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Relevance of Vastu Shastra in Architecture of 21st Century

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture that has been around since 6000 BC. It is a methodology that is based on the principles of balancing elements and constructing a house or property that is in harmony with it all. Considering the magnetic power, gravitational force, five elements, geographical conditions and sun rays it becomes essential to construct a property that is in compliance with it all for a harmonious environment.

Image 3 Vastu Shastra and Architecture

Why is vastu Shastra relevant in 21 st century architecture?

Whether it is a residential property or a commercial building when it is not constructed in compliance with vastu principles then the occupants face a lot of troubles, for instance, as per vastu expert from Dubai following may be the case:

  • Feeling lethargic and not being inspired to work.
  • Disharmony amongst the occupants of the property.
  • Lack of focus and prevalence of stress.
  • Financial troubles and deals that do not reach fruition.
  • People not being productive or lack the focus to do anything.

When a residential or commercial space is constructed as per vastu Shastra it comes in harmony with the elements of nature, for this reason modern architecture is considering vastu Shastra and vastu experts are hired during construction of a building. Let us understand more about it in detail.

Purpose of applying vastu Shastra in architecture of 21 st century

Even modern architecture basis is found in Vedic architecture of ancient India where vastu Shastra principles were always applied in construction. Architecture schools and engineering colleges of construction teach their students about ancient India and their architectural design based on which modern construction began and how it evolved into modern architecture with time.

Nonetheless, even though we live in 21 st century, we still like to occupy a place that gives us a sense of belonging and positivity that can only happen when we apply vastu Shastra principles to modern architecture.

Following reasons will explain you why is vastu Shastra principles are relevant in modern world architecture:

  • Evading negative forces and blending positive forces within the property that will help the occupants lead a prosperous life full of serenity.
  • Defects in modern construction can only be overcome with non-demolition Vastu Shastra compliance and remedies that can be analyzed and suggested by a Vastu expert from Dubai.
  • People are becoming rapidly aware of Vastu Shastra and its importance in constructing a home as per its principles, for this reason even the builders are fast engaging Vastu experts in constructing a modern building with the inclusion of vastu principles.
  • A building constructed as per vastu principles will vibrate to positive energy, bring immediate peace, and exude tranquility when anyone visits it and for this reason, it is more likely to be occupied quickly or sold at the earliest.

Vastu in Building

Shape of the plots is essential while building as per vastu principles; favorable shapes for plots are as follows:

  • Rectangular Plot
  • Square Plot
  • Bar-Shaped Plot
  • Wheel-Shaped Plot
Image 1 Vastu shastra and architecture

Directions in Vastu

Directions as per vastu are essential to be considered; these are calculated and dedicated to specific elements. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that is based on the rotational settings of earth and when buildings are planned as per the orientation then it becomes suitable to the occupants. Constructing thevspace and dedicating items related to the elements of the space brings harmony and prosperity to the occupants, let us understand the elements and directions:

  • Eesanya North East(water)
  • Vayuvya – North West(air)
  • Agneya – South East(fire)
  • Nyruthi– South West(earth)

As per vastu expert from Dubai when these are followed then the people occupying the space lead a healthy, happy and prosperous life, when these are not in harmony or imbalanced then the opposite happens.

Numerology for #9 People

If you are born on the 9 th , 18 th or 27th of any month, then you are blessed by the planet Mars, the planet of ambition, aggression and passion. This describes your basic personality trait that you are a determined soul that would pursue your goal till you achieve success.

Number 9 image 1 1 1

Character traits

  • You are all about sentiments and emotions, able to express as well as grasp these about another. For this reason you are always the one who makes another comfortable in opening up to you.
  • Number 9 is the number of completion so for this reason you are able to discern and understand that letting go is something that should be your motto for a fulfilling and peaceful life.
  • You are the kind of person who is open and accepting of others and you are popular amongst your friends and social circle, having a huge fan following, you enjoy the spotlight on yourself.
  • Protective of your kin and close ones you are always there to stand up for what is right that at times brings trouble to you; even then you stand your ground steadily.
  • Analytical, detail oriented and has a good observing power that should always be put to positive use.
  • You are highly drawn towards spirituality and in achieving inner Zen that helps you in making peace in chaos around you.

