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Vastu & Numerological Remedies
May 31, 2024

Numerology is a science of numbers that helps demystify the meaning, purpose, and personality of an individual based on the vibrational frequency emitted by numbers associated with planets. It simplifies the date of birth in an individual’s chart to achieve a single digit, utilizing other digits to decode their life path, soul journey, core number, and lucky number.

As per a professional Vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai, numbers are so powerful that they can unlock the future due to the energy they correspond to. Each number has a unique frequency with great significance. For every individual, there are lucky and unlucky numbers. Factors such as the purchase of property are considered based on the individual’s core number.


Vastu & Numerological Remedies

What are core numbers?

There are five core numbers that are attained through the full name of an individual along with their date of birth in numerological chart.

The first two numbers are core numbers that comprise birth date and life path; while the other three numbers reflect the soul, personality and expressions of the individual.

Calculating numerology

In order to calculate life path number, apply the following steps if the DOB is 27 august 1994:

Add your date of birth, if it is a 2-digit number. For instance, 27 this would be 2+7= 9

Then add the month of birth, 9+8= 17, then again 1+7= 8

Then, add the year of birth, here it is 1994, 1+9+9+4= 23. 2+3=5


Vastu & Numerological Remedies

Why is numerology essential for a homeowner?

It is all about recognizing the numerological combination to ensure that the specific property or house would be lucky for the homeowner or not. However, as easy as it may seem, it requires deep analysis by a numerological expert who can help by extracting the best number and the right date in relation to the individual numerology that would bring them abundance.

Following will explain how each number vibrates to a given planet:

  • Number 1 related to Sun
  • Number 2 related to Moon
  • Number 3 related to Jupiter
  • Number 4 related to Rahu- the moon’s north node
  • Number 5 related to Mercury
  • Number 6 related to Venus
  • Number 7 related to Ketu- the moon’s south node
  • Number 8 related to Saturn
  • Number 9 related to Mars

Different Types of Numerology

There are different types of numerology and each uses different methodology as per these to calculate numbers for creating numerological chart.

Gematria/Hebrew Numerology

Kabbalah the prime practice of Jewish mysticism, the methodology is calculated numbers in relation to a letter. Hebrew alphabet numerology where each letter is given a numeric value.

Pythagorean/Western Numerology

The Greek system is the most popular one that is said to have originated between 569 to 470 B.C. This too comprises letters assigned to digits.

Chaldean/Mystic Numerology

Considered the most accurate numerology that is also the hardest to master, using a single digit that helps define the personality traits of a person, dual digits helps in defining the inner traits.

Tamil Numerology

Methodology works on planet and numbers assigned to planets. Comprises of destiny, psychic and name number, it includes Vedic Squares mechanism.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that helps resolve numerous queries and balance energy, numerology is a part of this science as it introduces to the mathematical aspect and implication. Understanding all this and through the application of both these methods it is possible to achieve balance, peace and harmony.



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