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How to keep sleeping room in order

It is said ‘a proper place for everything makes the space proper’, well it’s not just a saying but vastu Shastra too works on the same principle, it is all about keeping your sleeping room or bedroom in the correct order. As per vastu expert from Dubai: It is all about organizing and placement of all the items right from the bedsheets to the furniture and even electronics in your bedroom in the right direction and in the right manner that would highly impact the energy of your sleeping room and aid in a good night sleep. Additionally, if it’s a couple’s room then they will have a harmonious relationship.

keep sleeping room in order

Position of the Bed

  • For a sound sleep it is essential that the positioning of the bed in the bedroom should be in the right direction that should be in alignment with the right poles of the earth so as not to cause disturbance in your sleep due to opposing magnetic poles.
  • South-west direction is ideal for the placement of the bed wherein the person sleeping should sleep with their head in the east or south direction that would enable in harnessing positive vibrations of the relevant directions.
  • The bed should be made of wood and it should be either square or rectangular, any other material or any other shape of the bed would cause confusion and conflicts.
  • Avoid placing bed under a beam if it cannot be avoided then consider adding a false ceiling above to correct the vastu dosha.

Easy Tips for a Sound Sleep

  • Mirrors should be avoided in bedroom, especially directly in front of the bed.
  • Keeping the bedroom clutter free would give you clarity of mind and serenity.
  • Bedroom is not the ideal place for keeping electronic items that includes laptops and tablets too.
  • Bedroom walls should ideally be painted in pastels and earth tones like white, pink or cream.
  • It is ideal to air out the room every now and then to maintain the balance of air element that controls the emotional state of the one occupying the room.

Placement of Wardrobe / Cupboard

  • South-west and west are ideal directions for wardrobe installation or keeping a cupboard. Alternatively, north-west too is a good option for the same.

Placement of Electronics

  • If you cannot avoid electronics then placing a TV set in the south-east would be ideal.
  • Avoid placing TV directly in front of the bed to ensure that your bed is not reflected on its surface.

Right Type of Bed Linen

  • Ensure fresh, clean and new bedsheets are used.
  • Light and pastel shades are ideal for linen in a bedroom.
  • Often decorating bed with extra pillows and cushions are a trend, but this should be avoided as it breeds negativity.

Placement of Flowers and Plants

  • Artificial plants and flowers should be avoided, if you like to decorate then adorn your bedroom with real and fresh flowers that should be changed daily.
  • Placing flowers in a vase with the ideal color is essential as it affects the vibes of the room: red vase for increasing love in relationships; yellow vase for students for concentration and knowledge.
keep sleeping room in order
Sleeping room 2 1

Dos and Don’ts as per Vastu for Bedroom


  • Ensure that the door installed in your bedroom should create a 90 degree angle when it’s open.
  • The door of the bedroom should never make creaking sound or have cracks or kept dirty.
  • Keeping pleasant pictures like family pictures and pictures or paintings that are pleasant within your eyeshot in bedroom is good.


  • Bed placement should be avoided across bathroom and directly in front of the door.
  • The center of the house should be kept free and therefore no bedroom shall be designed in that direction.
  • Mirror or reflection of bed in any shiny surface in your bedroom is bad for your health.
  • Avoid box beds as it would only breed negativity or only store items that you use and discard the rest.

Importance of Crystal Balls in Vastu Shastra

Sun rays comprise seven colors that are in correspondence to the seven major chakras or epicenter of energy in human body that governs health whether physical or emotional. Now if by any chance any of these chakras are imbalanced or energy flow is blocked, then the individual in question would face numerous problems related health, finances, success, low energy and even suffer with numerous diseases manifested in the body due to the imbalances, however the ancient science of Vastu Shastra as per vastu expert from Dubai has the answer to it all: it is all about using vastu crystal balls to bring back harmony within and outside.

crystal ball 2 1

Crystal balls are the source of magnification of the energy and rays of sun that are used in vastu Shastra practice. It is all to achieve harmony, energetic positivity and to balance the chakras of the people occupying the particular space it is hung or used for specific purpose.

