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May 27, 2024

Numerology and vastu Shastra are inter-connected, to the individual and the house they occupy is charged with the vibrations of the number that can be fortunate or unfortunate depending on what the individual chooses or gets as per their karmas.

Vastu Tips for House Number Numerology

Vastu Shastra expert from Dubai provides a simple tip that will help you calculate your house number as per numerology:

For example, the house number is E-203 Grater Kailash

Add all the digits to derive the house number

   2+0+3= 5

5 would be the house number, now remember that you also need to check for the corresponding number given to the alphabet in the house number that would be 5+5= 10 that would be 1 again.

Vastu Tips for House Number Numerology

House numbers and meanings


It is all about new beginnings, for individuality, for someone who is self-focused, single person, occupying this number house would always bring career luck to the person but starting a family would be a far-fetched dream that is highly unlikely. The vibes of the house would be industrious and busy; it is a good WFH option or SOHO for the person occupying it that will bring career and financial luck. Adding red color scheme would add to the vibe of the house.


The house is good for vacation home, cozy, comfortable and good for family oriented people; it would be supportive of a large family and togetherness within the family. The house vibes would be that of creativity, nature and curiosity. Additionally, another aspect would be that academics would not be impressive as it is all about relaxation and calmness. Adding pastel colors to this type of home would be best and it is ideal for elderly couples.


For those looking for improved communication, the house would be the best to choose, any family occupying this house number would experience harmonious relationships. Smooth communication and empowered throat chakra absorbing the vibrations of this number will enable in harmonious relationships. It is ideal for people who communicate through their writing, singing, artistic pursuits and media person due to the self-expression energy of the house. Using orange and lime shades will help add vibrancy to the home.


People looking for home stability should opt to live in this number house, predictability and routine life would happen automatically to those who like to avoid any changes or risk-taking avenues. The number creates vibes of structure and responsibility, a unique discipline takes over the routine life of the occupants of the house. However, it is not ideal for young couple as it would lead to monotony in married life, but at the same time the alliance will last long. Earth tones are best suited to match the vibes.


If you like having parties and entertaining guests, living each day differently then this house number is the best. Any family occupying this house number would be experiencing travels and trips together. To match the vibes of the house using oceanic hues, greens and blue shades are the best.


This house number is suitable to feminists and people who like the women to wear the pants in the house. Additionally, the male members would be compassionate and supportive too. For those looking to open an art gallery should consider this number, using shades of royal blue and purple.

# 7

Spirituality and meditation are the key themes of this number and the vibrations of the house too. People who are artists and spiritualists, healers and energy workers should occupy this number house. People who are on their career front or starting a family should therefore avoid this number. Using woody, rich, deep tones will be best suited to this house number.


To experience power, ambition, material aspects, the number empowers it all. A person occupying this house would always be in abundance, material and personal, as this is power number. However, often times the vibrations of the house would be overwhelming and the people occupying the house would be full of lofty ideals and the house will more likely look like a museum. If chosen as an office or work space the number is highly supportive, but not for family. Choosing to decorate the house in shades of ivory, white and cream will be ideal.


Ideal family with high morals and good heart will be most likely occupying this number house. The number is that of compassion and social justice. People who are into public work like social workers, activists, lawyers, NGO’s and public servitude will experience the enhanced power of this house. The house would have an overall healing vibes, soothing and relaxing. Tones of magenta and maroon work well with this number, people with intellectual pursuits and high thinkers will find this house number excellent for their mental aptitude.

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