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Can Vastu Dosha be corrected without Demolition?

A vastu compliant home is where there is the perfect balance of energy and the occupants lead a harmonious life. However, most of the modern-day houses are not built as per vastu Shastra and are thus full of numerous doshas that negatively affect the residents of the house. Occupants living in a house where there are numerous vastu doshas suffer from various ailments, financial losses, blockages in success, and chaos amongst the residents. If this is so then it becomes essential to go for vastu correction, more than often you may have heard that vastu correction is related to refurbishing the premises. Demolition is a part of vastu correction, which may be partly true, but there is a way out of it. Correcting vastu dosha without demolition is possible too as per vastu expert from Dubai. 

No demolition vastu involves making changes to the placement of things and items including furniture and introducing new elements within the premises to make it positive. Harnessing the positivity of the area or the direction using the right elemental item placement makes a huge difference to the energy of the entire house. Let us understand and learn no demolition vastu corrections. 

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No demolition Vastu Shastra corrections 

  • The ideal placement of the Pooja room or worship place shall be in the northeast direction which helps in enhancing the positivity of the entire house. 
  • Keeping the windows open for the rooms located in the northeast direction too will do the same trick. 
  • For ingesting positivity within your body, it is suggested that you keep your dinner plates in a southeast direction, or better still eat while sitting in that direction while facing the northeast direction. 
  • Avoid having your bed under a beam or else all the stress will weigh you down. 
  • Avoid putting any mirrors in your bedroom, if you do have any then cover them up while sleeping to avoid illness. 
  • Remove any thorny plants from your house as it creates conflicts amongst the residents. 
  • West and southern walls/directions are best for placing electrical appliances in your kitchen. 
  • If there is a student in your house let them have a study room in the east direction, and place their study table in the south or west direction wherein they are facing the east or north direction. 
  • Family pictures should be ideally placed on the west wall of the house. 

Using Shree Yantra

The most popular and the most auspicious symbol of all time for prosperity that has been so for thousands of years is Shree Yantra. It is said to absorb positive energy and spread all the positive cosmic energy from the universe within the environment it is kept. When there is a high amount of positive energy it neutralizes the negative energy within the environment. However, for it to work you would need a genuine Shree Yantra and get it energized, know where and in which direction to place it, and how to use it well to harness positivity through it. All this can only be suggested by a vastu consultant like a professional vastu consultant from Dubai, providing your personal property analysis with personalized no-demolition vastu shastra solutions that are well suited for you. 

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Are you facing health issues – Can Vastu consultancy help?

Although health is primarily related to the lifestyle of people. Their eating habits, sleeping patterns, exercise schedules, and stress levels, etc. It is also related to the positioning and impact of different planets at the time of birth for an inhabitant. Smaller aspects also consider the impact of our surroundings on our intimate health. That means how healthy the environment we are living in and that’s where Vastu comes in light. The ancient cosmic science of Vastu helps in balancing energy and induces good health. Your well-being is dependent on your environment and the space you occupy, the energy of each direction when balanced in the right manner will lead you to enjoy good health and a positive shift in your physical as well as mental environment. Good energy within your house brings positivity and harmony, and you and the occupants of the property will enjoy prosperity and abundance in each sphere of your life.

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Dec Blog 4 Image 3 1

When the layout of the house is as per vastu including placement of items like furniture, even décor including the color and the right elemental placement of things helps in empowering the energy field with positivity.

Poor Vastu effects:-

1) Poor or imbalanced energy that goes beyond vastu principles will increase illness, depression, stress, and negative energy.
2) You may suffer numerous health ailments physical as well as mental.
3) Conflicts and chaos will be a regular part of your life.
4) Energy imbalance will lead to a negative impact on your personal life and work as well.
5) Negatively planned space will damage your own personal energy and even the people who work in that space.
6) Health issues chronic or sudden will keep cropping up in your life.
7) Children in your home will not be able to lead a healthy or peaceful life with energy imbalances.

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Dec Blog 4 Image 1 1

To avoid any negativity and the impact of negativity in any aspect of your life for instance health issues, you should work on removing negativity from a given space which is only possible through vastu Shastra. Offering you solutions towards creating a healthy life, vastu Shastra when done by a professional vastu consultant from Dubai leads to supporting your life with good health energy. You will be able to reshape your home in a positive way that will fill your life with overall well-being.

Things you should avoid in your homes – As per Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the science of balancing elements and the energy of the space as per the ancient knowledge and the directions with relation to the planets concerned. When it comes to your own home, balancing the correct energy with relation to the space is essential and this requires that you should be able to avoid certain things that may cause negativity in the home. An imbalance of the energy due to wrong items and certain items that may cause imbalance to the energy of the space is where you need to be careful. So, what are those things that should be avoided in your homes as per Vedasrivastu, let us find out.

