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Redefine your life: Numbers never lie

Our lives are rich when we have strong relationships; we can overcome challenges and we celebrate our achievements. Our numerology name and numbers determine our characteristics, relationships and life experiences.

If our name is in sync with our birth numbers, we get the desired results, if not, we suffer. Our numbers also interact with the number frequency of other people to attract or repel them.


A ‘Name Check’ calculation examines if our name supports our numbers. A name corrected as per numbers can improve health, relationships and fortune.

If the energy vibration of the alphabets does not match the vibrations of the birth numbers a ‘Name correction’ can remedy the upheaval caused by the mismatch. This is an easy process where alphabets are added or deleted in a name. The new avatar of the name changes the phonetic vibration to match the life path number. For adults, the new name does not require changing the legal paperwork but using it informally. 

A name correction brings about wellbeing, harmony and places goals within reach.

Our ancestors named our children on the principles of astrology to bring harmony to a baby’s future life. To choose a name according to the numerological vibration for a newborn can prepare a child for a successful life. Parenting can be enjoyed if we understand the inner compass and characteristics of a child, depending on their birth number.


Personal numerology benefits:

  • Be more goal oriented and focused
  • Check numerological compatibility between partners
  • Select an auspicious suitable house or plot based on your personal number chart
  • Learn supportive and challenging numbers. Understand how to use them to attain a better future
  • Naming new-born babies with auspicious names
  • Get growth in career