Beauty of Crystal Balls

Spherical shaped crystal balls are highly attractive and have magnetic energy with the ability to bring back the harmony and positivity to the environment. These when used in the right manner as per vastu expert from Dubai then it is good for rectification of vastu doshas. Available in numerous sizes as per the area it should be places; these crystal balls are all about balancing energy levels.

  • Helps in balancing positive energy within a given environment
  • Rectifies vastu dosha and the direction it is placed
  • Provides healing energy to the people suffering with physical ailments

Vastu Crystals Balls

Clear Quartz the most beautiful and yet the most powerful one is used in shaping up vastu crystal balls. Quartz is the most magnetic crystal and versatile that is filled with metaphysical properties. Amplifying the energy in the environment it is placed, it is essential to consult a vastu expert prior to utilizing it for personal gain. Quartz has the property of absorbing energy and therefore it is advisable to clean it every six months to ensure that it would only be filled with positivity,

Vastu Crystal Balls are filled with pure energy filtration and vibrations that radiate positive energy and release it within and around the environment it is placed.

How is Crystal Balls Beneficial as per Vastu Shastra?

Using crystal balls in any given space would help the space and the occupants in the following manner:

  • Balancing and harmonizing the energy released by crystal balls whether it is kept in home or in the office.
  • Rectification and correction of vastu doshas that enable in free energy flow to specific area enabling in overall well-being and ensuring prosperity of the occupants in a building or space.
  • Helps in promoting prosperity and attracts wealth and good luck.
  • Provides protection from negativity and even acts as good repellant of evil eye when placed in a particular direction within a property.
crystal ball 3 1

Different Color Crystal Balls and their Utility

It is essential to note that crystal balls are not only clear but also comes in various colors with different utility, let us explore these:

  • Red- Direction- south- is used for the purpose of attracting good luck
  • Blue are ideal for offices that enhances business
  • Green- Direction- east enables in enhancing the luck for career prospects and boosting career
  • Yellow are good to be used to balance and uplift mood
  • Pink best for improving interpersonal and intimate relationships
  • Orange is good to be used for financial inflow and luck related to money

Vastu Shastra – Is it a tool for stress free living ?

We are all in a state of constant stress due to the fact that we have forgotten to live a life without worry and without thinking about tomorrow. Having constant stress to have life in certain order and the illusion of gaining control these days is where the human is wrong and creating unwanted diseases due to stress. So, what can be done to eliminate stress from our lives? Vastu Shastra is the answer and holds the key to help relieve the burden of stress of daily grind and rat race, as per vastu expert from Dubai, vastu Shastra tips to help relieve stress is all about adjusting the frequency and vibration of your life and your space that would help bring harmony. Let us understand all about it.

Happy living

Vastu a tool for stress free living

These are some simple tips that will help balance energy within your body and in your surroundings that will help release stress and provide harmonious environment congenial for emotional and physical health:

  • Vastu Shastra suggests when not using the right direction for lying in resting position on your bed it can wreak havoc with the magnetic energy of earth and the brain waves. To bring it all into harmony it is essential that one should lie with head in south or east direction that will help release stress and provide restful sleep.
  • Avoid keeping your bed under a beam or rather avoid an overhead beam in your bedroom if possible, if this is not possible then paint it in white color to neutralize its effect.
  • Avoid keeping mirrors or even dressing table in your bedroom as it may reflect your body and it will cause stress and disease in body part reflected in the mirror. If it cannot be kept elsewhere then ensure to cover the mirror or adjust it so it won’t reflect your body. Same goes for reflective surface of TV screen and even having a mirror decoration overhead or on your bed.
  • Another means of eliminating stress due to overhead beam is to hang a flute on it that would bring back harmony while cutting off its negative influence.
  • If your house happens to have a courtyard then keep it well maintained at all the times as a dilapidated courtyard would only invite negativity and people occupying the space will be full of stress.
  • Electrical equipment especially those that are related to heat should be placed in southeast direction. Remember to do away with defective electronic equipment as it would only bring stress to the residents of the house.
  • Include light blue colors in your house and home décor but only after consulting a vastu expert from Dubai after a thorough personal analysis of the property.
  • Using lavender color is yet another way to eliminate stress, use it in bedclothes and bedsheets that would help your mind relax.
  • Include pink and all shades of this color that helps calm the mind and keep the stress away.
Stress Free Living

These tips mentioned above are simple yet effective when applied in your daily life. However, a personal consultation is something that would help you understand where and how to apply other principles of vastu Shastra so a vastu expert from Dubai will help analyze your property and suggest what needs to be done to bring back serenity and harmony in your life.

