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Vastu Tips and Remedies for T-Points

T-point houses are seen as inauspicious in the generic sense by some people and considered negative by some vastu experts. The spearing road or the T-point road or often the dead end road where the property is built is not considered good by many. However, if someone happens to possess such a house or a property they might be going through a negative streak of luck where they are not prospering. It does not mean that they should immediately vacate the property or abandon it, often that would not be possible, even changing it or shifting to another location might not be possible for many, so, what can be done? Vastu Shastra is applicable law to any property whether it is a plot with road running straight at the prime entrance or making a dead end, there are remedial measures that can be taken to rectify or improve the energy of the plot. As per vastu expert from Dubai, even T-junction or t-point properties can be improved in energy to be able to benefit the dwellers, let us learn more about it.

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Remedies for T Junction

  • Placement of primary entrance of such a property should be changed after consulting a vastu expert that will highly impact the energy of the entire house.
  • A crystal strip boundary that would face the road can be used for correcting entrance defect of a t-point property.
  • Bamboo plants can be grown within the property that would help absorb negativity and even bring down the sound pollution; it helps exude serenity in the surroundings.
  • Using different metal strips like brass, lead or copper by joining these with metal wire may help in reducing the negativity of the house entrance but these should be only installed as per vastu expert and only after a proper analysis done by a vastu expert.
  • A high and thick wall can be built that would cut off the direct energy of the road facing property and restrict the direct view of the road.
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Vastu expert from Dubai highly recommends taking any remedial measures through online free vastu remedies should be completely avoided as t-point properties require complete analysis on premises and then remedies are suggested. A vastu expert will ensure that the remedial measures would create a positive environment and help cut off negativity in a t-point property for its residents and the owner too.

Placement of Mirrors as per Vastu Shastra

Mirrors are the energy portal and also effect the reflection, the direction and placement of mirrors if not done correctly as per vastu Shastra principles, leads to chaos, bad vibes and even diseases. Another thing to note is that mirror reflects everything not just the shadow of the person but also positivity and negativity alike, when it is placed right then it becomes a source of positivity.

Vastu expert from Dubai states that mirrors often absorb negativity, and any object or item that exudes negativity when reflected in the mirror multiplies it and creates negative environment. Placing any shiny object, glass, shiny items that have reflective surfaces act as mirror. It is essential to understand where and how to place mirrors in different parts of a house, let us get to that in details.

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The location of master bedroom should ideally be in the south-west or south direction that is the direction of earth element providing stability and strength. It is essential to understand that when this element is present then placement of mirror becomes crucial as it is symbolic of water element that is highly volatile and unstable or rather it impacts the emotional aspect.

  • Earth and water element do not gel together but create chaos, so it is not advisable to have a mirror in bedroom.
  • Energy of mirror interferes with the stability of earth element and it creates chaos for the couple or even in the life of the individual occupying the room.
  • If you like to keep a dressing-table in your bedroom then remember to conceal it prior to going to sleep with a cover.
  • Even if you have a mirror placed on your wardrobe or closet in your bedroom then remember to cover it so it should not reflect any body part or else disease will manifest in the body part(s) reflected in the mirror.
  • The entrance or the bedroom door should not be reflected in the mirror placed in the bedroom or else one would lose all opportunities.
  • Beds with designer head rests should strictly be avoided as it results in sleeplessness and issues related to head.
  • False ceiling should not reflect anything or even if the design contains a mirror then it should be remodeled and mirror should be removed as it may become a constant cause of stress to the occupant.
  • Always ensure that the mirror is perfect, shiny, devoid of any imperfections or these shall be reflected in your personality too.
  • If you have to keep a mirror attached to a dresser then placing it on east or north wall is ideal for your bedroom.
  • A dresser with a huge mirror can ideally be placed besides your bed for ideal position. Remember to position it in a direction that should not be reflecting your bed.

Dressing Table

It is common to have a dressing table in bedroom as it is a part of vanity these days. If one is to keep a dressing table then it should be by the side of the bed that would not be reflecting the bed. If one can avoid keeping it in bedroom then the ideal placement of dressing table should be in another room, it can be kept in north or east direction.

Kids’ Rooms

 Again the golden rule or the rule of thumb shall be followed for placing mirror in bedroom that is should not reflect the bed. It should be completely avoided as it may lead to stress, illusions and negativity, it is essential to remember that the mind of a child is already volatile and thus placing any mirror in their bedroom shall be avoided.

