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Understanding Vastu

Every place, every space has a personality. It is the invisible elemental energy of a built-up space that effects people’s emotions, behaviour and life situations. Vastushastra uses this energy to unlock the full potential to the inhabitants of a space to succeed, grow and find harmony. 

Vastu Shastra decodes the influence of nature’s five elements in our living space to restore wellbeing to the residents. Vastu principles are detailed space utilisation guidelines that are based on earth logic:  the zones, direction of the sun, surrounding environment, geomagnetic fields and a connection to the earth energy.  

To understand the rationale behind Vastu principles, let us over-simplify one of its basic tenets. 

What would you locate in an area that has good sunlight and air circulation- a store room or a living space?  The answer one would say is obvious- a living space. 

Our bodies require Vitamin D and sunlight for the immune system and bones apart from oxygen that increases the happy hormone Serotonin and replenishes the whole system. Ancient vastu logic, confirms the same. As per Vastushastra, a living room should be in the East and a store room in the South direction.