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Vastu Tips For Success at The Office

We all desire success at the workplace and like to be appreciated by our bosses. Being that successful employee and a good performer amongst our peers is what makes a successful career and this is what each one of us wants. However, often due to Vastu defects and misplacing of objects whether on the workstation or work desk, sitting in the wrong direction or not being able to harness the positivity makes it difficult to achieve success, so, what can be done? As per Dubai-based Vastu experts, a few Vastu tips that are simple and easy to apply will help a lot with the situation and you will get desired results. So, let us learn all about these Vastu tips for success at the office whether you own an office or you work at one both will benefit from it. 

Right sitting arrangement

  • If you are an entrepreneur or work with creative aspects then the best that you can do is sit in a way that you face north, northeast, or east direction as these directions symbolize beginnings and growth. 
  • For those who are into marketing/ sales, they need to face the east or west direction as this direction helps in making them proactive. If this is not possible then the North West direction is the second alternative to it. 
  • Working in the accounting department, then you should face the northeast direction and your seat should be placed in the southeast corner.
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For manager/owner

  • Your cabin as an owner of the office should be in the west direction while your seating should be such that you face north or east direction. 
  • If you own a business then you should be sitting in such a way that you face the north or east direction. Your back should be against a solid wall rather than a partition or a window for stability. 
  • Working in a managerial/ executive or director position your seating should be in the south, west, or southwest.
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For work desk/cabin

  • Hang or paste scenery of a mountain behind your back or chair if possible. 
  • Your desk shall always be neat and clean as it helps in better focus. 
  • Documents that are not important should be removed and done away with immediately. 
  • Documents, files, and books should be kept neatly in a drawer or locker. 
  • If you still have broken stationery then dispose of it immediately as it hinders financial life.
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Vastu for cabin

If you own the office or have a cabin to sit then the following is applicable:

  • Your cabin is best placed in the west or southwest direction.
  • The leadership team shall face the north or east direction. 
  • Always ensure the back of the chair shall have a strong concrete wall and not some partition. 
  • Avoid placing pictures of religious significance behind your chair. 
  • The table should be wooden and rectangular in shape. The cabin too shall be a square or rectangular in shape. 
  • The cabin door should ideally be in a northeast direction.
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Vastu items for your office

Certain Vastu items can be placed on your desk or in a particular direction for good luck and abundance, these are:

  • The entrance shall be decorated with a Buddha statue.
  • Plants and flowers can be placed in the east direction. 
  • Placing some rock salt or sea salt in a bowl can help absorb the negativity in the space.

Dubai-based Vastu consultant advises these tips which are simple yet effective when applied and bring in abundance in the life of the one seeking success in the workplace.

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Vastu Tips For a Kitchen to Bring Positivity at Home

Home is where the hearth is, as wherever the kitchen is therein lie the prosperity and health of the occupants of the house. It is essential that the kitchen should be in the ideal direction and all the elements are perfectly balanced to fill the kitchen with abundance and seek the blessings of Ma Annapurna Devi. So, what can be done to ensure positivity in the kitchen? Following are some of the tips that you can follow as suggested by Dubai-based Vastu experts who provide you with reasons behind doing so. 

vastu tips for a kitchen

Kitchen direction

Dubai-based Vastu Consultant advises that positivity in the kitchen can only prevail when you are able to balance all the elements right: sky, fire, air, earth, and water. Changing the placement of certain things in the kitchen or refurbishing your kitchen to balance these elements as per Vastu shastra will help a lot. 

Vastu guidelines for positivity in the kitchen

gas stove with flame
  • The direction of Fire- The direction of Agni is in the southeast corner of the home making it ideal for kitchen placement. If this is not possible then northwest is the equally auspicious direction to have your kitchen placed. Even so, you can place your stove or gas in the same direction. 
  • Southeast is the ideal direction for fire elements thus you can place your cylinders, toasters, microwaves, and gas stoves in this direction within the kitchen. Placing the stove in such a direction that the person cooking shall face the east is the ideal direction to ensure positivity. 
  • Placing the cylinder, oven, and cooktop on the same platform including the microwave is ideal as these represent fire elements but avoid mixing cooktops, washbasins, and gas cylinders or ovens on parallel or the same platform as it is a bad idea to mix two elements (fire and water). Doing so will invite chaos and negativity amongst the members of the house impacting the health of the occupants in a negative manner. 
  • North, east, and northeast are the ideal directions to place the windows in the kitchen. 
  • The placement of the refrigerator in the house would be ideally in the south to the west direction helps the occupants overcome all the obstacles. 
  • Storing of stock and grains should be in the direction of southwest or northwest for abundance and good fortune. 
  • One of the most common mistakes that people do in the kitchen is placing black granite marble in the Southeast kitchen. Black represents the water element, placing black marble in the kitchen is creating a direct conflict between fire and water which can have a negative impact or may bring hurdles in life. Vastu consultant in Dubai advises not to use black granite/marble as a kitchen platform.
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Following these tips for bringing in positivity in the kitchen will invite positivity in the entire home, making the relationships at home harmonious, health and good luck of the residents of the house will begin to shine. However, if you are keen on personalized Vastu then consulting a professional is suggested.