Areas of improvement

  • Overthinking and wasting your mental aptitude on meaningless pursuits in your life.
  • Being so domineering that often you forget to see where the other person is coming from.
  • Unlearning is a slow and disciplined process wherein you let go of old habits that were harming you and thus begins your journey of awareness.
  • You tend to criticize another bluntly that may prove to backfire in interpersonal relationships.
  • Your aggression may come across as violent streak at times without much control that requires meditation and self-reflection prior to taking action.
  • Skepticism and doubt often keep you from forming close friendships as you lack trust in people and their actions.


  • Find a career that helps you in serving others, healing and teaching or helping others.
  • Ideal careers for you would be in armed forces, government relates services, interaction with masses or medical field.
passion number 9 1 1


  • Toning down your aggressive nature will help you with your intimate relationships.
  • Understanding another’s action and trusting is where your challenge lies.
  • Forming emotional bond with a close one brings you home as you are always looking for emotional haven.
  • You are almost always adjusting well to other numbers in numerology and therefore it is easier for others to connect with you emotionally well.

Lucky colors

  • All the tones of reds and pinks are ideal for you in any form or shape; you should be surrounding yourself with it.

For personal consultation and more in-depth numerology reading it is better to consult an expert like Dubai based numerologist and Dubai based vastu consultants who will provide an accurate reading with tailor made remedies that are suitable for you.

Optimize a residential space for better energies – Hire a Consultant

Vastu Shastra is all about leading a harmonious and successful life through the holistic means of vastu principles. Aligning the energy of the space and elements with the energy of the universe brings positivity in every aspect of an individual’s life. So, how is it that a residential space should be optimized for better energy, let vastu consultant from Dubai define it all for us.

Image 1 consultant blog

Vastu compliance for optimizing residential space
Positive energy can only flow when there are few or no hindrances to it, additionally items placed as per the elemental energies proves to be beneficial for the occupants of the property. However, only a professional vastu consultant like vastu expert from Dubai can provide thorough vastu application with in-depth analysis; let us understand how it would help you:

Harmony in Energies

Vastu Shastra consultant knows how to bring harmony of energy with relation to the dedicated space and balance it to provide maximum benefit. It is all about the right direction, right location for residential space that would prove to be positive to the owner of the property and dwellers equally.

  • Choosing the right décor and furniture as per vastu elemental principles balances the natural order of universe and brings balanced energy that positively impacts all.
  • Utilizing certain colors associated with the significant direction and space improves the energy of the space thereby promoting good mental and physical health.
  • It greatly impacts the mood and the personality of the dwellers when the space is utilized as per vastu principles.

Impacts Well-being
Your residence is your personal space that profoundly imprints your psyche and your physical health; it also impacts your finances, well-being and relationships at the same time. Making significant changes in the surroundings, furniture, adding or removing certain items dramatically impacts the energy of the area. As per vastu consultant from Dubai a few tips if followed would leave a positive impact:

  • Removing any thorny or milky plants like cactus, bonsai or any rubber plants will ensure that illness/ stress shall never bother the dwellers. Additionally, Holy Basil or Tulsi is the best plant to be kept in your premises for its medicinal properties and its natural ability to purify the air / surroundings that significantly impacts the health of residents.
  • Ensure there are no lose/ leaking faucets or water fixtures in your property as it leads to financial losses and health deterioration.
  • Avoid building or using or having any kitchen or toilets in north-east corner as it hampers child development and affects health.

Financial Abundance
Clutter of any kind whether it is unwanted accumulation of objects, old furniture, old but useless utensils and other decorative items leads to financial losses and stress within the family. It would only lead to stuck-up energy that hinders abundance of the residents.