  • Avoid placing any picture or paintings in your house that depict war scenes, that equally goes for putting picture from Mahabharata and even from Ramayana that are related to war. This may lead to rivalry within your own family.

  • Avoid putting any thorny plant in your home, even if you think cactus is beautiful you should still avoid it as it is inauspicious.

  • Pictures or paintings that is negative such as trees without flowers or fruits or leaves. Sinking boats, swords, haunting scenes or animals captured or crying images should be avoided as it would only bring negativity to your house.
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Dec Blog 1 Image 1

  • Avoid keeping a show piece or painting of Taj-Mahal as it literally has grave in it that is related to death.

  • Do not put single animal or bird in couple’s bedroom, similarly putting pictures or statues of animals or birds that are violent in nature or unpleasant to look at should be avoided.

  • Terrifying pictures, demons, wild beasts, wolves and wild hounds any pictures of these animals shall be avoided.

  • Broken mirrors and broken idols or chipped idols of Gods or Goddesses shall be disposed off as it only disrupts the energy of the house.

Following these generic guidelines may help in avoiding negativity but you still require professional guidance. For personalized guidance, you should consult a professional vastu for Home in Dubai for customized remedies and analysis.

Be Cautious While Planning Your Office/Commercial Spaces – Know Why?

Applying vastu principles brings harmony and abundance to all kinds of premises whether it is an office or commercial space or a factory or even a showroom. It is essential to follow vastu principles as suggested by a vastu consultant from Dubai for commercial spaces to enjoy success at work and harness the abundance of positivity with the right rules applied. For the purpose of generating ebb and flow of finances and regularity in your professional life you need to be cautious in planning your office or commercial space.

Take for instance the energy of various fields and spaces emanating from different directions, these have unique effect on the people occupying the space. The diverse field of energy impacts several dimensions of the lives of people who are within that particular space.

Dec Blog 2 Image 2
Dec Blog 2 Image 2

When it comes to office or commercial building it is all about following the vastu principles that should be in tune with the natural forces of nature and the science of vastu. Vastu helps in providing maximum positive benefits harnessing the positive energy of the space and direction that helps the individual in a particular field, for instance in office where they require an energy that would support their endeavors. Obstruction to the energy would cause obstructions and hindrances to work, deals will not come to fruition, finances will not be regular and you will feel lackadaisical in your work. Several other spheres of your life will be affected adversely.

  • No proper lighting will lead to darkness and positivity.
  • Wrong placement of furniture or electronic items will lead to energy drain.
  • Having clutter in your office space or wrongly placed items will lead to blockages in your work area.
  • Placing wrong type of furniture will leave you with energy imbalance and confusion in your office.
  • Doors and windows when built in the wrong direction may lead to positive energy drain and negativity.

To avoid any of these imbalances, it is essential you should consult a Vastu for Homes and Residences in Dubai to gain a personalized analysis and remedies that would benefit you.

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Dec blog 2 Image 3

Numerology for #7

If your birthday falls on 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month then your ruling planet is Ketu. You are an analytical person who likes to have their own perspective about everything, being a deep introspective person you know things that others often overlook. According to the Vedasrivastu which also known as the best Vastu Consultant in Dubai. The trait of #7 gives you the ability to acquire spiritual knowledge and for this reason often people born on this date are wise beyond their years.

Often you play the part of being a problem solver in the group; with your analytical mind you are able to figure out why for any given situation or a question of deep pondering. Blessed naturally with the ability to heal people, you like to work alone and often like to avoid any group activities.

Character traits

  • You are a perfect combination of practicality and creativity.
  • Number 7 is often associated with spirituality and so you may be inclined to occultism and mysticism digging deeper into it all.
  • Assertive by nature you are masculine by trait; often you come across as someone cold.
  • Confident in your ability you are able to easily make positive impression, yet you seek attention of people around you.
  • Highly intellectual, you come across as someone who is genius with a bent of creative mind that completely have people baffled in trying to figure you out.
  • Your developed intellect keeps pushing you to pursue metaphysical and occult subjects whether for personal reasons or to resolve the big questions in your mind.
  • Always aiming to achieve something you do not stop till you attain your goal.
  • Keen on pursuing your spiritual path you keep analyzing and investigating the unknown.
  • Your knowing leads you to justice and you believe in being fair.
  • Discipline and organizing things comes naturally to you as you detest chaos.
  • You never get bored with routine life as you like the predictable routine that is properly planned and executed day in and day out.
  • You know how to provide comfort and healing to people on all aspects whether physical or emotional as you are able to easily tune into their needs.