Living Rooms

  • If the entry to your home opens in your living room then avoid mirror placement on the entrance or the entry gate. This way all the energy will be reflected back out of your house, unless suggested otherwise by a vastu Shastra expert that too in exception cases. Mirror placement on the foyer or above console table is ideal placement of the mirror.
  • Mirror opposite to the window helps in creating a brighter room, the ideal placement is on east or north wall of the room.
  • Reflect the landscape that you see through your window if that is the case then it shall reflect the same back to your room bringing you abundance and positivity.
  • Placement of mirror that reflects your dining table will help multiplying your food and wealth alike. It will keep the family together if you all dine together on such a dining table. The relationships between family members will be harmonious and balanced.
  • If you can place or position the mirror that can reflect the entire dining or living room then it will enhance the entire vibe of the room making it positive and uplifting.
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  • Mirror should be placed to reflect the light in the bathroom or it should be placed on a well-lit wall. North or east wall of the bathroom is ideal for placement of mirror. A full length mirror is good but it should be fixed to the wall in a steady manner.
  • Avoid placing mirror reflecting the toilet in any way as it will amplify negativity.
  • Mirror should be well above the basin that would not be stained with water marks, and it should always be kept clean.
  • Avoid sticking bindi or stickers on the mirror as it would bring negativity.

The Eight Cardinal Directions as Per Vastu Science

The Sun is the giver of life and the most important cosmic entity when it comes to defining cardinal directions in vastu Shastra. All the directions are dependent on the movement of the sun and the sunrays. The importance of sunlight is well defined in ancient text along with the eight cardinal directions that are based on the science that ensures positivity enters the house and brings along health and prosperity to the dwellers. With this vastu Shastra ensures that each room receives the best of exposure to sunlight as per the positioning of the sun and the cardinal directions that are in harmony with its movements. Let us understand the eight cardinal directions as per vastu science as explained by vastu consultant from Dubai.

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Eight Cardinal Directions and Layout

Vastu Shastra comprise of Vastu Purusha Mandala or the layout plan that is dependent on cardinal directions. It is essential to note that these are assigned to the Gods symbolic to these directions with the inherent qualities in relation to the directions. For instance if one is to build kitchen then the ideal direction would be the direction of Agni or Fire that would be the south-east direction as cooking activity requires fire.

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  • The direction is ideal for open spaces, for instance it is good to have water sources placed in this direction, have a meditation room or Pooja room.
  • It is as per the logic of the dawn principle where the sun movement begins between 3am and 6am where the sun is usually present.
  • The north-east part of the house will begin receiving sunrays from dawn that is beneficial to begin activities like yoga, prayer, exercise and meditation.
  • The north corner of the house should be devoid of any hindrances and kept free of any obstructions to make it beneficial to the residents.
  • When the water source is located in this direction it is automatically purified with the sunrays.

EAST (Purva)

  • The direction is ruled by Sun the most important celestial body in our universe.
  • Prime entrance and doors/ windows should be ideally built in this direction to have ample sunrays in the house throughout the day.
  • Bathrooms too can be built in this direction as 6-7 am is the ideal time for bathing that would perfectly align with the sun direction cleansing and purifying the mind and body.

SOUTH-EAST (Aagneya)

  • The direction is related to Agni or the God of Fire therefore it is best for building kitchen.
  • As the sun moves, the time between 7.30am to 9am is the ideal time for cooking that will bring health to the one eating meals cooked in this direction.
  • The timings and the direction related to the specific element ensures that the food cooked is free of bacteria and the sunrays acting as germicidal will prevent any unwanted growth that may spoil the food.

SOUTH (Dakshin)

  • The direction is related to God Yama making it suitable for work space, store rooms.
  • If one has to build a bedroom then children bedroom can be built in this direction as it is based on the sun movement when the sunrays are at the highest full of lot of energy.
  • The energy generated by sun during noon time is where the direction is essential to be noted, therefore having a workspace in that area is ideal to utilize the energizing benefits of the sun.

SOUTH-WEST (Nairutya)

  • The direction is ideally the direction for our ancestors or our Pitras. Ancestor’s pictures can be hung on the wall of this direction.
  • It is also ideal to have your wardrobes constructed or have your library in this direction.
  • It is essential that you reduce the heat in this direction that would help induce cool atmosphere within the house.