What does – “Everything in the Universe is a Vibration Mean”?

Vibrations are both negative and positive that are only felt and the impact viewed in the lives of the individuals who are receptive to it or the house or the space occupied by people experiencing its impact. It is essential to note that vibrations are like a gut feeling you get by visiting a certain place where you immediately inexplicably feel negative or feel positive for instance in temples or any holy places the feeling is positive and that of feeling blessed. This is how one can understand and know if certain place is good for them or bad.

Even quantum physics explains that everything around us are vibrations and at the sub-atomic level every molecule vibrates to a given energy or frequency that attracts likes and then it becomes bigger energy field, big enough to be impacting a space and people occupying it. While positive vibrations impact positively and bring prosperity to the lives of the people who are receiving it, negative vibrations are destructive in nature and wreak havoc in the lives of the people.

Everything in this universe

Vastu Shastra and vibrations

Vibrations influence the psyche of the human kind negatively or positively, when people receive positive vibrations they feel positive and serene, when they experience negative vibrations then it is chaos and mental stress. It is due to the impact of vibrations that it becomes essential to seek balance with tools like vastu Shastra,

If someone experience disharmony and displeasure in their vibrations then they are more likely to be the victim of bad or negative vibrations that equals to imbalanced vastu Shastra of a given place, as per vastu expert from Dubai, it is all about balance and creating harmony in the space utilizing remedial measures suggested in vastu Shastra. For instance if there is negative energy or vibrations in a space then using copper wiring would ensure that the place would start receiving positive vibrations and the residents will immediately begin feeling light and positive.

It is all about spirituality, cosmic energy and vibrations emitted by the cosmic elements that are either favorable or leave a bad impact on the individual, depending on the individual, their personal astrovastu and their planetary influences.

Everything in this universe

Harnessing Positive Vibrations Using Vastu Shastra

Utilizing the tools of vastu Shastra it is possible to neutralize energy wherever required, strike an equal balance between the spiritual and material aspects, and change the orientation of the space that would be positive to its dwellers. For this it is essential to seek the help of the best vastu consultant in Dubai, with her expertise on vastu Shastra and all aspects of harnessing positive vibrations it becomes possible to bring positivity in a given zone of the house or a building complex.

  • Readjustment between the items of the house that includes re-organizing the closet space, lights, paintings, changing colors of the rooms and placement of harmonious sculptures / vastu tools helps in balancing the energy.
  • When the placement of the objects are as per vastu Shastra principles it helps in balancing energy and at the same time strikes an connectivity with the higher power.
  • For instance the north-east direction is specifically best for mediation and prayer room, this direction is full of cosmic positive vibrations and helps in striking connection with the almighty. However, when this place is unbalanced with wrong placement of materials or items then it leads to stress, mental health issues that manifest in physical illness too.
  • North-east and east-north-east directions are related to two high vibration zones namely Vigyanmaya and the Manomaya koshas. These are known for connectivity of the self with the higher power or God which ever means you worship the power; the connection is where this zone plays a pivotal role.
  • For this reason having a prayer room in these zones is auspicious, one must remember that in order to gain the positive vibrations and to strike perfect harmony within self, harnessing the energy of Vigyanmaya kosha that would be north-north-east vastu zone, also known to provide spiritual solutions and make the individual receptive to divine guidance.
Everything in this Universe

Striking connection with the higher power and harnessing the positive energy or vibrations of the cosmos is possible by seeking vastu Shastra guidelines and its application. For this reason it is essential to get a personal analysis and let the vastu expert guide you.

Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

Great scientist Sir Nikola Tesla said that everything is energy and so with the same principle, the ancient science of vastu Shastra is governed. When it comes to frequency, energy or vibration it is all about the cosmic energy that engulfs all the particles whether living or non-living in the whole universe. With this it is essential to note that when one is in tune or in harmony with the cosmic energy or vibration, their life becomes harmonious and full of prosperity. As per vastu Shastra expert from Dubai, it is all about balancing and striking harmony within and around the space in accordance to the human life which is highly impacted by the vibrations. So, with this in mind, let us understand vastu Shastra nature and the elements that emit vibrations that are favorable to us and our life.

Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

Vastu Shastra and Universal Vibrations

Vastu Shastra is based on ancient scientific principles of frequency, cosmic energy and vibrations that are emitted by the planets, elements and occupy or influence certain directions and space. When it comes to energy that is contained within a component on this planet earth it should be remembered that one should strive to strike balance between the elements as per the law of the nature of universal law of vibration.

Natural laws that govern our lives are always in equilibrium but when we human oversee it or refuse to accept it all without considering the elemental science of vastu Shastra then chaos is what we experience in our lives.

For instance, vastu Shastra uses the principles of Panch Maha Bhootas or the five elemental sciences that comprises the following:

  1. Earth (Prithvi)
  2. Water (Apas)
  3. Air (Vayu)
  4. Fire (Tejas)
  5. Space (Akasha)
Significance of Vibrations in Our Life

With these elements, the energy that is radiated or the vibration is different and occupies a specific space or governs specific direction, when you consult a vastu specialist like vastu expert from Dubai; they analyze, bring notice to the elements and the vibration in accordance to the space and suggest remedial measures.

Now it is essential to note that when each of these elements are in harmony or in the right space or right placement of items are done as per the space defined for these elements then you are harnessing positive vibrations. When you clash the energy such as fire with water element placement then chaos ensues and life becomes stressful and diseases manifest whether mental or physical or both.

Vastu Shastra acts as a conduit of harnessing positive vibrations and it helps in bringing positivity to the lives of people following these principles. For this it is essential to understand the color coordination, space, elemental influence, items/ things/ construction material and placement of furniture and electronic equipment in the house and office. It highly impacts the environment around, so it is essential to be mindful while you are trying to achieve balance or symmetry or making a modern adjustment to your space that you have occupied. Without the application of vastu Shastra principles you will not be able to harness the positive vibrations of the universe.

Astro Vastu Correction – know it all

What happens when two ancient scientific techniques are combined to provide remedial measures to the individual? As per vastu expert from Dubai when two scientific principles like Astro Vastu are applied in the life of the individual it leads to harmony and prosperity. Let us understand more about this concept that has bought relief to the lives of individuals seeking astro vastu consultation.

Astro Vastu Correction

Understanding Astro Vastu

While astrology is a branch of ancient science that is all about detailed study and dealing of planetary movements and the cosmos that affect human life and affairs, vastu is all about the cosmic energy, vibrations and the elements manifested in the universe. When these two branches work together as Astro Vastu then it is all about helping the individual for whom the principles are applied with relation to space and planets that would lead to their success and prosperity.

Broadly speaking there are three primary parameters for Astro-Vastu to work that is inclusive of Muhurata, individual horoscope and Vastu Principles.

Collaboration of Astro-Vastu

While vastu Shastra is all about space and directions, astrology is a science of houses, signs and planets, all these are related to favorable directions in totality that would be:

East – Sun – Aries
Virgo- South
10 th house for North direction and associated zodiac sign and so on and so forth.

Astro-Vastu is indicative of direction is vital in vastu that influences the person and so is the planetary movement. For instance when vastu principles of direction is applied like north-west that is said to be good for storing grains, but when the principles of Astro-Vastu are applied then a person with Libra as zodiac sign should not go ahead it as it would not be favorable for them to do it.

While one is to understand that astro-vastu are working on enhancing the lives of individuals as per analysis through the application of both the principles, it is equally essential to understand that horoscope and the personal vastu for the individual would in combination achieve a balanced and wealthy life.

How does it work?

