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Numerology and Real Estate - Vedasrivastu
July 2, 2024

Numerology is all about numbers and their vibrations, however, little does one know that the house number too impacts the life of its occupants. If you are the owner and not living in a neurologically compatible house number then you and the other occupants will suffer financial and physical losses. There will be chaos, therefore it is essential that you understand what each number corresponds to when it comes to house number numerology.

Vastu Shastra and numerology expert from Dubai insists that you should first find out your life path number that is calculated with the alphabets in a person’s name and the value assigned to each alphabet then added to achieve the destiny number in single digit. Date of birth which gives your life path number along with destiny number will guide you towards harmonious match of neurologically aligned numbers matching with the house number to achieve perfect harmony.

Numerology and Real Estate

Numerology and Real Estate

It is essential to note that while 1-9 numbers are assigned properties, there are two digit numbers too like 11 and 22 that are master numbers. As per numerology it is important that prior to purchasing a house you should be able to check the number and the quality corresponding to it. Let us understand all about it.

House Number One

All about independence, leadership, ambition and innovative ideas & lifestyle.

House Number Two

Creativity is the foundation of this number, also unions, family, love and comfort along with patience.

House Number Three

This house number brings luck to its owners; it is indicative of communication, growth in terms of family and visitors.

House Number Four

If you want security, stability and solid foundation then this is the house number you should choose for real estate.

House Number Five

Entertainment, friendships, family and celebrations are denoted by this house number.

House Number Six

People with artistic streak, luxury, beauty, love and nurturing should choose this house number.

House Number Seven

People with high intellect, research, writing, nature lovers, solitary life, liking peace and quite should choose this number. This number inspires deep thinking and insights.

House Number Eight

Related to prosperity, the number is all about money, financial life, good for people who are ambitious and people who are entrepreneurs.

House Number Nine

Creativity, compassion, and people who are driven with loving energy, need for travel and acceptance, this number gives it all. People occupying this house number will always be a welcoming host with healing vibes.

Numerology and Real Estate - Vedasrivastu

All this is explained above is just the gist of the in-depth numerology for real estate; it can only be well understood and analyzed by a numerology expert. It is all about finding a house number in real estate that corresponds and matches your vibes to bring in harmony and prosperity. Therefore consulting an expert is essential to find out all about it prior to making a purchase with real estate and ending up with a house that wouldn’t support your ambitions or your dreams and bring chaos, to avoid it all, prior-consultation is a must.

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