WEST (Paschima)

  • Varun or the water God is associated with this direction.
  • Water is all about mental aptitude and therefore it becomes logical to build your study room, keep your toilets or even bathrooms in this direction. Keeping your plants that are sensitive to sunrays will thrive in this direction.
  • Children bedroom and study can be in this direction for good results.

NORTH-WEST (Vaayavya)

  • Dedicated to the wind God this direction is good for building store rooms, or less used rooms in this direction.
  • The direction is also good for good social life and for gaining prosperity, so any individual wanting to have it shall have a bedroom in this direction.
  • Pictures or wall paintings depicting flow of air should be ideally hung on this wall to bring in wealth and prosperity.

NORTH (Uttara)

  • The direction is related to the God of prosperity Kuber and for this reason the direction is associated with wealth and prosperity alike.
  • People wanting to increase income or bring in more wealth often tend to purchase a property that faces north direction, the direction is also ideal for politicians and entrepreneurs and businessmen alike benefiting in increasing their wealth.
  • Having open spaces in north direction ensures that the home is full of prosperity of all kinds.
  • Ideally one can build a living room in this direction for all to benefit from the energy of this cardinal direction equally.
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Although, these cardinal directions are easy to understand, but when these are not applied and balanced as per vastu Shastra rules then it only creates chaos and disharmony. For this is it essential to consult a vastu consultant from Dubai who is experienced and provides tailor made plans for vastu compliance as per individual needs.

Magnetic Property of Earth & Science of Vastu Shastra

When it comes to understanding of vastu Shastra in relation with magnetic property of earth there is lot that is advance and ahead of scientific development. To begin with, the magnetic flow of the energy of earth is strongest in South Pole and the energy flows towards the North Pole. It is all about how and where the magnetic energy flows and its effects on the human life.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that has long been written down by our sages in the ancient era long before the origin of science and experimentation. The effects of the magnetic poles are negative and positive on the lives of the humans and these can be used to be advantageous by building a dwelling in a vastu compliant manner.

Image 3 Magnetic Property of Earth

Understanding magnetic property correlating with vastu science

As per the scientific evidence geomagnetic storms cause negative effects on humans but when we look at vastu Shastra it states that the North Pole or the geographic South is positive for humans. Similarly, vastu principles state that the South Pole or geographic North is negatively impacting human lives. For instance, the strong energy of North Pole energy is powerful and clean whereas South Pole is almost draining the energy of human lives.

The adverse effects of the earth’s geographic magnetic poles has long been understood and written in out ancient texts by our sages. For this reason it became a chief principle in vastu Shastra and taking into account the magnetic field became primary basis of designing buildings and aligning the axis in the right manner became essential towards providing positive effect.

Image 1 Magnetic Property of Earth and Vastu

Earth’s Magnetic Field and Design Structures

Vastu Shastra principles are well understood and applied in the rightful manner by experts as stated by vastu expert from Dubai. The guidelines are in correlation with science and rationally explain how to utilize it in the most positive manner.

  • Avoid sleeping with head aligned in North.
  • As per vastu Shastra the head of a body is North Pole and the feet is considered South Pole.
  • Head when aligned in North would mean North + North or same poles of two magnets cause repelling effect.
  • Human body would experience constant muscular tension, disturbed sleep patterns, migraines and other health related issues.
  • Keeping the head or even sitting for long in North direction would cause similar effect on the health of the individual.
  • Sleeping with the head in South direction is ideal as it would bring positivity and help achieve deep sleep.
  • Facing East, North or West is ideal when sitting on dining table or occupying living room.
  • South direction facing should be avoided as it would lead the individual to have their head placement in the North direction that disturbs the natural rhythm of the body and brings negative effect on the health of the individual.
  • Idols in the prayer room or the Pooja room should not face North as then again the worshipper would be in conflict with the magnetic poles of the earth’s directions.

Vastu Shastra is long considered as an advance science of the ancient world that helps us obtain maximum benefit of the earth’s magnetic field and therefore it is essential to consider the same while designing houses or placement of items or sleeping and sitting positions.

How are Vastu Shastra and Numerology related to each other?

