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Cosmic Numerology an Extra Dimension
May 31, 2024

Numerology is an ancient science that is a part and parcel of what a person is as it is aligned with you ever since your birth. As per vastu expert from Dubai, it is something that brings unique vibrations to you and it helps decode your personality along with your path. Finding your numerology and discovering your number using your date of birth, your personality type, all these speak volumes about a person and their connection to the cosmos.

Another aspect is that these numbers are not limited to birth, but these are everywhere, these are related to your mobile numbers, your house number, your workplace, license plate number all these deeply impact your life in all aspects.


Cosmic Numerology an Extra Dimension

Now it is essential to understand that there is a lot of power when it comes to your personal number, it allows a deep delve into understanding yourself. Looking at the cosmic aspect of numbers, each number vibrates to different frequency corresponding to the universal frequency that deeply impacts in the following aspects:


These are deeply impacted by vibrational frequency of numbers of both the partners; the combination can be harmonious, it may be conflicting and it may be supportive to the relationship too. However, it takes understanding, of the numbers on a deeper level.


Identifying your own strengths, your weaknesses and seeking guidance in alignment to the numerological aspect. For instance, if one is born with numerological aspect of 1 are natural leaders and they do well in positions of authority, while a person with number 6 aspect would be good in creative arts, in design and is good with people.


Each number corresponds to different planet that rules different body part and thus with each number comes a distinct vibration that supports or weakens the specific body part. For instance people with number 5 aspect will require taking care of their nervous system.


Money too is energy and this needs to be balanced in accordance to your personal cosmic alignment through the tools of numerology. For instance, your bank account, your professional name and your personal number should all be in similar frequency and alignment that would help strike harmony and balance, to achieve financial abundance.


Cosmic Numerology an Extra Dimension

Hidden aspects of each cosmic number

Understanding the hidden aspects in correspondence to each number is essential to know the deeper meaning related to it,  so as suggested and explained by vastu Shastra expert from Dubai, following  are the cosmic numbers and their significance:

111- Stands for intuition, manifestation, alignment and creation.

222- Stands for partnerships of all kinds and soul connections.

333- Stands for creative expression and social interaction.

444- Stands for stability and foundation.

555- Stands for stepping ahead into change with conscious choices

666- Stands for finding balance and re-balancing life and practical aspects also including your thoughts.

777- Stands for luck that is amplified.

888- Stands for abundance in all aspects of your life, money, relationships, health and everything.

999- Stands for completion and ending of a phase in life.

000- Stands for gathering up all your energy to begin afresh.

Cosmic numerology contains within itself deeper aspect that is not easy to grasp in one go, an expert should be therefore consulted for personalized reading and seeking remedial measures to balance the cosmic numerology.

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