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What does – “Everything in the Universe is a Vibration Mean”?

Vibrations are both negative and positive that are only felt and the impact viewed in the lives of the individuals who are receptive to it or the house or the space occupied by people experiencing its impact. It is essential to note that vibrations are like a gut feeling you get by visiting a certain place where you immediately inexplicably feel negative or feel positive for instance in temples or any holy places the feeling is positive and that of feeling blessed. This is how one can understand and know if certain place is good for them or bad.

Even quantum physics explains that everything around us are vibrations and at the sub-atomic level every molecule vibrates to a given energy or frequency that attracts likes and then it becomes bigger energy field, big enough to be impacting a space and people occupying it. While positive vibrations impact positively and bring prosperity to the lives of the people who are receiving it, negative vibrations are destructive in nature and wreak havoc in the lives of the people.

Everything in this universe

Vastu Shastra and vibrations

Vibrations influence the psyche of the human kind negatively or positively, when people receive positive vibrations they feel positive and serene, when they experience negative vibrations then it is chaos and mental stress. It is due to the impact of vibrations that it becomes essential to seek balance with tools like vastu Shastra,

If someone experience disharmony and displeasure in their vibrations then they are more likely to be the victim of bad or negative vibrations that equals to imbalanced vastu Shastra of a given place, as per vastu expert from Dubai, it is all about balance and creating harmony in the space utilizing remedial measures suggested in vastu Shastra. For instance if there is negative energy or vibrations in a space then using copper wiring would ensure that the place would start receiving positive vibrations and the residents will immediately begin feeling light and positive.

It is all about spirituality, cosmic energy and vibrations emitted by the cosmic elements that are either favorable or leave a bad impact on the individual, depending on the individual, their personal astrovastu and their planetary influences.

Everything in this universe

Harnessing Positive Vibrations Using Vastu Shastra

Utilizing the tools of vastu Shastra it is possible to neutralize energy wherever required, strike an equal balance between the spiritual and material aspects, and change the orientation of the space that would be positive to its dwellers. For this it is essential to seek the help of the best vastu consultant in Dubai, with her expertise on vastu Shastra and all aspects of harnessing positive vibrations it becomes possible to bring positivity in a given zone of the house or a building complex.

  • Readjustment between the items of the house that includes re-organizing the closet space, lights, paintings, changing colors of the rooms and placement of harmonious sculptures / vastu tools helps in balancing the energy.
  • When the placement of the objects are as per vastu Shastra principles it helps in balancing energy and at the same time strikes an connectivity with the higher power.
  • For instance the north-east direction is specifically best for mediation and prayer room, this direction is full of cosmic positive vibrations and helps in striking connection with the almighty. However, when this place is unbalanced with wrong placement of materials or items then it leads to stress, mental health issues that manifest in physical illness too.
  • North-east and east-north-east directions are related to two high vibration zones namely Vigyanmaya and the Manomaya koshas. These are known for connectivity of the self with the higher power or God which ever means you worship the power; the connection is where this zone plays a pivotal role.
  • For this reason having a prayer room in these zones is auspicious, one must remember that in order to gain the positive vibrations and to strike perfect harmony within self, harnessing the energy of Vigyanmaya kosha that would be north-north-east vastu zone, also known to provide spiritual solutions and make the individual receptive to divine guidance.
Everything in this Universe

Striking connection with the higher power and harnessing the positive energy or vibrations of the cosmos is possible by seeking vastu Shastra guidelines and its application. For this reason it is essential to get a personal analysis and let the vastu expert guide you.

Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

Great scientist Sir Nikola Tesla said that everything is energy and so with the same principle, the ancient science of vastu Shastra is governed. When it comes to frequency, energy or vibration it is all about the cosmic energy that engulfs all the particles whether living or non-living in the whole universe. With this it is essential to note that when one is in tune or in harmony with the cosmic energy or vibration, their life becomes harmonious and full of prosperity. As per vastu Shastra expert from Dubai, it is all about balancing and striking harmony within and around the space in accordance to the human life which is highly impacted by the vibrations. So, with this in mind, let us understand vastu Shastra nature and the elements that emit vibrations that are favorable to us and our life.

Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

Vastu Shastra and Universal Vibrations

Vastu Shastra is based on ancient scientific principles of frequency, cosmic energy and vibrations that are emitted by the planets, elements and occupy or influence certain directions and space. When it comes to energy that is contained within a component on this planet earth it should be remembered that one should strive to strike balance between the elements as per the law of the nature of universal law of vibration.

Natural laws that govern our lives are always in equilibrium but when we human oversee it or refuse to accept it all without considering the elemental science of vastu Shastra then chaos is what we experience in our lives.

