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March 2, 2024

In this chaotic life where stress is increasing and taking a toll on our health both emotional and physical it becomes essential to indulge in some holistic practice, such as yoga and meditation. Now that it is ideal to join a yoga or meditation class, it is equally the fuss that traveling to get there is indeed difficult and stressful. So, the best that you can do is create space in your own home dedicated for meditation room. As per vastu expert from Dubai there are few yet powerful vastu Shastra tips that will help you create a serene atmosphere where you can harness the energy of elements and directions to make your ideal meditation room.


Tips for Meditation Room

  • North-east is the ideal direction for creating meditation room as the direction comprises high positive vibrations from the cosmos that would filter through the body of the one meditating.
  • All pastel shades and green colors are good to be used in your meditation room that exude serenity and promotes positivity. Additionally, ensure that your meditation room receives ample daylight or sunrays to keep it positive.
  • Keeping your meditation room free of clutter and only useful items to be used in meditation would ensure that you have positive vibrations without any disruption.
  • Buddha statue or painting, uplifting pictures and paintings, mandala art and OM symbol are ideal for adorning your meditation room that would create a visually positive environment.
  • Ensure that you utilize natural elements that are alignment with the five elements of vastu Shastra for promoting tranquility: using clear quartz or amethyst crystals in the right direction as suggested by vastu expert from Dubai. Using materials like bamboo wind chimes, cotton linen, wood flooring or low chairs and silk are good to begin with.
  • To create serene environment utilizing sound therapy and aroma therapy is ideal. Use a diffuser with rose or sandalwood essential oils, OM meditation music can be played in background.

Meditation 2

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