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Vastu shastra

Whether you are looking for a new house or are planning to refurbish the existing one, the essential most elements that you should be checking is the placement of bathroom. If you are wondering as to why then the most neglected area yet the most needed is bathroom, According to Vedasrivastu bathroom in the wrong direction is inauspicious. It not only disturbs the entire energy of the house but the occupants of the house too get negatively influenced, they keep facing financial issues, bad health and mental disturbances just because the bathroom is in the wrong direction.

For instance having a bathroom in the north east is not advisable by the Vastu consultant in Dubai as it is against the laws of vastu Shastra. The biggest hurdle being that the area of north east is ruled by Lord Shiva and by doing this you are inviting trouble to your house. Contaminating sacred space and energy of the area will only lead to serious health issues, issues related to progeny, mental health issues and injuries to the occupants. A vastu expert will advise you on where the bathroom should be built for positive results.

Same goes for choosing the right bathroom interiors and fittings, owning luxury Jacuzzi and whirlpools may seem good but if these are not well placed then it only invites troubles. Bath fittings anywhere in the bathroom without considering vastu compliant positioning and fixtures placed anywhere would only lead to more trouble as per Vastu consultant in Dubai.

Bathrooms in the right direction as per your personal vastu analysis by an expert like Vastu consultant in Dubai and placement of fixtures and bath fittings in the right direction helps in balancing energy. A well planned bathroom is prosperous for the occupants, so what are you waiting for, go ahead and get your personalized analysis done.

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