The Influence of Vastu Shastra on Modern Interior Design

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Modern Interior Design - Vedasrivastu
May 2, 2024

When it comes to incorporating vastu Shastra in modern interior design, it is always something that should match the taste of the person vs. alignment with vastu Shastra principles. As per the best vastu consultant in Dubai, when vastu Shastra principles are aligned with interior design in modern structure, then perfect harmony prevails and balance between energy, matter, and material is all considered. Let us understand the concept on a deeper level.

Modern Interior Design - Vedasrivastu

New Breakthrough

It is obvious that when modern design meets vastu Shastra the ancient science of design it creates a new breakthrough. Emphasis is heavily laid on striking harmony with the spaces, aligning natural forces and balancing out the cosmic energy. All this is essential to bring about tranquility in the environment and in the lives of the occupants. For this reason modern interiors are now designed as per vastu Shastra principles and it is in high demand with regard to living spaces.

Spatial Planning

One must remember that the core principles of vastu Shastra is based on achieving perfect balance between the five elements, such as: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Planning interiors is done as per the same methodology, in modern set up these five elements are matched with five physical representative martials like, metals, stones, wood, etc. creating a balance of elements within spatial planning is where it takes place. The layout is optimized in harmony with the flow of energy; the design is functional as well as soothing due to the proper balance of spiritual energies.

Placement Planning

Different colors impact the psyche in different manner, vastu Shastra too is all about proper balance of positive vibrations with regard to space, light, colors and elements. Building windows in the right direction that would enable free movement of air / sky element is balanced. Creating an ambience of serenity using wood furniture placed in alignment with the earth element helps harnessing positive energy. Positioning of bed as per vastu Shastra, using harmonious colors and lights as per vastu compliance, is all about balancing décor elements with cosmic elements. 

Integrating nature

Often due to space constrain in metropolis, homeowners are demanding interiors be incorporated with bonsai and greenery become a part of their interior tapestry. It is all due to their love of nature and to have a green patch area of their own where they can unwind and be in touch with nature. Jute décor, bamboo, water fountain, bonsai plants are fast becoming a part of indoor greenery.

Modern Interior Design - Vedasrivastu

Natural Materials

It is no longer about being rigid in planning interiors, it is more about being one with nature, environment friendly materials are now being used in designs. Utilization of sustainable materials and incorporating eco-friendly material go well with modern design. Environmental awareness is at its peak with growing consciousness regarding saving the planet, vastu Shastra becomes an integral part of it all. Thus, modern design along with vastu Shastra principles creates a perfect living space where nature and humans are in harmony.

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