Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

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Significance of Vibrations in Our Life
January 23, 2024

Great scientist Sir Nikola Tesla said that everything is energy and so with the same principle, the ancient science of vastu Shastra is governed. When it comes to frequency, energy or vibration it is all about the cosmic energy that engulfs all the particles whether living or non-living in the whole universe. With this it is essential to note that when one is in tune or in harmony with the cosmic energy or vibration, their life becomes harmonious and full of prosperity. As per vastu Shastra expert from Dubai, it is all about balancing and striking harmony within and around the space in accordance to the human life which is highly impacted by the vibrations. So, with this in mind, let us understand vastu Shastra nature and the elements that emit vibrations that are favorable to us and our life.

Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

Vastu Shastra and Universal Vibrations

Vastu Shastra is based on ancient scientific principles of frequency, cosmic energy and vibrations that are emitted by the planets, elements and occupy or influence certain directions and space. When it comes to energy that is contained within a component on this planet earth it should be remembered that one should strive to strike balance between the elements as per the law of the nature of universal law of vibration.

Natural laws that govern our lives are always in equilibrium but when we human oversee it or refuse to accept it all without considering the elemental science of vastu Shastra then chaos is what we experience in our lives.

For instance, vastu Shastra uses the principles of Panch Maha Bhootas or the five elemental sciences that comprises the following:

  1. Earth (Prithvi)
  2. Water (Apas)
  3. Air (Vayu)
  4. Fire (Tejas)
  5. Space (Akasha)
Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

With these elements, the energy that is radiated or the vibration is different and occupies a specific space or governs specific direction, when you consult a vastu specialist like vastu expert from Dubai; they analyze, bring notice to the elements and the vibration in accordance to the space and suggest remedial measures.

Now it is essential to note that when each of these elements are in harmony or in the right space or right placement of items are done as per the space defined for these elements then you are harnessing positive vibrations. When you clash the energy such as fire with water element placement then chaos ensues and life becomes stressful and diseases manifest whether mental or physical or both.

Vastu Shastra acts as a conduit of harnessing positive vibrations and it helps in bringing positivity to the lives of people following these principles. For this it is essential to understand the color coordination, space, elemental influence, items/ things/ construction material and placement of furniture and electronic equipment in the house and office. It highly impacts the environment around, so it is essential to be mindful while you are trying to achieve balance or symmetry or making a modern adjustment to your space that you have occupied. Without the application of vastu Shastra principles you will not be able to harness the positive vibrations of the universe.

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