The methodology through which the alignment of house, office and space occupied by the individual is combined with the natives birth chart is how astro-vastu works.

It is the method through which perfect harmony is created in the life of the individual for a happy life whether in business or profession, workplace or home through the alignment of earth, cosmic energies in relation to the planets in their horoscope to work in their favor.

Aligning the energy of the space occupied as per the birth chart combination of the individual helps in gaining maximum benefits while neutralizing the negative elements to minimize the losses.

Astro Vastu Correction

Fundamentals of Astro Vastu

Astro-Vastu is all about charts and planets with space and elements in correlations with directions. With reference to individual zodiac the relationship of a particular space or direction is where these two occult science correlate. For instance with 9 planets a specific direction is associated that is related to astrology.

Following is the way wherein one can understand the planet lord association with a specific direction:

Sun: East
Moon: North West
Jupiter: North East
Mercury: North
Venus: South East
Mars: South
Saturn: West
North Lunar Node (Rahu): South West
South Lunar Node (Ketu): Center of house

As explained above only a vastu expert from Dubai who is well experienced in both the esoteric forms of ancient principles will be able to provide complete analysis with remedial measures. So, it is essential to choose wisely and invest your time and money where it would help you reap a beneficial life full of prosperity and good health.

Vastu Principles to be followed for Multistory Buildings

Following vastu Shastra principles is essential to bring harmony and prosperity in life, when such a building, commercial complex or a plot is designed then it brings good energy to its occupants. With modern day architecture, even vastu Shastra is evolving and it brings solutions for multistory buildings too, let us understand what principles of vastu Shastra should be followed.

Image 1 1 3

As per vastu Shastra expert from Dubai following vastu principles should be followed for multistory buildings if the aim is to achieve prosperity and harmony with the cosmic energy:

Plot shape
A property that is to be constructed as per vastu Shastra principles should be in the shape of rectangle or square, as irregular shape or circle shapes are inauspicious and only yield negativity.

The entrance
Entrance of the building or the plot is where energy enters the space and is disbursed to the other directions, therefore it is essential to follow the principles of vastu, and it should be made as beautiful as possible. Adorning the entrance with plants, flower-beds, placing water fountain and keeping it clutter free is essential for positivity. Additionally, the north-east direction should be kept for lawn area or a ground that would enable ample sunlight in the premises.

Image 2 2 1

Building flooring
It is equally essential that balance of energy be maintained even when it comes to multistory building, so for this purpose it is to be noted that the number of floors should be even and the flats on the floors should be even too. Another thing to note is that as per vastu guidelines the space between floors should be clutter free and spacious.

Water Tanks
Placement of water tanks is essential for the residents and therefore as per vastu if it’s an overhead tank then the placement should be in the south-west direction. However, if it is an underground water tank or bore well than the best direction would be north-east direction. Additionally, it is essential to keep a two feet gap between the tank and the building, it should be kept clean and the surrounding area too should be clean and clutter free.

Store room
Storage room or store room where all the discarded or unwanted material and items are kept, as per vastu guidelines it should be provided in every flat to keep the other rooms clutter-free. The ideal direction for store room should be in the south-west.

The most important aspect as per vastu Shastra in constructing a multistory building is that proper syncing of the flats and its rooms. This would mean that bathrooms too should be in auspicious direction, the ideal direction would be north-east for all the flats. This direction is auspicious as it helps drain all the negativity and protects the house from evil eye, stress and dwelling on unhappy thoughts.

Other important tips

  • It is essential to pay attention to the placement of toilets that should be in north-west or west directions only.
  • Balcony, patio or something similar should be built in the east or north zone of a multistory building.
  • Avoid using north-east direction for building bedrooms as it would hinder sleep pattern and disturb piece of mind.
  • Staircase area should be constructed in the south or west side of the building for a better and positive energy flow.

In conclusion to it all, proper application of vastu principles and complete vastu audit and vastu solutions in Dubai is apt in providing viable construction solutions as per vastu compliance.