As per vastu consultant from Dubai following tips would help:

  • Organizing your paper work and filing your important papers in a box or dedicated drawers is a better way to declutter and balance energy.
  • Your work desk or student desk should be facing north or east for best energy flow that helps in motivating the one using it and provides better focus. Additionally, it helps with improving finances.
  • A money plant is ideal to be placed on the workspace for inviting prosperity.
  • Remove any sharp objects from your desk that hinders your money matters.
Image 3 consultant

Better Relationships
Vastu Shastra improves existing relationships and brings harmony/ balance within interpersonal relationships of all kinds. Family bonds are strengthened and quarrels would not hold any space in your family, following tips are helpful:

  • South west corner is the best for building a master bedroom that improves the bonding and intimacy of the couple.
  • It is ideal to have windows in the north and east walls of the residence for free flow of positive energy and better ventilation.
  • Ensure that all the doors should open at a perfect angle of 90 degrees for inviting abundance in the house.
  • Positive artwork, fresh flowers, aroma candles and pastel colors should be used to activate positive energy of the elements, but these should be consulted with a vastu expert first.

Vastu Science for Meditation & Yoga Spaces

Meditation and yoga spaces should be ideally placed and decorated with items that would bring positivity. When done right as per vastu Shastra principles the one practicing meditation or yoga would be able to reap its benefits and obtain optimum positivity. So, what are the essentials of vastu science for mediation and yoga spaces, as per vastu expert from Dubai, there are certain things then you should keep in mind while designing such a room.

Image 1 Meditation blog

Ideal direction for meditation and yoga space

  • North-east and the center of the home or the brahma sthaan are ideal for having a yoga or meditation space.
  • North-east zone is sacred space and to harness this energy one should ideally place a running water element like a small water fountain or flowers in a glass bowl full of clear water; however these should be changed daily.
  • The center of the house or the brahma sthaan is where the universal energy resides and it is the Akash or space element where you can practice yoga to obtain the universal blessings.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Yoga and Meditation Space

  • Remember not to bring shoes into your yoga or meditation room to keep the sacred energy from being polluted by outside influence. Keep it as clean as possible along with your yoga mat or seat clean too.
  • Using natural materials like cotton, bamboo, wood or silk would be good to adorn the space to bring in the vibes of the nature that will help you relax easily.
  • If you like to keep candles then it is essential to keep beeswax candle that purify the air.
  • Choose spiritual objects that bring serenity to the mind of the onlooker like Buddha painting or images or idol.
  • Create a divine altar where you can keep spiritual objects of personal significance like crystals, incense sticks, scented candles, Buddha idol or idol of your deity or picture of your spiritual guru. You can make altars for specific purpose too: for relationships south-west is ideal, for career and finances north is ideal and for travel and movement you can choose to keep an altar in the north-west direction.
  • Remember to keep the windows open for yoga practice especially when you are practicing pranayama.
  • You can use rose incense sticks or essential oil burner for inducing calm and positivity.
  • Use brighter and pastel tones for upholstery of your yoga or meditation room.
  • To create a protective environment placing 4 black tourmaline in four corners of the room will help keep the energy positive and protect you from negative influences.
Image 3 Consultant

These vastu tips for mediation and yoga space might seem simple yet effective as it helps in balancing the elements of the zone with the items placed making it ideal for free flow of positive energy.

Stagnant Energy in Spaces leads to Vastu Defects

Vastu Shastra suggests that energy flows like water, it should be able to flow throughout your property or house effortlessly or without hindrances. If there are blockages in spaces then the energy gets accumulated and it becomes stagnant leading to vastu defects. As per vastu expert from Dubai, it brings bad luck and sickness to the residents or the occupants of the premises. The entire energy field of the place is hindered and is full of negativity that significantly impacts the mind and body of the occupants.
So, what should be done and how to deal with it, let us find out all about it.

