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Impact of Numerology reading

(What does a numero reading disclose)

A numero reading can be a life-impacting event revealing surprising specific details about our characteristics and personality and giving us the means to attain our goals and resolve problems.

Role of name frequency match with Life path or Karmic numbers

If the interaction between the vibration frequencies of our Birth name and Birthdate (Karmic or life path number) is a good match, we are goal-oriented, if not, we lack clarity.

Missing Numbers in the Birth chart

There are nine planets and nine numbers in our charts represented by a planet, they all have their vibrations and a corresponding character in the microcosm of an individual.

At birth, some numbers are present in our Numero charts while others are missing

When there are missing numbers in our chart, they deprive us of the positive planetary effects and characteristics.

For example, when the number 4 is missing in an individual’s chart, he or she lacks street smartness and diplomacy. These people follow rules without questioning or breaking them. A person with a missing number 4 will not do well in certain careers that require public relations and negotiations.

A Vedasrivastu numero reading presents multiple sets of numbers that do more than just predict the future. They reveal numbers that are a very comprehensive guide to direct a person towards their desired destination.

Numerology enthusiasts can however easily calculate two simple sets of numerology calculations and get a few intuitive perceptions.

 Our date of birth gives us two numbers.

The first is our Karmic number also called the driver number and the Second is our Life path number also called the conductor number.

Driver or Karmic Number Calculation:  

Everyone has a Karmic Debt Number that governs our everyday life, this number opens up our understanding of our past karmas and what our soul needs to do in this life.

The Karmic number is more important than our Life path because the Karmic number is a vibration that we will experience in our day-to-day life.

The driver number is the total of the date in the birth date and it defines one’s personality eg people born on the 15th of any month have karmic/driver number 6 i.e. 1 + 5=6.

Conductor or Life Path Number Calculation:  

This number represents the core values of a person. A Life path number reveals our personality traits, our strength, and our weaknesses that will prevail throughout our lifetime.

To calculate the conductor number for a person born on 15th of June 2001

1+5+6+2+0+0+1=24, further summing up 2+4= 6. 

In this case, the personality of the person would be governed by the characteristics of number 6. This person will get the support and attract people with similar number vibrations in their life. Sometimes, the driver and conductor number are not friendly with each other, this brings more struggle and agony in one’s life The conflicting number combination should be corrected to bring balance in life.

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