Areas of improvement

  • Often you like to be left alone and so people view you as a cold-hearted or arrogant person. Letting your hair down and enjoying life should be your motto.
  • You like to keep your guard up all the time making it difficult for people to establish affinity with you. It is better that you learn to be a bit less guarded specially around your loved ones.
  • It is hard to decipher you as you would not let anyone close to you that makes it difficult for your loved ones to understand you on emotional level.
  • Highly opinionated with critical thought process, you give off the vibes of know-it-all that often becomes rather annoying to others. Understanding that we all have opinions and no one is superior should be your approach.
  • Letting your guard down every now and then will help you establish beautiful relationships.
  • You have difficulty in attracting a partner as you are not so forthcoming, it is good to make some improvements in your attitude towards others.
  • Shine your best quality of dry sense of humor that will help you get closer to people in a social setting.


Do you know Vedasrivastu provides the best Vastu Consultancy and Numerology Services in Dubai? His Says that, Order and discipline is where you will shine in your career, working alone is your best work trait. You may enjoy being a research analyst, philosopher, writer, ascetic or any technical field that requires you to use your skills of analysis, logic and intellect.

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Alternatively you will enjoy being an astrologer, psychic or a social worker.


  • Hard to decipher and harder to get close to you require someone who encourages you to let your guards down.
  • You take time in a relationship until you are sure about the real motive of another.
  • You are a devoted partner once you open up to someone.
  • You are sapiosexual by nature or someone who appreciates intellectual intelligence and for this reason you seek intellectual match. However, at the same time you would like your partner to be as introverted as you are.
  • You would like to have your own personal space and enjoy your independence even in an intimate relationship.
  • You may seek your match with #3 or #5 born people.

Lucky colors

Your lucky colors range from light green to any color that is close to Cat’s eye. Other alternate colors that you can include in your wardrobe or in your surroundings are light blue and light yellow.

Vastu tips for organizing work from home spaces

It is essential to follow vastu Shastra principles when you are setting up your work from home space as without it you will suffer from lack of focus and low productivity. Gaining a peaceful and productive environment with optimum productivity is possible when you are surrounded by positive energy, this can only be determined through the application of vastu Shastra rules. Balancing the energy of a given space with right placement of objects as per the given direction is crucial as it helps in harnessing the positivity of the direction. As per vastu experts from Dubai it is essential that you follow vastu Shastra principles after consulting an expert on the matter.

Vastu Shasta for work from home spaces

Do you know how Vastu for Home in Dubai is useful, for this you have to read the important information given below, are you ready for this then. Let us understand and see how a particular direction is favorable for setting up a work space at your home:

Image 2 B1
  • The direction of your work space shall be ideally located in the west or south direction that enables in better focus.
  • Doors and windows invite positive energy in the house and so the north and east windows of a work space is crucial in benefiting your business and work. Also ensure that the front door of your work space is free of any hindrance or clutter.
  • Positioning your furniture in the west or south direction of your work space will bring maximum benefit, while keeping the north and east areas empty will help you in better focus.
  • If you are looking for increasing your finances then the north direction is the best and placing a safe or locker in this direction will increase wealth. Documents should be stored in south-west direction.
  • Ensure that your desk should not be under a beam or you will always be slammed with work and stress all the time.
  • Keeping your electronic gadgets in the south-east direction is ideal, you can keep your printer, fax machine and scanner for instance in this direction.
  • If you are planning on keeping or adorning your work space with paintings then you should hang paintings that bring peace and serenity.
  • Art piece that depicts negativity or is painted in dark colors should be avoided as it dampens work related enthusiasm. Paintings that depict sportiness and competitiveness are the best. If is essential to seek advice from a vastu consultant from Dubai in this matter.
  • If you are a businessman then the best way to obtain new opportunities is by placing a globe on your work desk.

Some other tips

  • Your work space shall not in any way share a wall with bathroom or toilet.
  • Avoid placing any idols on desk as it is not ideal, unless you are told so by a vastu Shastra expert.
  • For positivity you can place natural color quartz or a pyramid on your work desk.
  • A small fountain in the north-east direction of your home space is ideal as it invites money flow.
  • Never choose an office space below the staircase as it depletes the work flow.

Always remember that application of vastu Shastra rules and principles after consulting a vastu expert will help you with obtaining maximum out of your work space at home.

Numerology for #6

Image 2 B2

If you are born on 6, 15 or 24th of any month then your ruling number is #6 and your ruling planet is Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty and luxury, for this reason you may be most likely to experience the same in your life. Another thing to note is that these people are blessed with attractive personality and attractive aura naturally.