Image 1 Stagnant Energy

Signs there is stagnant energy
It’s essential to identify if you are suffering from stagnant energy in your premises or home, following are some of the signs that you need to observe as per vastu expert from Dubai:

  • Lethargic or drained all the time whether physical or mental
  • No progress in finances and career
  • Feeling negative all the time
  • Triggered reactions and emotions
  • Dizziness and headaches with no apparent medical causes
  • Back and shoulder aches that are beyond medical diagnosis
  • Weak immunity followed by stress and anxiety
  • Unsettling mind and being indecisive
  • Weak libido or opposite to it insatiable desire
  • Stuck in loop of repetitive mistakes and patterns
  • Feeling unsettled

These are clear signs that point out to stuck or stagnant energy blocks that happen to be impacting the body and mind of the people occupying the property. When this continues you require a vastu expert to help you deal with it all and reverse the effects or else it will rob your vitality.

How stagnant energy is generated as per Vastu Shastra?
Your home or property is where your emotions and energy are generated, shared with people and created with numerous activities you carry on. When something negative starts happening one after another with no apparent reason then vastu Shastra should be consulted.

As per vastu Shastra following are the reasons stagnant energy is generated:

House location- If the house is located in an area that has heavy traffic or noisy surroundings then it breeds negativity within the residence too. Same goes for houses in high-pollution zone or level where it leads to lot of stress amongst people living in that area.
Dead animals- Decorating wall with head of dead animals or taxidermy may seem like a priced possession or a feat of machismo but as per vastu Shastra it only makes the residents feel negative.
Broken objects- Whether you have a broken mirror, broken time piece, broken or cracked utensils or some other object like an idol, it should be done away with without a second thought as it only brings blockages to prosperity and finances to the residents.
Dried or artificial flowers- Flowers look beautiful when they are fresh and changed daily, but when you use artificial flowers it leads to delusion and confusion in the mind. Same goes when you would not change dried flowers or keep dried flowers as decoration as it is again full of negative energy that impacts the mind.
Negative artwork- Psychologically too when you look at a negative painting you feel negative and so removing any artwork that is unpleasant would help a lot. Even if the artwork is a masterpiece or painted by a renowned artist if it is negative then it is best to remove it.

Image 2 Stagnant Energy

How it will benefit to clear stagnant energy using vastu shastra?

  • Energy blockages are lifted
  • People will immediately feel lighter and better mentally and physically
  • Occupants will start attracting positive energy and circumstances
  • Everyone will begin feeling positive beginning their day full of inspiration
  • Productivity and focus will increase dramatically
  • Your relationships at all level will be positively impacted and transformed
  • Lower stress level as energy will not be scattered anymore
  • Life becomes enjoyable as occupants feel happy
  • Rejuvenated state of mind and body

Benefits and Importance of Vastu Shastra in Human Lives

In today’s world where everything is unbalanced and people are living in perpetual chaos the only thing that brings perfect harmony with its scientific principles and holistic approach is Vastu Shastra. Many people are moving towards creating a vastu compliant home, through applied principles of vastu Shastra human lives are highly benefited, learn all about it as per vastu consultant from Dubai.

Image 2 Benefits blog

Vastu Shastra is the Modern Science of Architecture
Vastu Shastra focuses on providing better life to the individual following the principles of vastu. It is all about consistently creating positive energy and harnessing the power of elemental energy in compliance with the space that provides a better life. Utilizing the cosmic forces to the advantage and benefit of human life is what vastu Shastra is all about.

  • Working on perfect symmetry in alignment of space, zones and elements vastu Shastra works on providing the positive energies of nature.
  • The five elements as per vastu shastra: space, wind, water, fire and earth are balanced with directional positioning of items and geometric patterns for perfect harmony.
  • Each item is placed as per directions cosmic space related to the specific area/ zone. Optimizing the house, temple of the house, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms in compliance with vastu principles benefits the residents with abundance and good health.
  • Using colors, shapes and objects considered as per vastu principles on micro and macro levels helps in planning a city, house, residential property, factory or business unit for the benefit of the occupants.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra in Human Life

Physical and mental health
Utilizing vastu principles any property built in harmony with it would have ample natural light, proper ventilation and even save the occupants from UV rays. Thus the occupants in such a property will experience good physical and mental health with serene mind and healthy body.

