Numerology Tips for Finding Vastu Faults Through Your Birthdate

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Numerological defect impacting vastu
May 27, 2024

If you are experiencing chaos and repetitive karmic patterns in your life, it may be due to a numerological defect in your chart that directly impacts your vastu, creating vastu doshas. Often, vastu doshas are created when individual numerology is not in harmony with the direction and elemental energy of the given space. As per a professional Vastu Consultant and Numerologist in Dubai, the Karmic theory, as suggested in the holy Bhagavad Gita by Lord Krishna, explains how one is born with acquired karmas and must go through them. This aspect is hidden in their birth-chart and numbers.

Numerological defect impacting vastu

Individual Numerology and Vastu Faults

Calculations of birth numbers and personal numbers are performed through tools such as Numero Kundali, often Surya Yantra, and other charts prepared by various vastu shastra and numerology experts. These calculations determine how the individual’s date of birth impacts different aspects of their life, career, relationships, behavior, basic nature, and karmas. Additionally, the chart or grid helps the expert understand how missing numbers negatively impact the individual’s life or how the repetition of certain numbers is their strength or weakness. Each number holds a unique vibration related to different planets and cosmic energies, which helps understand how vastu shastra defects are created.

Directions & Vastu Flaws

Different directions can help identify flaws according to individual charts:

  • East: Faults in this direction indicate disharmony between father and son, causing quarrels and great disharmony. Career-wise, the individual may suffer from government penalties, and health issues such as skin problems, heart issues, head and eye troubles.
  • West: Faults in this direction cause professional troubles, negative entity attachment, gastric issues, immobility, leg issues, back troubles, and diseases like smallpox or leprosy.
  • North: Flaws in this direction result in academic and financial troubles, throat chakra issues, communication problems, sinus infections, confusion, anxiety, and epilepsy.

Numerological defect impacting vastu

The methodology and tools involved in drawing charts or grids according to personal numbers require skills, experience, expertise, and accuracy. Consulting a professional Vastu Consultant and Numerologist in Dubai is always recommended to discover the mysteries in your numerology. This helps eliminate defects and implement remedial measures effectively. Drawing conclusions or making quick decisions in this matter is not advisable. Balancing individual numerology with vastu shastra principles can only be well understood by an expert.

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