Foundational Vastu Principles and Golden Rules to be Followed

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that is based as per the cosmic energy and the movement of the sun, it is essential to bring in harmony in your home, that one should follow the principles. As per vastu expert from Dubai, it is always about balancing the right elements with the given directions, for instance east is for Sun and one must place items related to the fire element, so on and so forth. Essentially when one or more energy imbalance occurs, it is then that one experiences chaos and manifestation of
diseases in the body / mind of the occupants, therefore it becomes utmost important that vastu principles be followed. Some of the basic yet foundational vastu principles that are accepted as golden rules can be followed for inviting abundance and harmony, let us understand all about it.

Image 1

Structural orientation of a plot

As per Vastu consultants in Dubai for property planning in Dubai, the most basic yet essential principle of vastu Shastra is the orientation of the plot that should be east and north facing sites that are suitable for planning home. These are the directions that are beneficial for the residents and usher in positivity.

Shape of the Land

There are four cardinal directions that should be well facing each other and so it is essential that the plot that you choose for construction should be either rectangular or square. The ratio for this matter a lot and one should remember that of 1:1 or 1:1.5, with a maximum of 1:2, it is to be followed for length and width. Irregular plots, oval, round or even triangular or any other form other than mentioned as per vastu Shastra are inauspicious.

Vastu Guidelines for Structure

The most significant and auspicious structures are the ‘Shermukhi’ and ‘Gaumukhi’ that are ideal to bless the residents with prosperity and abundance. While Gaumukhi comprises narrow entrance and the back is broad, Shermukhi is broad in the entrance
and narrow at the back. Similarly, the golden rule of vastu Shastra implies that Gaumukhi is ideal for residential property while Shermukhi is good for commercial building.

Image 3

Furnishings and Colors

It is essential to understand that vastu Shastra principles state that the rooms of the house and the interiors should avoid having dark colors, the furnishings and the floorings too should avoid dark colors. The ideal colors that can be used for interiors would be yellow, orange, pink and pastels or colors that exude positive energy and vibrations. For example, using orange color for décor and on the walls is ideal for dining room; a master bedroom situated in the south-west direction can be colored in cream or something similar to that.

In conclusion these basic principles are designed to serve the betterment of the humankind and to help achieve a life full of prosperity and abundance. Vastu consultants in Dubai for property planning in Dubai suggest that these basic yet golden rules should be kept in mind and followed diligently for ideal and auspicious planning of a home.

Vastu Tips Meet Luxury – Ideas from the Best Interior Decorators

Vastu Shastra is the tool that helps in balancing and maintaining harmony within a living space, it is to be observed and noted that through the application of vastu Shastra principles it is possible that the living space can be made auspicious. For the same reason majority of interior designers are working in collaboration with vastu Shastra experts. Vastu Shastra expert from Dubai is keen on sharing some insights when it comes to vatu tips and interior decoration as per vastu compliance.

Image 1 Luxury homes Staircase 1 1

Why is vastu Shastra essential for interior decoration?

It is a fact that when the directions, elements and the placement of certain items are in harmony then the living space becomes auspicious and brings prosperity to the occupants. However, when the aesthetics of the living space are not as per the principles of vastu Shastra then the occupants experience mental and physical stress and chaos in their daily lives.

Designing a living space as per the principles of vastu Shastra means living in harmony with the nature and the cosmos that leads to a serene and abundant life.

With the incorporation of vastu Shastra principles in interior decoration / design the energy would flow naturally and create an atmosphere of joy and peace that is good for the well-being of the occupants.

Vastu Shastra benefits in the following manner when the interiors are designed as per its principles:

  • Balanced energy of the living space that leads to serenity and prosperity
  • Occupants experience positive life changes and achieve their goals easily
  • Enhanced aesthetics with positivity
Image 3 Luxury 1 2

Vastu Tips for Interiors

  • Being close to nature and its elements would mean incorporating natural materials in interiors too that would include clay sculptures, wooden flooring and stone walls for decoration purpose or for building Zen like waterfall
  • Choosing soothing colors that are again a part of nature like all the hues of greens and blues will exude serenity to the onlooker
  • Furniture should be in light color avoiding dark or black color