For instance, vastu Shastra uses the principles of Panch Maha Bhootas or the five elemental sciences that comprises the following:

  1. Earth (Prithvi)
  2. Water (Apas)
  3. Air (Vayu)
  4. Fire (Tejas)
  5. Space (Akasha)
Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

With these elements, the energy that is radiated or the vibration is different and occupies a specific space or governs specific direction, when you consult a vastu specialist like vastu expert from Dubai; they analyze, bring notice to the elements and the vibration in accordance to the space and suggest remedial measures.

Now it is essential to note that when each of these elements are in harmony or in the right space or right placement of items are done as per the space defined for these elements then you are harnessing positive vibrations. When you clash the energy such as fire with water element placement then chaos ensues and life becomes stressful and diseases manifest whether mental or physical or both.

Vastu Shastra acts as a conduit of harnessing positive vibrations and it helps in bringing positivity to the lives of people following these principles. For this it is essential to understand the color coordination, space, elemental influence, items/ things/ construction material and placement of furniture and electronic equipment in the house and office. It highly impacts the environment around, so it is essential to be mindful while you are trying to achieve balance or symmetry or making a modern adjustment to your space that you have occupied. Without the application of vastu Shastra principles you will not be able to harness the positive vibrations of the universe.

Vastu Planning for Rooftop Terraces

It is essential that the house you live in should be properly ventilated and that can only be possible when you build a rooftop or your terraces as per vastu compliance principles. As per vastu expert from Dubai it is important that the rules of vastu Shastra be followed so that the house receives ample sunlight, ventilation and positive energy from the cosmos that would bring prosperity to its residents, let us understand how.

Image 1 1 2

Vastu for rooftop terraces

If one is to understand that the basics of vastu Shastra are followed for home construction on a plot then the roof too should not be left out, the rooftop terraces are essential part of the house. It is to be noted that the parameter to consider for terraces is that if you like to have a slant rooftop then the slant should be in the direction of north-east. Alternatively another direction that would be auspicious would be north direction or east direction.

Tips for the rooftop terraces

Rooftop terraces are attractive and a trend that is fast taking over, however, without vastu compliance it would not be favorable for the residents, just as vastu principles apply to the plot, house and any other building it is essential to learn about the same principle applies to rooftop terraces, here’s how:

  • South direction is not auspicious for an opening for rooftop terrace
  • The design should be such that it should be in the shape of rectangle or square that should be wide opening in the east direction.
  • North, east or north-east directions are favorable for construction of rooftops.
  • If you happen to construct a water fountain on your terrace then it should be ideally placed in the north-east direction that would harness the positivity of the cosmos.
  • If you are planning to have a sitting area on your terrace then the furniture should be ideally placed in the south-west. However, avoid using wrought iron furniture.
  • Keeping shrubs and small plants in the east and north directions of the terrace is auspicious.
  • For attracting wealth into your house constructing a terrace in the north is the best option, if you like to have an east facing rooftop terrace then it would bring good health and attract lot of opportunities. However, avoid west and south directions as it would lead to litigation and hazards with fire.
  • Using pastel colors on rooftop terrace is advisable to exude serenity and relaxation.
  • Remember never to clutter or keep unwanted objects on rooftop terrace.
  • If you would like to have a swing on your terrace then the ideal direction is north-west while the one sitting on the swing should be facing east or north direction.
Image 3 1 1

These are generic tips that would for sure help bring in positivity; however, for personalized vastu Shastra solutions and vastu compliance analysis, it is essential to engage a vastu expert from Dubai. It is essential to get a personal analysis of the property done as then application of personalized remedial measures and vastu advice can be given for betterment of the residents.

Helpful Vastu Tips for Shops, Showrooms and Commercial Establishments

Vastu for commercial establishments is essential to help balance the space with elements relevant to the given direction as per vastu principles. As a shop owner or showroom owner you should be able to create a congenial environment that would help you with steady flow of finances and gain lot of customers too. So, let us understand as per vastu expert from Dubai as to how negativity can be eliminated and business can prosper through application of vastu tips.


  • Owners of stationary shops should use west direction for profits. If you own furniture shop then your ideal direction is south, if you run a grocery shop then north-east direction is the best or alternatively use east or north directions for your benefit.
  • For cloths shop or showrooms the best direction is east where the entrance should be placed and for high-quality brands south direction is ideal.

Cash Counter

  • It should ideally open towards north direction and one should ensure that there should always be some cash in it.
  • Placing idols of Lakshmi- Ganesh in locker is good but if only you worship them daily.
  • Keeping the locker in south-west direction is good if the entrance of the establishment is in north direction.
Vastu Tips for Commercial shops and showrooms

Picture of Deities

  • North-east is the ideal direction for placing idols and pictures of deities and these should be worshipped daily.

Raw Materials Placement

  • Heavy stuff and raw materials should be ideally kept in a room or storage that is in the south-west or northwest and ready material should be kept in North northwest for easy sales / movement.

