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Designed for impact and growth

A corporate logo represents the first point of contact for its clients and customers. Logo designers try to reach out to customers but some logos are unimpressive while others are loved beyond their creator’s imagination. From McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Olympic Games, Mercedes, all the logos have a universal fan following beyond explanation. The secret lies beyond design rules, human eye perception and layout guidelines. A successful logo has to be a magnet for opportunities by synchronising your number vibrations with that of your brand.

A successful logo combines the benefit of incorporating colours to match the nature of business. A  logo that combines an owner’s Numero chart along with the Vastu principles of elements, placement and directions has balanced colours, elements and shapes and help advance their companies prospects.

Logo, emails and designing numerology benefits:

  • Design your logo with your favourable colours as per your numero-scope
  • Re-size, delete or add letters to empower your brand name  
  • Design your website with Vastu and Numero
  • Select e-mail Ids, social media names to facilitate more powerful and effective reach and communication.
  • Make your signature commanding with tips on handwriting for impact.

Numbers are not just for counting
They govern our lives…
From the second of our birth through the journey of our life path
From supportive numbers to obstructive numbers.

 Learn the secret of numbers to transform your life.