Vastu In Dubai For West Facing Home

As per Vastu Shashtra, it is essential to choose a home or make a home that should be in a favorable direction. However, many forget that the direction may be suitable for a given purpose and should be suitable to the one who is buying it. For this reason, the majority are of the belief that a west-facing home is inauspicious which is a myth that requires an in-depth understanding of Vastu . Veadasrivastu Vastu Consultant in Dubai are of the belief that no direction is inauspicious. Through this article you will get to know that even west-facing homes are auspicious . Vastu compliant west-facing home or property home can also give you abundance. 

Defining a West facing home

It is a home or a property that faces the west direction, the main entrance is facing the direction the west. 

Why are west-facing Vastu Compliant homes beneficial?

  • West-facing homes are known to bring exuberance and a zest for life to the residents of the house. 
  • West is the direction wherein all the energy enters the house. 
  • Occupants of west-facing homes are blessed with abundance and wish fulfillment. The main entrance in the field of Varun Deity ensures that all your desires convert into reality and the inhabitants live a fulfilled life.
  • People who would benefit from west-facing homes would-be teachers, businessmen, politicians, and religious leaders; they are most benefited by the west direction. 

Why is the west direction suitable?

It is all about the orientation of the property and the rooms that should be paid attention. Best Vastu consultant in Dubai advices few points to consider:

  • The Southwest direction is suitable for the master bedroom especially when you are choosing an apartment in a building. If you are building your own house then it should be situated on the top floor of the house.
  • Kids room can be placed in the west direction or the south direction, but the door should be facing the east or north direction.
  • Your living room shall be in the northeast, northwest, east, or west directions as these are equally good, the furniture however should be kept in the southwest or west direction. 
  • The prayer room of the house shall have the deities facing the direction of the west while your face should be in the east direction when you are praying. 
  • The kitchen of the house should be ideally in the Southeast to South direction. The cooktop or the stove shall be placed in such a way that the one cooking food should be facing the east direction. 
  • If you are building the property then remember to place the staircase in the south, west, or southwest direction and it should be built in a clockwise direction. 

What to avoid?

  • Avoid choosing a plot with the northern part higher than the southern part of the plot. 
  • If there is any toilet or kitchen in the Northeast of the house then either avoid purchasing it or change/alter the direction. 
  • Southwest direction should be avoided when it comes to placing waterbodies like pumps, bore-well, and motors.


In conclusion, all the guidelines and the principles of Vastu Shashtra for a west-facing home state that the house in this direction is auspicious. Veadasrivastu Vastu Consultant in Dubai Dubai advises, that picking the right direction for a particular placement of a room or furniture and other items is the key to making it positive. A home designed as per Vastu principles is the best regardless of any direction.

Vastu Tips for bringing Growth in Business

When it comes to achieving growth in business and all your efforts seem to fall short of success then the biggest thing you need to check is for the Vastu. It is a scientific means of bringing growth in business harnessing positivity and balancing the elements within a given space or area as per the directions favorable to it.

Image 3.2

Applying the principles of Vastu shastra to your business will bring harmony and abundance to your business saving you from business conflicts, financial loss, and low reputation in the market. So, let us learn what tips you can apply within your business premises that will help you achieve growth and prosperity as per Vastu shastra experts from Dubai.

Tips for Business Growth

Earning profits and landing profitable deals that lead to financial gains is a dream that every businessman chases, all this can be achieved with the support you get from applying Vastu tips that helps in gaining good business.

Tips for Business Growth

Following are some of the useful, yet easy to apply Vastu tips for business growth:

  • A commercial place like a business shall always be erected near a functional road or a busy road that helps in boosting business.
  • The prime business entrance to the office should be facing the east or the north direction; the gateway shall be placed to face one of these directions for positivity.
  • Remember not to keep anything heavy at the entrance as it will hinder the positive energy flow in that direction. Fresh flowers shall be kept in the reception area to invite positivity and abundance.
  • Southeast is the ideal direction when it comes to the placement of the pantry and even the electric appliances/ equipment.
  • The business owner should sit in the southwest room where they should be facing the north direction.
  • The back of the business owner should be towards a solid wall, remember not to place any religious figures or pictures in that direction.
  • The desk of the business owner should be rectangle or square and should be made of good wooden quality, remember to keep it decluttered.
  • North West area is the right direction to hang a painting of a white horse to enhance your financial flow and bring stability.
  • The North West direction is where you should arrange seating arrangements for your staff and employees.
  • The Southwest direction is ideal for the account section of your office; the employees of this department shall face the northeast direction.
  • To increase financial flow southwest is the best direction for the placement of the locker that should open in the northeast direction.
  • North West is the ideal direction for conference rooms as this will help in landing fruitful deals and establishing good business relations.