Do’s and Don’ts

Vastu Shastra suggests some common tips for do’s and don’ts regarding interior design and placement as follows:


  • Placement of entrance should ideally be in the east, north or north-east directions and the door should be bigger than all the other doors in the house. Additionally, the door should be specially adorned and beautiful that would signify prosperity
  • Walls and furniture should be in light colors that are soothing to the eye
  • The center or the house or the Brahma Sthan that is epicenter of the energy should be free of clutter and therefore no furniture or heavy item should be kept in that specific area
  • Living room furniture should be in such a way that everyone sitting should face each other
  • Place vastu fish or the Arowana either live one or the metallic as suggested by the vastu expert from Dubai in the east direction, similarly if you like you can also place a Shree Yantra in that direction after consecration
  • The western wall of the house can be adorned with the picture of your Guru as it will bring blessings to the whole house
  • Placement of a golden globe in the south-west direction helps in bringing travel opportunities that are fruitful
  • Keeping a golden money box with money will help in saving finances and keeping steady financial life


  • Placing reflective surfaces or mirrors opposite bed or those facing entrance should be avoided
  • Toilet should never be adjacent to prayer room or kitchen
  • Ensure there are no false ceilings with beams that run across the center ceiling of the house
  • Avoid keeping cacti in house or any thorny plants as it leads to quarrels and chaos
  • Avoid keeping artificial plants or flowers in the house
  • Do not opt for paintings that depict sadness, are grim or violent as home décor
  • Avoid dark and heavy interior upholstery

The above mentioned vastu Shastra tips are generic yet powerful when applied in daily life for maintaining your interior aesthetics, yet for personal analysis and vastu Shastra remedies it is always best to consult a vastu expert like vastu expert from Dubai.

Vastu Planning for Rooftop Terraces

It is essential that the house you live in should be properly ventilated and that can only be possible when you build a rooftop or your terraces as per vastu compliance principles. As per vastu expert from Dubai it is important that the rules of vastu Shastra be followed so that the house receives ample sunlight, ventilation and positive energy from the cosmos that would bring prosperity to its residents, let us understand how.

Image 1 1 2

Vastu for rooftop terraces

If one is to understand that the basics of vastu Shastra are followed for home construction on a plot then the roof too should not be left out, the rooftop terraces are essential part of the house. It is to be noted that the parameter to consider for terraces is that if you like to have a slant rooftop then the slant should be in the direction of north-east. Alternatively another direction that would be auspicious would be north direction or east direction.

Tips for the rooftop terraces

Rooftop terraces are attractive and a trend that is fast taking over, however, without vastu compliance it would not be favorable for the residents, just as vastu principles apply to the plot, house and any other building it is essential to learn about the same principle applies to rooftop terraces, here’s how:

  • South direction is not auspicious for an opening for rooftop terrace
  • The design should be such that it should be in the shape of rectangle or square that should be wide opening in the east direction.
  • North, east or north-east directions are favorable for construction of rooftops.
  • If you happen to construct a water fountain on your terrace then it should be ideally placed in the north-east direction that would harness the positivity of the cosmos.
  • If you are planning to have a sitting area on your terrace then the furniture should be ideally placed in the south-west. However, avoid using wrought iron furniture.
  • Keeping shrubs and small plants in the east and north directions of the terrace is auspicious.
  • For attracting wealth into your house constructing a terrace in the north is the best option, if you like to have an east facing rooftop terrace then it would bring good health and attract lot of opportunities. However, avoid west and south directions as it would lead to litigation and hazards with fire.
  • Using pastel colors on rooftop terrace is advisable to exude serenity and relaxation.
  • Remember never to clutter or keep unwanted objects on rooftop terrace.
  • If you would like to have a swing on your terrace then the ideal direction is north-west while the one sitting on the swing should be facing east or north direction.
Image 3 1 1

These are generic tips that would for sure help bring in positivity; however, for personalized vastu Shastra solutions and vastu compliance analysis, it is essential to engage a vastu expert from Dubai. It is essential to get a personal analysis of the property done as then application of personalized remedial measures and vastu advice can be given for betterment of the residents.