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Kitchen is the place where majority of the energy resides in a house and for this reason it is essential that this sacred space shall be full of positive energy that would influence the entire aura of the house. The residents of the house residing in an apartment with proper kitchen and placement of all the appliances in the right direction will experience prosperity and good health. Each direction brings with it different energy, for instance a kitchen in the north east direction would create a different impact on the house and the occupants, let us know all about it by vastu consultant in Dubai an expert on this matter.

North east direction is the direction of wisdom and mind clarity, it is the direction governed by the Water Element and associated with planet Jupiter. The planet itself significates spirituality, longevity, knowledge and health. Now understanding this north east direction is the most auspicious direction for meditation room, but a kitchen in that direction would lead to the following vastu defects:

  • Mental health issues in the occupants.
  • Issues related to deterioration of health.
  • Financial losses and thwarted success.
  • Hindrance in marriage of eligible female.
  • Low immunity level of people residing in the house.
Vastu shastra for Kitchen placed in north east

Vastu Shastra

It is a sensitive zone as suggested by vastu consultant in Dubai and therefore it is essential to keep it free of any hindrances. Additionally when it comes to vastu for Home in Dubai, it is important to note the point mentioned above that north east direction is that of water element, when kitchen is placed in that direction where fire energy is utilized, it disturbs the sector and brings in negativity. It is essential to consult an expert like vastu consultant in Dubai for remedial measures if you have a kitchen in north east and get personalized analysis for better results.