The best thing about #6 people is that they are born to raise the vibrations of the environment they step into. They are the people blessed to bring positivity to any environment they are in. For this reason they often move towards spirituality and provide positivity to people around them.

Image 1 B2

Character traits

You are the one providing caring energy to anyone who approaches you and so you end up playing the role of a nurturer to another in distress. Often people who approach you are in need of your nurturing aspect in their life. You provide this not only to your family but to friends and people who you know or people who contact you.

Humanitarian at heart you are the one who is always giving and loving to others no matter who they are. Your core nature is that of empathy and this is the reason why you feel the pain of others even before someone expresses it outright.

Intuition is yet another gift that you are naturally gifted with and thus you sense anything off with another. You are able to help another understanding where they are coming from and what they need to heal. You may be a natural healer blessed to provide relief to wounded souls.

Artistic by nature you love creating something new, you are always busy cooking, painting, writing or any other creative field that provides you with self-expression.

Love spending your money on luxury goods and you are the one who is brand conscious.

Honesty is your policy and often you feel cheated when someone is being dishonest with you.

You are emotional and easily get hurt with words and actions of another deeply.

Areas of improvement

  • Often you are so engrossed in rescuing another or providing the nurturing that you tend to ignore your own self in the process. You require a me-time every now and then to recharge your energy and do something that nourishes your soul.
  • It is essential for you to keep the balance without depending on another as at times you are in a co-dependent relationship that may be draining your vitality.
  • You have the wisdom to resolve issues but at times you need a nudge from another to take the direction of problem solving whether for self or for another.
  • At times your emotions may become your worst enemies, when you are emotionally unbalanced you lose the track of being practical.
  • With attractive aura and personality you are often the flirt and like being on the field always in action with the opposite sex people. This may lead to jealousy, instability and commitment issues in your relationship.


Vedasrivastu known as the best Vastu for Success in Studies in Dubai says that.

  • You like to do things on your own pace and enjoy self-employment, work from home or freelance jobs that provide you with personal freedom and time.
  • The best that you can do is become mentors, teachers, and counselors or take up any such jobs that require you to engage with another and inspire them or teach them as you are a good helper and a guide.
  • You may excel in healing professions like being a therapist or being a psychologist.
  • A compassionate nurse or a kind doctor is where you will find your footing well.


  • You will most likely find your perfect match with no’s- 3, 6, 9 people who will provide you with all the support and love that you need.
  • Anyone in relationship with you will admire your trait of keeping your surroundings neat and your home will be the ultimate refuge for anyone looking for uncluttered and clean space.
  • You are the peacemaker and many times you resolve disputes easily, for this you are loved by all in your immediate family.
  • As a parent you will be the best, providing it all to your children who will never feel shortchanged for your love or shower of gifts.

Lucky colors

You should include Indigo and, red colors in your clothing, carry handkerchiefs of these colors often or use these to decorate your bedroom. In any which way you should include these in your daily dress up to include the vibrations of these colors.

Vastu science for work-from-home spaces

We all faced burnout of work during the lockdown due to the pandemic time; this for sure created a new and different kind of work culture that enabled us to work from home. For this reason, many people began opting for or rather began creating space for work from home and then began the era of creating it as per Vastu. If you are lacking focus and your productivity is low then definitely your workspace is not organized as per Vastu Shastra, it helps in creating an energetic workspace within your house that balances the energy and provides positivity. As per a Vastu consultant from Dubai, it is essential that Vastu rules be followed, while few are readily opting for it, many tend to ignore it. A cluttered or disorganized workspace with disturbing energy will never get you positive results at your work. So, what should one do?

It is crucial to follow Vastu Shastra rules that help in surrounding your workspace with positivity. For instance, neglecting the fact that the colour and interior affect your mindset and your productivity leads to a decline in work status. Ensure that you are surrounded by neutral colours that are soothing to your mind. Lighter colours like beige and cream colours are ideal for your workstation. The best you can do is opt for a wooden work desk that should be rectangular and provide you with optimum positivity. There are many such things you can incorporate in your workspace to create a peaceful yet focused environment for your work, all you need to do is follow the Vastu Shastra remedies by an expert like a Vastu consultant from Dubai. Get a personalized analysis of your home and workspace and enjoy a healthy and friendly work environment at your home.

How does your home office bring you prosperity as per vastu shastra?

