Importance of Crystal Balls in Vastu Shastra

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Importance of Crystal Balls in Vastu Shastra
February 28, 2024

Sun rays comprise seven colors that are in correspondence to the seven major chakras or epicenter of energy in human body that governs health whether physical or emotional. Now if by any chance any of these chakras are imbalanced or energy flow is blocked, then the individual in question would face numerous problems related health, finances, success, low energy and even suffer with numerous diseases manifested in the body due to the imbalances, however the ancient science of Vastu Shastra as per vastu expert from Dubai has the answer to it all: it is all about using vastu crystal balls to bring back harmony within and outside.

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Crystal balls are the source of magnification of the energy and rays of sun that are used in vastu Shastra practice. It is all to achieve harmony, energetic positivity and to balance the chakras of the people occupying the particular space it is hung or used for specific purpose.

Beauty of Crystal Balls

Spherical shaped crystal balls are highly attractive and have magnetic energy with the ability to bring back the harmony and positivity to the environment. These when used in the right manner as per vastu expert from Dubai then it is good for rectification of vastu doshas. Available in numerous sizes as per the area it should be places; these crystal balls are all about balancing energy levels.

  • Helps in balancing positive energy within a given environment
  • Rectifies vastu dosha and the direction it is placed
  • Provides healing energy to the people suffering with physical ailments

Vastu Crystals Balls

Clear Quartz the most beautiful and yet the most powerful one is used in shaping up vastu crystal balls. Quartz is the most magnetic crystal and versatile that is filled with metaphysical properties. Amplifying the energy in the environment it is placed, it is essential to consult a vastu expert prior to utilizing it for personal gain. Quartz has the property of absorbing energy and therefore it is advisable to clean it every six months to ensure that it would only be filled with positivity,

Vastu Crystal Balls are filled with pure energy filtration and vibrations that radiate positive energy and release it within and around the environment it is placed.

How is Crystal Balls Beneficial as per Vastu Shastra?

Using crystal balls in any given space would help the space and the occupants in the following manner:

  • Balancing and harmonizing the energy released by crystal balls whether it is kept in home or in the office.
  • Rectification and correction of vastu doshas that enable in free energy flow to specific area enabling in overall well-being and ensuring prosperity of the occupants in a building or space.
  • Helps in promoting prosperity and attracts wealth and good luck.
  • Provides protection from negativity and even acts as good repellant of evil eye when placed in a particular direction within a property.
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Different Color Crystal Balls and their Utility

It is essential to note that crystal balls are not only clear but also comes in various colors with different utility, let us explore these:

  • Red- Direction- south- is used for the purpose of attracting good luck
  • Blue are ideal for offices that enhances business
  • Green- Direction- east enables in enhancing the luck for career prospects and boosting career
  • Yellow are good to be used to balance and uplift mood
  • Pink best for improving interpersonal and intimate relationships
  • Orange is good to be used for financial inflow and luck related to money

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