Promoting inner calm and harmony amongst the occupants of vastu compliant property, they experience improved mental condition, positive personality and better interpersonal connection thereby having fulfilling relationships.

Financial Success
Placement of items whether metal or wooden, proper placement of water elements, fire elements, important papers, placement of locker in the Kuber direction helps in monetary gains. It promotes success and financial inflow of positive energy creating ideal environment for promotions and financially productive life.

Image 3 Benefits Blog

In conclusion to it all vastu Shastra principles paves the way towards happy and harmonious life, people dwelling in such properties or working in such offices where these principles are followed enjoy a stress free life with financial benefits and achieve optimum benefit. As per vastu consultant from Dubai tailor made plans are highly effective, a thorough analysis of the property is essential to reap the benefits of vastu Shastra. Only a professional with years of experience and expertise in vastu Shastra for proper
architecture and balancing the elemental energy properly will be able to provide you with what what’s missing and help you transcend and transmute any negativity in your life with vastu Shastra.

Numerology for #8 People

If you are born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month then you are ruled by the planet, Saturn. Your unique quality is that you can be spiritualistic and materialistic at the same time as the number is powerful combination of authority, status, love for humanity and wisdom. When it comes to your professional life you are the one who’s is highly professional, good businessman and successful as compared to your peers.

Image 3 for Numerology No 8 1

Character traits:

  • You are persistent towards the goal you set and work hard to accomplish the given task.
  • A good decision maker you are always ready to take up the next opportunity as you move forward towards achieving success.
  • Philosophy is something that you delve deep as you are philosophical at times.
  • People are drawn towards you seeking justice and you are admired for your balanced approach.
  • You are eager to help people and even humanity at large that makes you a very likeable person.
  • Resilient by nature you bounce back easily even when faced with adversity as you are a deemed survivor who never gives into the victim mentality.

Areas of improvement:

  • Flexibility should be your focus when dealing with people and opinions without being condescending.
  • You come across as someone who is domineering and it often gets in way of your friendships.
  • Often being materialistic drives you away from relationships and establishing good intimacy, it is advisable that you should take a balanced approach towards material and emotional world.
  • Being compassionate is essential and keeping your anger in check is yet another thing that you should follow to forge long lasting relationships.
  • You should provide advice without being judgmental as others may not be like you but they still have some positive traits that you can learn from.


  • Due to the influence of number 8 you are good with speculation and so stock market and trading is where you are most likely to shine.
  • Being a good decision maker and good with finances you can choose to have your own business or a start-up.
  • Your best suited career options are in the fields of law, surgery, finance and medicine.


  • Your best trait is you are family oriented and loyal.
  • You come across as a dependable person and a true friend.
  • You bask in admiration from your loved ones and only ask for love in return.
  • Your only negative trait is that often you become workaholic and money-minded that’s when you lose track of everyone around you.

Lucky colors

Best colors to enhance your luck is gold and Yellow and all shades of the sun.

Significance of Light and Ventilation as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a science that is based on the ancient knowledge of the five elements, the energies related to each direction and balancing all of these as per the principles of vastu. It is believed that even slightest changes in items whether it is placement of door or window for ventilation and light purpose significantly impacts the quality of the occupants. As per vastu expert from Dubai there are certain things when it comes to designing a vastu compliant house that goes as per the principles of vastu for light and ventilation, let us learn all about it.

Image 1 Significance of light and ventillation

Significance of light and ventilation as per vastu Shastra:

Light and air bring energy within a given space whether it is an office or a home building, when the element of light is placed in the right direction then positivity flows effortlessly. For the purpose of attracting divinity within a house or office it is essential that the light should be in accordance to the vastu principles when natural light is hindered in any way or not able to make its way inside then it leads to negativity and it begins tampering with the mental health of the occupants.

As per vastu expert from Dubai ventilation too plays a significant role, for instance placing the windows opposite to doors enables in completion of positive cycle. Properly ventilated premises would help the occupants feel positive and they will lead a life of harmony. Additionally, vastu is also about even and odd numbers with relation to the placement of windows, even numbers are highly preferable due to the flow of positivity as even numbers resonate with positive elements, while the opposite is with odd
number of windows.