If one is to work from home then a proper home office is the need of hour but if it is not vastu compliant then it will never be beneficial for you. In order to have a home office that would benefit you and bring you prosperity and help you achieve your financial goals then it is essential that vastu Shastra rules be followed in setting up a home office. So, in this context there is a lot that a vastu consultant in Dubai has to say, there are some rules related to direction, arrangement of furniture, picking the right direction for your workstation and other such things that helps in balancing energy. Let us understand all about it.

Furniture placement

  • Your cupboard that is used for official purpose shall be placed in the hottest sector of the office to enable absorbing the heat, that would be the south west part of your home office
  • Keeping your important documents and safe in the north direction will bring you prosperity as this is the direction related to God Kuber
  • West is yet another direction where you can keep all your cash and other financial documents

Colors to be used

  • Using light or pastel shaded is considered an excellent choice, if you have a north facing home office or in that direction then choose light blue and green colors 
  • If you are sitting in the East direction then use beige, mint green and light brown 
  • South direction home office should be painted in or should use all shades of pink and orange 
  • If you have a home office in west direction then golden, white, silver and gray are the colors that you should be using to your benefit


  • Ensure you harness as much natural light in your home office and let the east direction free so that natural light enters your office space
  • Keep the electrical systems away from your work desk as it disrupts your personal energy thereby hindering your ability to focus on work

Working Desk

  • Choose a rectangular shape and avoid any other shape even though it may seem fancy
  • Wooden desk is the best, avoid using metallic or plastic desk as these are low on energy
  • Your desk should face  north, north –east or east direction while the placement of the desk should be in west or south direction
  • Avoid sitting under a beam as it would bring your work related stress 
  • Keep your desk clutter free and same goes for your home office, for this you should have proper storage drawers
  • Covered waste paper baskets are better as it keeps you focused on your work 
  • Always ensure that your desk and your laptop should be clean 
  • If you are in the habit of making a calendar schedule then it should be placed on the west wall of the home office, in this direction you are more likely to achieve your goals

These tips may be simple yet effective in helping you set up your home office on the basic level, however, energy and favorable directions are always calculated as per the personal chart of a person. It is essential to let a vastu consultant in Dubai deal with it and help you with your personal favorable direction that will bring your maximum financial benefit.

Kitchen in Northeast

Kitchen in Northeast

Vastu shastra is suggestive of placement of things and balancing the energy of the space along with the planet governing it in the rightful manner. With this it is essential that each room in the house be built with utmost care, for instance people often play low with the placement of kitchen, but in fact when a kitchen is placed in the north east zone then it leads to numerous health and mental issues. According to Vedasrivastu When this happens it is essential to get a personalized opinion and remedial measures by an expert on vastu shastra.

Significance of north east zone

North east is the zone of the water element, all the work Kitchen in Northeast like cooking and baking is related to fire and it is logical that fire and water never go together, it is chaos. For this reason having a kitchen in the north east zone of the house would only lead to numerous troubles to the occupants such as:

  • Mental health issues and ailments related to brain. 
  • Low immunity levels of members of the house. 
  • Lack of clarity and focus in the residents. 
  • Not being able to find a suitable match for eligible female of the house. 
  • Ongoing financial issues and financial losses.

However, if you too are suffering due to this vastu defect then you can apply a few remedies as per vastu for home in Dubai.

Kitchen in Northeast

Kitchen Remedies

 It is important to take note that the ideal direction for kitchen in south east, other directions are south or east directions, but never north east, as already mentioned above. If you too have a north east kitchen and cannot shift it elsewhere then as per vastu for home in Dubai, you can follow the remedial measures that will help balance the negative energy of the kitchen or neutralize it in the best possible manner:

  • Foremost you should immediately shift your gas stove to a different direction, it is suggested that the cook top or gas stove should be moved to east-north-east direction of the house that will help neutralize the fire element. Another thing to remember is that while cooking you should be facing the east or north direction for receiving positive blessings. 
  • The kitchen slab should be all painted or have stones in neutral or light colors that should not resemble the fire element, it is ideal to have green marble. 
  • The door of the kitchen should open in the clockwise direction that should be north east or east direction. However, the back of the cook shall not be facing the door at any time while cooking.
  • The food in the kitchen should be all consumable items, nothing heavy like grains or dry raw materials, if so then these shall be ideally placed in the south or west corner of the kitchen area. 
  • If you are to paint or have cabinets installed in the kitchen then use all shades of light blue, ivory, light green or beige. 
  • If you are dining within the kitchen then the center area is not ideal for a dining table, it should be placed in the Northwest direction for good results. 
  • Electrical appliances shall be placed in the south east direction and if you can then build your cook top in the south east part of your kitchen.

All the above mentioned remedies are effective, yet it is essential that you seek the advice of a vastu expert in this matter for better and quick results.