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Vastu Consultancy And Numerology Services In Dubai

Vastu Shastra is an ancient technique that entails balancing the energy of any given area or space, while it deals with particular planet and but its ruling is governed by the number and combination of it. When we talk about the four primary directions such as north, east, south and west these are governed by different planets. While east is for sun, west is for Saturn, north is for mercury and south for mars, these do impact the energy of the given space, similarly these planets assigned by a ruling number too impacts the life of the individual occupying the space respectively. Our professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai ensure that all these aspects are well applied as per the laws of the universe and its energy that is manifested in the space we occupy whether residential or commercial. Every direction in vastu is governed by a particular planet which is ruled by its underlying number and color combination. 

Vedasri Vastu is led by Maadhur Gupta who is a professional Vastu and Numerology specialist who combines ancient practices with scientific techniques to deliver success, balance, and growth to homes and corporate clients.

Vastu Shastra and Numerology

The facts are clear and there is no doubt that the ancient science of vastu Shastra combined with numerology are able to provide powerful and complete solutions to turn the negativity into positive energy.

When our professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Delhi use these in combination it is effectively able to work towards the wellbeing of our client. Providing complete solution that helps in effectively balancing your personal ruling number with vastu science and numerology value to help you achieve prosperity and harmony. Every aspect of your life would be full of positive results personal or professional; both relations will flourish bringing you abundance.

Numerology is beneficial for helping you with finding out your favorable number and planet that blesses you or curses you, along with vastu it helps in elimination of any negative elements in a given area that are not favorable to you.

While you may be having a personal ruling planet with a ruling number, vastu ensures that you are able to take full advantage of it. whether it is all about change of direction, changing your room or using color therapy or making small changes it all deeply impacts your life.

When vastu and numerology are used in correlation then it helps in benefiting you and your family or occupants through our experts to help find out what is favorable.