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Vastu Principles for Multistory Buildings
December 30, 2023

Following vastu Shastra principles is essential to bring harmony and prosperity in life, when such a building, commercial complex or a plot is designed then it brings good energy to its occupants. With modern day architecture, even vastu Shastra is evolving and it brings solutions for multistory buildings too, let us understand what principles of vastu Shastra should be followed.

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As per vastu Shastra expert from Dubai following vastu principles should be followed for multistory buildings if the aim is to achieve prosperity and harmony with the cosmic energy:

Plot shape
A property that is to be constructed as per vastu Shastra principles should be in the shape of rectangle or square, as irregular shape or circle shapes are inauspicious and only yield negativity.

The entrance
Entrance of the building or the plot is where energy enters the space and is disbursed to the other directions, therefore it is essential to follow the principles of vastu, and it should be made as beautiful as possible. Adorning the entrance with plants, flower-beds, placing water fountain and keeping it clutter free is essential for positivity. Additionally, the north-east direction should be kept for lawn area or a ground that would enable ample sunlight in the premises.

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Building flooring
It is equally essential that balance of energy be maintained even when it comes to multistory building, so for this purpose it is to be noted that the number of floors should be even and the flats on the floors should be even too. Another thing to note is that as per vastu guidelines the space between floors should be clutter free and spacious.

Water Tanks
Placement of water tanks is essential for the residents and therefore as per vastu if it’s an overhead tank then the placement should be in the south-west direction. However, if it is an underground water tank or bore well than the best direction would be north-east direction. Additionally, it is essential to keep a two feet gap between the tank and the building, it should be kept clean and the surrounding area too should be clean and clutter free.

Store room
Storage room or store room where all the discarded or unwanted material and items are kept, as per vastu guidelines it should be provided in every flat to keep the other rooms clutter-free. The ideal direction for store room should be in the south-west.

The most important aspect as per vastu Shastra in constructing a multistory building is that proper syncing of the flats and its rooms. This would mean that bathrooms too should be in auspicious direction, the ideal direction would be north-east for all the flats. This direction is auspicious as it helps drain all the negativity and protects the house from evil eye, stress and dwelling on unhappy thoughts.

Other important tips

  • It is essential to pay attention to the placement of toilets that should be in north-west or west directions only.
  • Balcony, patio or something similar should be built in the east or north zone of a multistory building.
  • Avoid using north-east direction for building bedrooms as it would hinder sleep pattern and disturb piece of mind.
  • Staircase area should be constructed in the south or west side of the building for a better and positive energy flow.

In conclusion to it all, proper application of vastu principles and complete vastu audit and vastu solutions in Dubai is apt in providing viable construction solutions as per vastu compliance.

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