As far as the spiritual awareness goes it is already growing amongst the population and for the reason majority of the affluent population is demanding vastu compliant homes. Designing, coloring, directions, and other essential elements should be in harmony with the principles of vastu Shastra. A vastu compliant home brings prosperity and is advantageous to the people occupying it. Not only does vastu Shastra suggests utilizing space and elements in perfect harmony but is also about optimum use of space and structuring it well enough.

Apart from it all, the essential element that vastu Shastra stresses upon is direction and that is related to the planet it is ruled by, then the connection between the ruling numbers is what empowers it and becomes essential for an individual. There is a correlation between vastu Shastra and numerology as explained by vastu expert from Dubai in the following manner.

Vastu and Numerology

There is a definite interconnection between vastu Shastra and numerology as each direction is related to the ruling number of that said space and when these are inculcated in vastu it helps in achieving astounding results.

Image 2 Vastu and Numerology 1

For instance, prime directions as per vastu principles are:

  1. East governed by Sun
  2. West governed by Saturn
  3. North  governed by Mercury
  4. South governed by Mars

The planet governing that direction is specified and so are the numbers related to these directions, these are as follows:

1 is the number assigned to Sun

5 is the number assigned to Mercury

9 is the number assigned to Mars

8 is assigned to Saturn

As explained earlier these planets are associated with specific directions that are mentioned in Vastu Shastra. Let us look at more of it in-depth:

  • North east is governed by Jupiter/ Ketu, the number associated with the planet is 3 while for Ketu the number is 7
  • South east is governed by the planet Venus, the number associated with the planet is 6
  • North west is governed by Moon / Rahu wherein the number associated with moon is 2 and Rahu is associated with number 4

Utilizing the Correlation of Vastu Shastra and Numerology

Now that there is clarity regarding correlation between vastu Shastra and numerology, utilizing it for the benefit of the individual or the placement of objects or choosing the right property that would benefit the seeker is all that is to understand and apply accordingly.

Image 1 Vastu and Numerology
  • Emphasis on personal number of the owner of the house in relation to the direction of the house with the ruling planet will benefit in achieving positive results.
  • Vastu Shastra and numerology when used in perfect sense brings harmony and success.
  • Vastu principle applied on the plot or house number or building number makes it vastu compliant.
  • Calculating lucky direction and lucky number in harmony with the personal number of the individual brings us to helping the individual gain maximum benefits of vastu Shastra and numerology combination.

Therefore, it is essential to seek guidance and consultation of a professional like vastu expert from Dubai knowing all the applicability of correlation and combination effectively. A personal in-depth analysis and a tailor made plan that would suit the vastu Shastra needs of the individual will help them achieve harmony and prosperity with relation to the property they are purchasing.

Vastu Shastra and Technological Advancements

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science based on directions, space, elements and the cosmos, in the modern day it is well incorporated within the architecture providing a vastu compliant home. However, with technological advancement and to provide a tangible yet user friendly innovation, it can be fused with the AR, Deep Learning, Image Processing and 2D. As per vastu expert from Dubai, with the growing need of vastu implementation, client demand and availability of AI modules can all be a great collaborative medium for providing technologically driven Vastu Shastra solutions, here is how.

image 2 Vastu and Technology

Designer Modules and Vastu Shastra


The most essential tool that will be able to provide accurate 8 directions: East, West, North, South, North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West. Identifying these directions as per the space and provide a clear picture for placement of amenities within a given space.

2D Vastu

The module based on 2D Vastu will be able to provide valuable information to the user whose phone is not equipped with a compass sensor. Select items from the scrollbar-> drag and drop into the space and click the item to discover its favorable position as per the Vastu suggestion. If the item dropped is in the right vastu direction then it will turn green or else red.

Plot Selection and Evaluation

We all know that vastu Shastra suggests ideal shape for a plot, keeping this in mind, the user will select the plot-> seek plot shape detection-> algorhythms identification determines plot shape-> results declared.

The results will depict if the plot shape is in compliance with vastu principles or not, the shape and the measures will all be taken into consideration by the software. The user might be quizzed by the software regarding the plot and the results will examine each answer concluding whether the plot is vastu compliant and if the user should go ahead with the deal or not.

Space Scanning

Uploading the video of the room or the space where one would like to apply vastu principles or seek vastu validation, the API will detect the objects or items of the room-> provide solutions. The software will be built to detect all shapes and sizes of objects, items and amenities as per vastu and then provide conclusion based on it all for the rightful placement. The 3D objects will be viewed by the user in AR view to make it user friendly.