Electronic Equipment

  • Placing electronic equipment in a proper storage and in the right manner is essential to avoid chaos; therefore it should be ideally placed in the south-east corner that would attract sales.

Main Entrance

  • Prime entrance to commercial establishment or a shop or showroom should be ideally in the north direction.
  • The owner should be sitting in the east or north direction for attracting new business opportunities.
  • Ensure your entrance does not have a drain running next to it as it would impact adversely on your financials.
  • Your establishment shall always be well-lit and the entrance should be well lit at night and well decorated too to usher in prosperity.

Showroom Shape

  • Ideal shape for showroom is square or rectangular.
  • Irregular shapes of plots of commercial establishments impacts the income and thwart any financial gains.
  • Ensure the front portion to be wider than the rear of the shop that would make it positive.

Lightweight Objects

  • Small and routine use items should be placed in east or north direction, same goes for grocery store items.
  • Daily sales items are ideally placed in north-west direction of the store that would boost sales.
  • Medical should place Ayurveda medicines in east or north direction. Allopathic medicines and medical equipment is best placed in the south direction.
  • Top selling items should be ideally placed in the north north-west direction, that is the direction of movement and quick sales.
Vastu Tips for Commercial shops and showrooms

For in-depth analysis and personalized vastu compliance for commercial establishments, it is essential to engage the best vastu consultant in Dubai. With their expertise and detailed analysis, your business will prosper and your financial life will improve dramatically.

Vastu for students for better focus

Students are always under stress due to performance issues and due to peer pressure, this always keeps them on their toes to outperform and outwit others. However, if the environment of the student, their room, and their surroundings are not congenial then they may lack focus resulting in anxiety issues.

So, what is it that they can do to advance themselves in their studies? Is there something that would help make their study room better that would enhance their focus? Well, the answer lies in Vastu Shastra; if the Vastu of the room occupied by the student is fixed and is full of elements inviting positive energy then they will be able to perform better in studies as it will help them focus better. 

Vastu For Students For Better Focus

How is it possible? There are numerous elements and things to enhance the positive energy of the room as per Vastu, let us find out what exactly can be done to enrich their knowledge, enhance focus and concentration that would reap desired results. 

Vastu For Students For Better Focus

Simple Vastu Tips for better focus

Vastu defects in the room of the student should not be overlooked as it leads to poor concentration, prone to low energy, and a confused state of mind. If these are the factors that are prevalent and you find that the child often complains of these ailments and is unable to focus on their study then you should fix the Vastu of the room they have occupied and perhaps even change the room too if required. If you want to be successful in your study then you should connect with Vastu Consultant that can give you the best Vastu for success in studies in Dubai services. The following Vastu tips by one of the best Vastu consultant in Dubai for better focus will help you take the necessary steps in this regard:

Enhance focus of the student:

  • West Southwest is considered as the zone for children, education, and savings. This is the zone that is also responsible for rendering culturable values to the children. If this zone is clear and energized then it supports children’s growth and accumulation of the right knowledge. If there is any flaw in this zone of the house like toilet, kitchen, dustbin, or any sort of clutter then it leads to confusion, agitation, anxiety among the children. Hence, as a first step, parents need to ensure that this zone is clear from any anti activities. Considering the urbanization and modern architecture, sometimes it becomes inevitable, in that case, Dubai based Vastu consultant could help you advise remedies to block the negative energies in that particular area/zone.
  • Remember that the study room is best in Southwest or West Southwest as these are the zones embarked for acquiring skills and enhancing focus that is much needed for the student to concentrate better. However, study rooms located in the East or the North directions are also considered favorable.
  • Three directions or zones that should be avoided for placing the study desk are East of Southeast, South od Southwest and West of Northwest. These are the zones responsible for churning or disposable and we don’t want the child energies to be disposed of.
  • Keeping a full glass of water near the study desk of the student helps in maintaining their level of focus. Think about the still water and stillness that it provides to the mind of the student and much required. 
  • Always ensure that extra caution is taken to keep the study room and desk clutter-free, as the state of mind is depicted in accordance with the state of the room. A clean, organized, and clutter-free room and desk will help in better focus and exude positive feelings. 
  • If possible you may check that the placement of the windows of the study room is in the North or East direction, maximum windows should be in that area and minimum in the South or West. If the room happens to have windows in South or West areas then it is better to keep them closed while studying. 
  • Remove any electromagnetic gadgets from the room as it only disturbs the energy of the room and hampers the concentration, keeping a mobile device in the study room is therefore not advisable. Think about it, if the child is distracted by notifications and calls then the concentration is thwarted. 

These are some of the simple Vastu tips, but it is always better to consult a professional like the best Vastu Consultant for Business and Growth in Dubai to help you with personalized Vastu solutions that work faster and gives better results.