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Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

Great scientist Sir Nikola Tesla said that everything is energy and so with the same principle, the ancient science of vastu Shastra is governed. When it comes to frequency, energy or vibration it is all about the cosmic energy that engulfs all the particles whether living or non-living in the whole universe. With this it is essential to note that when one is in tune or in harmony with the cosmic energy or vibration, their life becomes harmonious and full of prosperity. As per vastu Shastra expert from Dubai, it is all about balancing and striking harmony within and around the space in accordance to the human life which is highly impacted by the vibrations. So, with this in mind, let us understand vastu Shastra nature and the elements that emit vibrations that are favorable to us and our life.

Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

Vastu Shastra and Universal Vibrations

Vastu Shastra is based on ancient scientific principles of frequency, cosmic energy and vibrations that are emitted by the planets, elements and occupy or influence certain directions and space. When it comes to energy that is contained within a component on this planet earth it should be remembered that one should strive to strike balance between the elements as per the law of the nature of universal law of vibration.

Natural laws that govern our lives are always in equilibrium but when we human oversee it or refuse to accept it all without considering the elemental science of vastu Shastra then chaos is what we experience in our lives.

For instance, vastu Shastra uses the principles of Panch Maha Bhootas or the five elemental sciences that comprises the following:

  1. Earth (Prithvi)
  2. Water (Apas)
  3. Air (Vayu)
  4. Fire (Tejas)
  5. Space (Akasha)
Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

With these elements, the energy that is radiated or the vibration is different and occupies a specific space or governs specific direction, when you consult a vastu specialist like vastu expert from Dubai; they analyze, bring notice to the elements and the vibration in accordance to the space and suggest remedial measures.

Now it is essential to note that when each of these elements are in harmony or in the right space or right placement of items are done as per the space defined for these elements then you are harnessing positive vibrations. When you clash the energy such as fire with water element placement then chaos ensues and life becomes stressful and diseases manifest whether mental or physical or both.

Vastu Shastra acts as a conduit of harnessing positive vibrations and it helps in bringing positivity to the lives of people following these principles. For this it is essential to understand the color coordination, space, elemental influence, items/ things/ construction material and placement of furniture and electronic equipment in the house and office. It highly impacts the environment around, so it is essential to be mindful while you are trying to achieve balance or symmetry or making a modern adjustment to your space that you have occupied. Without the application of vastu Shastra principles you will not be able to harness the positive vibrations of the universe.

Astro Vastu Correction – know it all

What happens when two ancient scientific techniques are combined to provide remedial measures to the individual? As per vastu expert from Dubai when two scientific principles like Astro Vastu are applied in the life of the individual it leads to harmony and prosperity. Let us understand more about this concept that has bought relief to the lives of individuals seeking astro vastu consultation.

Astro Vastu Correction

Understanding Astro Vastu

While astrology is a branch of ancient science that is all about detailed study and dealing of planetary movements and the cosmos that affect human life and affairs, vastu is all about the cosmic energy, vibrations and the elements manifested in the universe. When these two branches work together as Astro Vastu then it is all about helping the individual for whom the principles are applied with relation to space and planets that would lead to their success and prosperity.

Broadly speaking there are three primary parameters for Astro-Vastu to work that is inclusive of Muhurata, individual horoscope and Vastu Principles.

Collaboration of Astro-Vastu

While vastu Shastra is all about space and directions, astrology is a science of houses, signs and planets, all these are related to favorable directions in totality that would be:

East – Sun – Aries
Virgo- South
10 th house for North direction and associated zodiac sign and so on and so forth.

Astro-Vastu is indicative of direction is vital in vastu that influences the person and so is the planetary movement. For instance when vastu principles of direction is applied like north-west that is said to be good for storing grains, but when the principles of Astro-Vastu are applied then a person with Libra as zodiac sign should not go ahead it as it would not be favorable for them to do it.

While one is to understand that astro-vastu are working on enhancing the lives of individuals as per analysis through the application of both the principles, it is equally essential to understand that horoscope and the personal vastu for the individual would in combination achieve a balanced and wealthy life.

How does it work?

The methodology through which the alignment of house, office and space occupied by the individual is combined with the natives birth chart is how astro-vastu works.

It is the method through which perfect harmony is created in the life of the individual for a happy life whether in business or profession, workplace or home through the alignment of earth, cosmic energies in relation to the planets in their horoscope to work in their favor.

