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Establish a foundation of Fame-Name-Goodwill-Growth with Vastu.

Institutes of every genre, from- education, wellness, training, financial, or planning have a specific list of complex requirements that need to work together to deliver their goals and provide value for clients. The thorough study of the desired goal and space dictates the dynamics of placement and layout. Vedasrivastu is providing Vastu for Home in Dubai and Vastu Consultant in Dubai services.

Vastu principles not only assure systemized workflow but they place each activity in the related zone of growth. Combining core business ethics with the implementation of Vastu guidelines assures success.  If the space is inversely laid out, remedies to correct the placement of reception, staff departments, conference rooms, and toilets are important to treat the problems. 

Beneficial Vastu zones for an Institute:

To bring harmony, employee motivation, customer loyalty, and trigger economic growth, the ideal entrance of the institutes is recommended to be in East or North-east.

The best directions for Teachers to teach are Northeast or west direction 

The owner or the manager should sit in the south or the west while facing the east or the north direction.

This institute must be a regular geometric shape without any extension or cuts in any direction to avoid ill luck and losses in business due to a disproportionate zone and direction. 

A Vastu compliant institute benefits from:

  • Fame, name, and goodwill
  • Profits and financial growth
  • Edge over competitors
  • Satisfied customers
  • Motivated employees
  • Possibilities of prospective branches and syndication