Now let us learn what vastu Shastra says about lighting and ventilation one by one.

Vastu Shastra for Lighting

When there is ample light it impacts the mind of the occupants positively as the light of the Sun helps in removing negativity and the rays of the sun provides vitality to all the living creatures on earth. On the same note it is important to understand that there are two types of lighting: one is the sunlight or the natural light and another is the artificial light that too is significant when the natural light is not present.

Building a home or an infrastructure of any kind should be designed in accordance to vastu Shastra rules wherein natural light should be ample, proper placement of doors and windows should ensure it easily enters.

Vastu for Lighting:

  • It is essential that sunlight should enter the bedrooms that should keep it well-lit during the day time. It brings in positivity and energy to the occupants throughout their day.
  • If there are any dark corners in the house devoid of sunlight then ensure that you lit these with artificial warm yellow or white lamps that should transmute the negativity.
  • If there is a basement or underground storage in home or shops or office then these should have proper sun windows or vents that allow ventilation and light.
  • The kitchen should receive ample daylight as the food cooked in this kind of kitchen would be vital with the sunlight blessing the food improving its nutritional quality.
  • Kitchen should be ideally built in the south-east direction of the house.

Vastu for ventilation:

Ventilation is essential for the occupants as it directly impacts the health of the people occupying the area, as explained earlier. For this reason placement of windows as per vastu Shastra is essential.

Image 2 Significance of light and ventillation

Do’s & Don’ts for windows

  • Ideally windows should be placed in the east direction.
  • Another ideal direction for windows is the northeast direction.
  • For more placements of windows and better ventilation it is suggested to have windows in the north direction.
  • South-west direction should be avoided for windows placement if there are any then it is essential to seek vastu consultation from an expert.

The above mentioned tips are just generic in nature; however, for personalized consultation and analysis of the site for better light and ventilation it is essential to consult a vastu expert from Dubai with years of experience and expertise.

Why should one hire a Professional Vastu Consultant

Human body comprises five elements and everything around us too is included in these five elements namely, earth, water, fire, space and air, each of these are assigned the rightful direction. As per vastu Shastra each direction is either negative or positive that impacts all the humans and items placed in those directions. When there is imbalance such as placement of water item in fire direction so on and so forth, the direction only reaps negative outcome and it brings blockages, diseases and imbalance.
Understanding of each element, directions and rightfully balancing the energy requires the help of vastu experts from Dubai who would explain it you further about it all.

Image 2 Why should one hire

What is the need of vastu consultant?
Following are the reasons as why even modern era requires the help of a vastu consultant as per vastu experts from Dubai:

  • A vastu consultant would provide you with the right blueprint for balancing energies and harmonizing vibrations in your home or office.
  • Having an expert will help you with gaining insight as to harnessing positive energy and getting positive results that will vastly improve your life.
  • Professional consultation with a vastu expert will help you with in-depth analysis of your property and help you attain harmony and success.
  • Utilizing the right shapes, colors and arrangement of items as per rightful directions will improve the vibe of the space and only a vastu expert can help you with all.
  • For office and workplace you will be guided to choose favorable direction for each department or for your personal success as per your personal requirements through vastu Shastra.
  • Fixing, demolishing, moving, harmonizing, modifications even without demolition can be made to any structure or space to harmonize the energy and helps reap the benefits of the positive energy through vastu consultation.
  • A report regarding your location and thorough inspection is done by a vastu expert who then devices a plan to help you gain optimum results.

Why hire a Vastu Consultant in Dubai?
Vastu is the space or location where one lives or occupies, when you deploy a vastu expert for home or office then you are seeking assistance of an expert who will help you achieve maximum positive results in the following manner:

  • Home– Only a vastu expert can help you with choosing the right direction and location for a home. Identifying the best suitable purchase option for a property or a home as per your personal analysis for reaping positive outcome. You will be advised regarding the house essence, whether it is suitable for you and which one would be best suited to your own vibration / profession for harmony and success. Prior to purchasing a home it becomes essential to consult a vastu expert from Dubai.