Aligning the energy of the space occupied as per the birth chart combination of the individual helps in gaining maximum benefits while neutralizing the negative elements to minimize the losses.

Astro Vastu Correction

Fundamentals of Astro Vastu

Astro-Vastu is all about charts and planets with space and elements in correlations with directions. With reference to individual zodiac the relationship of a particular space or direction is where these two occult science correlate. For instance with 9 planets a specific direction is associated that is related to astrology.

Following is the way wherein one can understand the planet lord association with a specific direction:

Sun: East
Moon: North West
Jupiter: North East
Mercury: North
Venus: South East
Mars: South
Saturn: West
North Lunar Node (Rahu): South West
South Lunar Node (Ketu): Center of house

As explained above only a vastu expert from Dubai who is well experienced in both the esoteric forms of ancient principles will be able to provide complete analysis with remedial measures. So, it is essential to choose wisely and invest your time and money where it would help you reap a beneficial life full of prosperity and good health.

Helpful Vastu Tips for Shops, Showrooms and Commercial Establishments

Vastu for commercial establishments is essential to help balance the space with elements relevant to the given direction as per vastu principles. As a shop owner or showroom owner you should be able to create a congenial environment that would help you with steady flow of finances and gain lot of customers too. So, let us understand as per vastu expert from Dubai as to how negativity can be eliminated and business can prosper through application of vastu tips.


  • Owners of stationary shops should use west direction for profits. If you own furniture shop then your ideal direction is south, if you run a grocery shop then north-east direction is the best or alternatively use east or north directions for your benefit.
  • For cloths shop or showrooms the best direction is east where the entrance should be placed and for high-quality brands south direction is ideal.

Cash Counter

  • It should ideally open towards north direction and one should ensure that there should always be some cash in it.
  • Placing idols of Lakshmi- Ganesh in locker is good but if only you worship them daily.
  • Keeping the locker in south-west direction is good if the entrance of the establishment is in north direction.
Vastu Tips for Commercial shops and showrooms

Picture of Deities

  • North-east is the ideal direction for placing idols and pictures of deities and these should be worshipped daily.

Raw Materials Placement

  • Heavy stuff and raw materials should be ideally kept in a room or storage that is in the south-west or northwest and ready material should be kept in North northwest for easy sales / movement.

Electronic Equipment

  • Placing electronic equipment in a proper storage and in the right manner is essential to avoid chaos; therefore it should be ideally placed in the south-east corner that would attract sales.

Main Entrance

  • Prime entrance to commercial establishment or a shop or showroom should be ideally in the north direction.
  • The owner should be sitting in the east or north direction for attracting new business opportunities.
  • Ensure your entrance does not have a drain running next to it as it would impact adversely on your financials.
  • Your establishment shall always be well-lit and the entrance should be well lit at night and well decorated too to usher in prosperity.

Showroom Shape

  • Ideal shape for showroom is square or rectangular.
  • Irregular shapes of plots of commercial establishments impacts the income and thwart any financial gains.
  • Ensure the front portion to be wider than the rear of the shop that would make it positive.

Lightweight Objects

  • Small and routine use items should be placed in east or north direction, same goes for grocery store items.
  • Daily sales items are ideally placed in north-west direction of the store that would boost sales.
  • Medical should place Ayurveda medicines in east or north direction. Allopathic medicines and medical equipment is best placed in the south direction.
  • Top selling items should be ideally placed in the north north-west direction, that is the direction of movement and quick sales.
Vastu Tips for Commercial shops and showrooms

For in-depth analysis and personalized vastu compliance for commercial establishments, it is essential to engage the best vastu consultant in Dubai. With their expertise and detailed analysis, your business will prosper and your financial life will improve dramatically.

Vastu In Dubai For West Facing Home

As per Vastu Shashtra, it is essential to choose a home or make a home that should be in a favorable direction. However, many forget that the direction may be suitable for a given purpose and should be suitable to the one who is buying it. For this reason, the majority are of the belief that a west-facing home is inauspicious which is a myth that requires an in-depth understanding of Vastu . Vastu Consultant in Dubai are of the belief that no direction is inauspicious. Through this article you will get to know that even west-facing homes are auspicious . Vastu compliant west-facing home or property home can also give you abundance. 

Defining a West facing home

It is a home or a property that faces the west direction, the main entrance is facing the direction the west. 

