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Vedasrivastu’s approach to numero-analysis

Numerology is not about predicting the future, it is about acquiring keys to open doors to success.

  • 360 degrees approach combining Chaldean numerology

Vedasrivastu employs a 360 degrees approach combining Chaldean numerology for detailed analysis and Vedic Numerology for its specific remedies.

Taking this approach offers a deep understanding of the life path and offers targeted remedies. This holistic approach targets complete wellness by addressing the:  mind body and soul.

Madhur believes that problems are the symptoms of missing numbers in the birth chart. She treats the root cause of a problem rather than the symptom.

This form of numerology does not attempt to be predictive but treats the cause of difficulties.

Challenges in our life crop up when there is a mismatch or missing numbers in our birth chart. 

At birth, some numbers are present in our birth charts while others are missing. The missing numbers manifest as missing characteristics in our lives. For example, the number 3 represents social connections and ties to the east direction. If the number 3 is missing in our chart we are socially inept and do not know how to make friends.

One of the effective Vedic remedies to resolve this is

Offer water to the sun every day as the east direction corresponds with the number 3

Place a saffron dot on the forehead symbolic of the glow of the sun to rectify the missing beneficial effects of the sun element. Even simple remedies like these can have a very big impact.

 In some people, the names are mismatched with the birth frequencies. To remedy this a missing alphabet is implanted back to bring the balance between frequencies.

With a few simple additions or deletion in alphabets the number frequency of our name is corrected

When the name synchronises with birth number life is happy, peaceful and focussed.

A mismatch between the name and date of birth number frequencies result in adverse tendencies and duality to manifest in an individual