  • Office– Purchasing the right office premises or property that will help you gain success and achieve financial fluidity at work would require a vastu expert to guide you through. Arrangement of furniture, seating arrangement for employees and departments and designing your office as per vastu compliance becomes essential for achieving prosperity.

  • Designing interiors– The interiors of your office or home is equally essential that will bring harmony or cause chaos. Placement of entrance, windows, doors, pantry, eating arrangements for different departments, placement of furniture and even colors assigned to each direction for maximum benefit will only be possible when you hire a vastu expert.

  • Personalized plans– Each person is unique and so they require a personalized vastu plan, a tailor made plan for each individual as per vastu Shastra rules is where an expert will be able to help you.
Image 3 Why should one hire 1

In conclusion to it all, vastu Shastra is all about learning and leaning on strengthening your spiritual life and balancing all the aspects of your life in harmony with the nature and elements. A vastu consultant will help you with it all.

Chief Vastu linked reasons for losses in factories/industries

Whether you are an owner of a factory or industry the primary focus is to achieve success and abundance in your business. When the opposite of what you desire begins happening then one of the major reasons can be related to a vastu dosha or vastu defect. Eliminating vastu defects is the work of a vastu expert who will analyze your premises for on-site problems, identify them and then begin their analysis to work out the best vastu plan that will help you with eliminating the defects and reap benefits
of positive energy.

Image 3 losses in factories

The key factor contributing towards optimum performance of a factory is dependent on the site it is built, the layout of the industry or factory, orientation of the plot and placement of machines, offices, stairs, kitchen, administrative areas and a lot more. Let us understand why and how vastu defects affect
an industry / factory as per vastu expert from Dubai.

Defective Vaastu:

  • If the placement of the underground water tank or a bore well is in the south-east corner then expenditure will increase multiple times than the income.
  • Heavy machine or any heavy object stored in the central area of the premises will ensure that the output will be poor, production all time low and the factory will frequently run into obstacles.
  • Open space in west and south zone of the factory/ industry will lead to receiving quality related complaints resulting in order cancellation and difficulty in gaining new customers for business or goods.
  • Tall structure towards north direction will lead to money and resources related issues that will impact the financial flow of the factory.
  • A factory built on a hill, having a mountain or having an overhead tank to east or north direction will soon run out of business as it only creates uncalled for hindrances in business.
  • Having small compound walls in the south-west corner as compared to other directions such as north-west, north-east or south-east will make the overall energy of the plot inauspicious.

How to know if the poor vastu is affecting your industry /factory?

Following are some of the ongoing issues a factory or industry owner will keep facing despite their best efforts that point to vastu defects in the property:

  • Frequent accidents on-site that seem unavoidable
  • Profits falling drastically
  • Difficulty in landing deals or gaining new proposals
  • Overall disharmony amongst all the people working in the premises
  • Negative energy effecting the mind-set and health of the people within the factory
  • Low production
  • Decline in sales and quality of the goods / services
  • Frequent breakdowns of machinery
  • Chaos amongst the workers / employees

What happens to industries ignoring vastu compliances?

It is a well-known fact that vastu is an ancient science that impacts the space, people and the elements when these are not in harmony then it leads to chaos and losses. Majority of factories built in wrong locations even with good infrastructure were closed due to vastu defects. Eventually facing failure in business, not being able to land deals, having difficulty to maintain daily expenses and ignoring vastu leads to insurmountable trouble.

Even big ventures become sick within short time due to lack of vastu compliance or ignoring vastu defects or not hiring a vastu expert. Not having the knowledge of vastu principles, it is better to hire a vastu expert like a vastu consultant from Dubai with a proven track record in helping with vastu compliance. Your business will improve with the right professional guidance and you can avoid running into unnecessary and uncalled for issues bothering you due to vastu defects.