Why are west-facing Vastu Compliant homes beneficial?

  • West-facing homes are known to bring exuberance and a zest for life to the residents of the house. 
  • West is the direction wherein all the energy enters the house. 
  • Occupants of west-facing homes are blessed with abundance and wish fulfillment. The main entrance in the field of Varun Deity ensures that all your desires convert into reality and the inhabitants live a fulfilled life.
  • People who would benefit from west-facing homes would-be teachers, businessmen, politicians, and religious leaders; they are most benefited by the west direction. 

Why is the west direction suitable?

It is all about the orientation of the property and the rooms that should be paid attention. Best Vastu consultant in Dubai advices few points to consider:

What to avoid?

  • The Southwest direction is suitable for the master bedroom especially when you are choosing an apartment in a building. If you are building your own house then it should be situated on the top floor of the house.
  • Kids room can be placed in the west direction or the south direction, but the door should be facing the east or north direction.
  • Your living room shall be in the northeast, northwest, east, or west directions as these are equally good, the furniture however should be kept in the southwest or west direction. 
  • The prayer room of the house shall have the deities facing the direction of the west while your face should be in the east direction when you are praying. 
  • The kitchen of the house should be ideally in the Southeast to South direction. The cooktop or the stove shall be placed in such a way that the one cooking food should be facing the east direction. 
  • If you are building the property then remember to place the staircase in the south, west, or southwest direction and it should be built in a clockwise direction. 
  • Avoid choosing a plot with the northern part higher than the southern part of the plot. 
  • If there is any toilet or kitchen in the Northeast of the house then either avoid purchasing it or change/alter the direction. 
  • Southwest direction should be avoided when it comes to placing waterbodies like pumps, bore-well, and motors.


In conclusion, all the guidelines and principles of Vastu Shashtra for a west-facing home state that the house in this direction is auspicious. Veadasrivastu, the best Vastu consultant in Dubai, advises that picking the right direction for a particular placement of a room, furniture, and other items is the key to making it positive. Any direction will yield the best results when a home is designed according to Vastu principles.

Understanding the Important Space Elements of the House

Vastu is the science of space that helps in ushering in positivity in the premises whether we are talking about home or office, both need a perfect balance of the elements and the space where a balance needs to be achieved. For this, it is essential that you need to focus on what and where of the space, for instance here we are talking about the center of the house of the Brahmastthan and its importance that is the heart of any house or premises, then we focus on the elements/ directions in the space of the house that need to be positively balanced. Let us learn all about it and understand the important space elements of the house as suggested by the Vastu Consultant in Dubai.

Brahamsthan (Center of the House)

The center of the house or any geographical area is referred to as the Brahmasthan. It is the energy point that is kept in mind by the Vastu Shastra experts while designing a structure as it is the point that is full of energy flow of the area. The energy of this area affects the occupants of the structure so, it is essential that the energy radiated should be positive that would have a positive impact on the inhabitants of the structure. Now it is essential that the following points be kept in mind when it comes to the center of the house to ensure the wellbeing of the occupants:

  • The center of the house should be clutter free; it should be devoid of any heavy or metallic elements that weigh down the occupants of the house. 
  • There should be no obstructions in the center of the house within the circumference of 1 to 1.5 meters if possible or else follow the rule of thumb that you should keep the area free of any furniture or any other object. 
  • There should be no pillar or beam that hampers the positive energy of the house and would meddle with the health of the family members. 
Understanding The Important Space Elements Of The House

Southwest zone

It is yet another powerful zone that is the power zone of any geographical location, therefore caution is advised prior to designing it and putting in any species in this direction, following things will make it clear for you what should be avoided to keep this zone positively powerful:

  • Southwest zone is the most powerful zone of the house. Also called as ‘pitrucon’. Any disturbance in this zone could disturb the stability in life.
  • Dubai is a place where people prefer their own swimming pool in their backyard. But a pool in Southwest could do more harm than the benefits of entire house. Hence, must be completely avoided.
  • Kitchen, toilet or prayer room in Southwest could affect the bonding and understanding between family members, hence disturbing the peaceful state of mind.
Understanding The Important Space Elements Of The House

These tips may seem generic, yet these Vastu tips are often overlooked when it comes to designing a house of designating a structure within the area of the house. It is essential that the house you occupy be well balanced with the elemental energy related to the space of the house as only then the occupants will live in a healthy and peaceful environment.