Analyzing Floor Plan

Select the floor plan using mobile device that will be further sent for processing using image software and processing techniques. The image with text detection for each segment of the entire house will be analyzed by the software as per vastu agreement. Calculations, image checks, text detection all will be done providing certain proposals in compliance with vastu principles.

Vastu Bot

How about chat with a bot that would answer your vastu queries and help you with better understanding of where the principles can be rightfully applied. Providing fundamental vastu principle based answers the bot will be helpful in giving out information / reactions to the user on the questions related to vastu.

Image 3 Vastu and Technology

Whether it is designing, planning, arrangement or utilizing a given space as per vastu principles, suggestions and analysis can be provided by modules built in harmony with vastu Shastra principles. However, when it comes to personalized touch and less hassle, with years of experience, non-demolition vastu Shastra implementation and how to proceed in a tricky situation, all can only be handled by a vastu Shastra expert from Dubai. The expertise and experience is what makes it the best choice for building / re-arranging items accurately as per vastu principles.

Spatial Vastu Concepts – What are these & what is the Significance?

Vastu Shastra has always been in harmony with the environment and cosmic energy as it is designed to utilize space by balancing it with the elements. A Vastu-compliant property is becoming high in demand due to the fact that any property built as per Vastu Shastra principles is able to bring prosperity and abundance to the occupants of the property. Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial one, spatial concepts of Vastu are essential to be followed, but what are these spatial concepts as per vastu and what is its impact on human life? Let us discover the answer as given by a vastu expert from Dubai.

Spatial Vastu Image 2

Benefits of spatial Vastu principles

Even with modern architecture, it is essential to include spatial concepts offered by Vastu Shastra as these are in flow with positive energy preventing negativity. These principles are essential as it benefits in the following manner:

  • Enhanced mood- Negativity and positivity both impact the mental status of an individual, and these are highly dependent on the surroundings or the design of the property one occupies. When the space is designed as per vastu principles then the energy is positive and it greatly enhances the mood of the individuals occupying it.
  • Enhanced health- Experiencing good health is something that is essential to every human being. For this reason, a space designed with vastu compliance helps in harnessing positivity that directly impacts the health of the occupants. A property built as per vastu principles ensures enhanced good health of the dwellers.
  • Good sleep- Insomnia is one of the prevalent causes of health decline, when one is not in harmony with the natural surroundings then sleeping patterns too are disturbed. Opposite to it when Vastu Shastra principles are followed for building bedrooms and arranging a bed in the right direction it helps in bringing good sleep to the one occupying it.

Principles of Vastu Shastra

Though Vastu Shastra is a vast subject with numerous principles to define it in-depth, but for the purpose of understanding it broadly speaking essential principles of Vastu Shastra are mentioned as follows:

Vastu principles in spatial design

  • Balance- The most essential principle of Vastu Shastra that explains the space occupied or the property where the dwelling is built. It is essential to balance the property with the natural elements and it should be in harmony with the environment surrounding it.
  • Direction- Spatial designing incorporates using the right direction for the right placement of objects and building the rooms in the right direction to harness the positivity of the said direction.
Spatial Vastu Image 3 1

Spatial design and Vastu Shastra

When designing the space is it essential to apply vastu Shastra principles:

  • Ensure that the entrance is facing east and north direction. Sub cardinal directions should be avoided due to the negative aspect related to that particular direction.
  • There should be ample space around the property and there should be no obstruction to the property or the entrance as it would then be out of balance.
  • Incorporating vastu Shastra principles to bring positivity would require working with directions east, west, north and south that should be in harmony with the elements of the nature earth, fire, air, water and space. For instance kitchen should not be built in the water direction or the north side of the house as fire for cooking and water element is in complete conflict. Instead, it should be built in the fire direction.
  • Vastu Shastra is all about building the doors and windows in the right direction that would aid in positive and free flow of energy.
  • It is essential to note that the Brahma Sthaan or the center of the house is left vacant as this is where the maximum power resides that should be left free for positive results; any obstruction like heavy furniture would hinder positive energy flow.

There are numerous other aspects and sub-aspects of spatial vastu Shastra that are difficult to grasp by a common person, for this reason, consulting an expert like vastu Shastra expert from Dubai helps in incorporating it in a rightful manner.