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November 28, 2023

Building your home as per vastu compliance brings in positivity and abundance; it is also the source of harnessing positive cosmic energy within your house that greatly impacts the health and finances of the occupants.

As per vastu expert from Dubai, it is essential that one should also take in account the garden area of the house or the lawn that too should be as per vastu principles. Vatu Shastra explains where to plant trees, auspicious / inauspicious trees/ plants and the right directions for placement of different garden items, let us understand it all.

Vastu for Lawns and Gardens

Location of Lawn/ Garden

Vastu Shastra expert from Dubai explains that garden is the place that integrates all the cosmic energy and all the elements (Panch MahaBhoota); Earth- southwest, water- northeast, fire-southeast and air-north west, the central point of the lawn/ garden is representative of space. Keeping all this in mind it is essential to understand the rightful placement or building the garden in the right direction, for instance it is inauspicious to have a lawn/ garden in the southeast or southwest directions as it would only become a source of constant tension to the residents.

  • Having a front facing garden then it is essential to remember that it should be free of any blockages; the entrance to the garden should not be blocked. If there is a massive tree out-front then it should be removed.
  • Having trees surrounding the walls of the garden is the best.
  • East and north side of the garden can be adorned with a small Zen like waterfall or a mini waterfall.

Planting Trees

  • East and north side of the lawn / garden can be adorned with small shrubs.
  • Northeast direction should be kept free of any hindrance.
  • West, southwest and south sides of the garden are suitable for planting tall trees.
  • The house should not be covered with shadows of tree especially between 9 am-3pm.
  • Any tree that would attract pests, serpents and insects should be avoided as these will only bring back luck.
Vastu for Lawns and Gardens

Vastu Shastra for a Positive Garden

  • Ideal location of the garden is on the western or northern direction of the house.
  • Tulsi or Holy Basil is the best that can be planted in the garden as it brings positivity.
  • North side of the lawn or garden is ideal for recreational fittings like swings and even planting flowerbeds in this direction is auspicious.
  • West side of the garden is good for planting mango trees and for fitting artistic pieces like sculptures or stone art pieces.
  • South direction of the lawn or garden is ideal for swimming pool or water fountain; even a pet’s house can be installed in this direction.
  • Install benches or stone sitting fixtures in the east direction,
  • Leave the central part of the garden/ lawn free of any hindrance.
  • If you have built a pathway in your lawn or garden then ideally it should have jasmine plants on both the sides as it is auspicious as per vastu Shastra.
  • Keep the plants and trees properly pruned and these shall not be above three feet of height unless recommended by vastu Shastra expert.

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