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Best vastu consultants in Dubai
January 16, 2024

What happens when two ancient scientific techniques are combined to provide remedial measures to the individual? As per vastu expert from Dubai when two scientific principles like Astro Vastu are applied in the life of the individual it leads to harmony and prosperity. Let us understand more about this concept that has bought relief to the lives of individuals seeking astro vastu consultation.

Astro Vastu Correction

Understanding Astro Vastu

While astrology is a branch of ancient science that is all about detailed study and dealing of planetary movements and the cosmos that affect human life and affairs, vastu is all about the cosmic energy, vibrations and the elements manifested in the universe. When these two branches work together as Astro Vastu then it is all about helping the individual for whom the principles are applied with relation to space and planets that would lead to their success and prosperity.

Broadly speaking there are three primary parameters for Astro-Vastu to work that is inclusive of Muhurata, individual horoscope and Vastu Principles.

Collaboration of Astro-Vastu

While vastu Shastra is all about space and directions, astrology is a science of houses, signs and planets, all these are related to favorable directions in totality that would be:

East – Sun – Aries
Virgo- South
10 th house for North direction and associated zodiac sign and so on and so forth.

Astro-Vastu is indicative of direction is vital in vastu that influences the person and so is the planetary movement. For instance when vastu principles of direction is applied like north-west that is said to be good for storing grains, but when the principles of Astro-Vastu are applied then a person with Libra as zodiac sign should not go ahead it as it would not be favorable for them to do it.

While one is to understand that astro-vastu are working on enhancing the lives of individuals as per analysis through the application of both the principles, it is equally essential to understand that horoscope and the personal vastu for the individual would in combination achieve a balanced and wealthy life.

How does it work?

The methodology through which the alignment of house, office and space occupied by the individual is combined with the natives birth chart is how astro-vastu works.

It is the method through which perfect harmony is created in the life of the individual for a happy life whether in business or profession, workplace or home through the alignment of earth, cosmic energies in relation to the planets in their horoscope to work in their favor.

Aligning the energy of the space occupied as per the birth chart combination of the individual helps in gaining maximum benefits while neutralizing the negative elements to minimize the losses.

Astro Vastu Correction

Fundamentals of Astro Vastu

Astro-Vastu is all about charts and planets with space and elements in correlations with directions. With reference to individual zodiac the relationship of a particular space or direction is where these two occult science correlate. For instance with 9 planets a specific direction is associated that is related to astrology.

Following is the way wherein one can understand the planet lord association with a specific direction:

Sun: East
Moon: North West
Jupiter: North East
Mercury: North
Venus: South East
Mars: South
Saturn: West
North Lunar Node (Rahu): South West
South Lunar Node (Ketu): Center of house

As explained above only a vastu expert from Dubai who is well experienced in both the esoteric forms of ancient principles will be able to provide complete analysis with remedial measures. So, it is essential to choose wisely and invest your time and money where it would help you reap a beneficial life full of prosperity and good health.

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