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Solutions For South Facing Entrance in Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra is an essential science that is proven to improve the energy of any space or element or even a particular building. Say for instance if you happen to buy a south-facing house it is important that you consult a specialist for Vastu for a home in Dubai. It is something critical as many are not either aware of it or are negligent of the fact that south facing house can either favor or bring negativity to the occupants of the house. For this reason, a Vastu consultant in Dubai would suggest you some remedies that will help you benefit from it.

First, it is essential to know that a south-facing house too can be made auspicious through the application of Vastu principles that will enable the harnessing of positive energy flow throughout the house.

Let’s take for instance the entrance of a south-facing house, placement of the entrance shall be a bit on the left with the mid-point of the south of the house for positive energy flow. This is just the beginning of applying Vastu remedies, there are many more such remedies that do not require demolition but make slight changes to the placement of things in the right direction governed by the said energy that would become auspicious for the occupants of the house. The change in energy flow from the entrance will enhance the energy and vibe of the whole house as it is believed that the entrance is where maximum energy enters the house. For this reason, it is essential to make the entrance of south facing house auspicious.

To understand more about the south-facing houses get a personal analysis and remedial measures that work best when you consult a Vastu consultant in Dubai.

Vastu Shastra For West Facing Entrance

A west-facing house is something that is normally rejected by all due to the ongoing belief that it is inauspicious. However, if the Vastu of the west-facing house is planned in the right manner then this too can be beneficial to its residents. With a lot of information available online that speaks about west-facing entrances or houses, many are just applying this so-called knowledge blindly, even the builders of the house follow it without having the know-how of Vastu Shastra. Only an expert like Vastu consultants in Dubai will be able to guide you to make the west-facing entrance full of abundance and ensure that the occupants enjoy good health.

Another myth is that Vastu-planned homes that are sold for the sake of it should not be considered as it is, without consulting an expert on Vastu you cannot be sure whether the house you are investing in is good or bad for you. A Vastu-compliant home even when it is west facing can be made positive through the proper study, analysis, and application of Vastu principles.

West direction may be considered bad as it is linked to darkness and for this reason, numerous Vastu experts suggest against purchasing such a house. A west-facing entrance can be made positive which can bring financial success when it is placed in the right energy field and at the right degree and angle. These complexities of Vastu Shastra can only be known and well applied by Vastu consultants in Dubai.

As per Vastu Shastra following the principles of degree and calculating the right direction will help the residents achieve longevity and financial success. So, the myth of west entrance is inauspicious wouldn’t stand when you consult a Vastu Shastra expert and overcome the challenge.