, they are able to put in their energy into work and are equally rewarded for it.
  • In financial matters they keep their log books clear, they always pay back any loan they take prior to any deadline.
  • Overconfidence is the only downfall for them, if they strike balance then they are able to achieve success with no bounds.
  • Remedy to attract wealth for those struggling to make money under this number is to eat sweets on Sunday.


  • Find it difficult to earn money compared to others.
  • Due to weak willpower they are not able to execute majority of their plans, commitment issues hinder their financial life.
  • Hard work and determination to achieve your goals are the two keys towards prosperity.
  • Fasting on Mondays will help you achieve your financial goals.


  • Fortunate in financial matter yet they find it difficult to retain money.
  • Their knowledge & wisdom help them achieve financial success in their life.
  • You are a peoples person that makes it easier for you to form financially relevant social connections.
  • You may experience highs and lows in your financial matters.
  • Thursday is good to wear yellow color to achieve your dream wealth.


  • Hard working and determined, yet you have hard luck in financial matters.
  • There is nothing like easy money for you.
  • The only way to achieve success in financial matters is to work hard for money.
  • Worshipping Lord Ganesh is going to bring your financial stability.


  • Blessed with good fortune in business due to their strategic thinking.
  • They are logical and use their intellect to achieve their financial goals.
  • Equality and equal opportunity is what you strive for in your financial life.
  • Feeding grass or jaggery to cows on Wednesday will help you achieve prosperity.


  • Money magnets, they are lucky in their financial life, easily acquiring monetary wealth.
  • Some even inherit wealth from their ancestors.
  • Always financially prosperous due to immense financial luck, they tend to overspend.
  • Craving for luxury is where they squander their wealth and financial life.
  • Thursday is a good day to eat sweets for financial prosperity.


  • They live on the extreme edge when it comes to financial life, either too rich or too poor.
  • High money ambition and constant planning leads to reckless financial life.
  • They often venture on the wrong path to acquire money through gambling and other such means.
  • Jumping to business ideas leads to reckless investment and loss of finances.
  • Feeding black dogs with food made of flour will help you gain wealth.


  • Fortunate in financial matter, yet they need to be cautious about handling monetary situations.
  • Overcoming negativity and staying optimistic about financial opportunities is a must.
  • Using your ability to earn money by strategizing is where you bring yourself financial success.
  • Light a Ghee diya under peepal tree to achieve financial wealth.


  • Fortunate in financial matters, they are able to easily generate their desired income or reach their financial goal.
  • They know how and where to put their energy to attract wealth.
  • Whether you are in a job or you are in business you equally put your energy to proper use ad channelize it to achieve financial success.

Reciting Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday will help you with your financial life.

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