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December 29, 2023

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that is based as per the cosmic energy and the movement of the sun, it is essential to bring in harmony in your home, that one should follow the principles. As per vastu expert from Dubai, it is always about balancing the right elements with the given directions, for instance east is for Sun and one must place items related to the fire element, so on and so forth. Essentially when one or more energy imbalance occurs, it is then that one experiences chaos and manifestation of
diseases in the body / mind of the occupants, therefore it becomes utmost important that vastu principles be followed. Some of the basic yet foundational vastu principles that are accepted as golden rules can be followed for inviting abundance and harmony, let us understand all about it.

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Structural orientation of a plot

As per Vastu consultants in Dubai for property planning in Dubai, the most basic yet essential principle of vastu Shastra is the orientation of the plot that should be east and north facing sites that are suitable for planning home. These are the directions that are beneficial for the residents and usher in positivity.

Shape of the Land

There are four cardinal directions that should be well facing each other and so it is essential that the plot that you choose for construction should be either rectangular or square. The ratio for this matter a lot and one should remember that of 1:1 or 1:1.5, with a maximum of 1:2, it is to be followed for length and width. Irregular plots, oval, round or even triangular or any other form other than mentioned as per vastu Shastra are inauspicious.

Vastu Guidelines for Structure

The most significant and auspicious structures are the ‘Shermukhi’ and ‘Gaumukhi’ that are ideal to bless the residents with prosperity and abundance. While Gaumukhi comprises narrow entrance and the back is broad, Shermukhi is broad in the entrance
and narrow at the back. Similarly, the golden rule of vastu Shastra implies that Gaumukhi is ideal for residential property while Shermukhi is good for commercial building.

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Furnishings and Colors

It is essential to understand that vastu Shastra principles state that the rooms of the house and the interiors should avoid having dark colors, the furnishings and the floorings too should avoid dark colors. The ideal colors that can be used for interiors would be yellow, orange, pink and pastels or colors that exude positive energy and vibrations. For example, using orange color for décor and on the walls is ideal for dining room; a master bedroom situated in the south-west direction can be colored in cream or something similar to that.

In conclusion these basic principles are designed to serve the betterment of the humankind and to help achieve a life full of prosperity and abundance. Vastu consultants in Dubai for property planning in Dubai suggest that these basic yet golden rules should be kept in mind and followed diligently for ideal and auspicious planning of a home.

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