Applying these Vastu tips will enhance your business luck and will help you lead a prosperous business and financial life. If you want a customized reading and consultation then get in touch with professionals at Vastu experts from Dubai.

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Principles of Vastu Shastra and Numerology

The fact is that when it comes to the science of space and directions both Vastu and numerology are correlated. It is to be understood that when a professional like Vastu experts of Dubai use these scientific means of balancing the elements and bringing harmony in a given space they are considering both the means that are proven by our ancient texts and scriptures. Ever since the directions have been discovered the emphasis has always been as per the movement of the sun and the directions relevant to it. Then numerology teaches us the underlying numbers associated with the relevant planet and the direction it governs. 

Vastu and numerology are powerful tools when used together and become beneficial towards providing the perfect balance of energy and the relevant planet that governs it. The principles of Vastu are applicable to any space like home, plot, office, buildings, hotels, hospitals, and open spaces too. Changes can be made to create a positive flow of energy without demolishing and making it Vastu compliant. 

While Vastu provides the information as per the direction and the energy, numerology helps in providing the numbers relevant to the directions and it promotes good fortune and abundance when applied to the lives of the occupants of the particular space whether a residential area or office premises. 

So, now that you are aware of the correlation between these two powerful scientific tools, let us understand how the basic principles of Vastu Shastra and numerology work in harmony. 

Principles of Vastu Shastra and numerology

Directions– The prime directions are 4 in numbers these are East, West, North, and South. Each of these directions is governed by planets, East by Sun, West by Saturn, North by Mercury, and South by Mars. As per numerology each of these planets is given a ruling number that is significant to the planet lord governing that particular direction. 

Planets and Numbers– Sun is signified with the number 1 which is the ruling number. Mercury is responsible for the North direction and is governed by the ruling number 5. Mars is related to the South direction that has the ruling number 9 and Saturn is related to the direction of the West with the ruling number 8. These major 4 directions are given the numerological coordinates to it with the ruling number assigned to the planets governing these directions. 

Sub Directions and Numerology– North-East direction is related to Jupiter or even the Hindu planet Ketu that is the South Node of the moon. Jupiter is signified with the ruling number 3 while when we look at Ketu it is given no 7 as the ruling number. South-East direction is governed by Venus and Rahu; the moon is given the ruling number 2 while Rahu is given 4 as the ruling number. 

When all these are used in combination, a Vastu expert knows where and how things can be changed or balanced as per the Vastu and Numerology principles. It is all about balancing the energy of the direction in relation to the significant planet and the ruling number that provided optimum benefit to the occupants of the particular space. 

Ensuring a Vastu Compliant Home

It is always a good idea to have an ideal home that not only suits your lifestyle but also brings you positivity and abundance. Keeping this in mind it is essential to build a house that is Vastu compliant to avoid Vastu defects, however, it is a fact that all the amenities in the house is where the focus is, but if Vastu principles are compromised then it may bring ailments and chaos in the family. How it is possible to ensure a Vastu-compliant home? In answer to it Dubai based Vastu consultants have a few but essential tips that you can follow to ensure a Vastu compliant home, let’s have a look at these tips.

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Vastu compliant home tips

  • It is essential to perform a bhumi Pooja if you are constructing your house from the beginning, if you are moving into a pre-constructed house then you can begin by Grah Pravesh Pooja as these rituals not only invite the positive energy but also invoke the blessings of God for bringing in abundance. 
  • Entrance- All four directions have positive entrances. However, the entrances towards North and East have milder effects that can be easily treated. 
  • Kitchen- The kitchen of the house is the epicenter of all the energies mingling and sitting in that direction, for this you need to be sure that the kitchen is located in the South-East corner. Next, the best option is to have a kitchen Northwest
  • Master bedroom- The placement of the master bedroom should ideally be in the South-West area. 
  • Bathroom- This should be located in the West-Northwest corner of the house as this is the best direction, if this is not possible then the next would be South-Southwest. 
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General Vastu Tips

  • Hang the wind chimes on the entrance of your home to invite serenity and positivity into the house. 
  • Use earthen lamps and natural fragrances for positive vibrations and promoting happiness. 
  • Avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom if not then avoid placing one that would reflect your bed or any body part. 
  • Hang a nameplate or having your name on the house entrance brings in prosperity, and should be done analyzed numerologically if the house name number matches with the owner’s vibrations.
  • Keeping an aquarium in the house helps in bringing calming energy to the house. However, consult a Vastu specialist prior to its placement in the right direction. 
  • Always keep your doors and windows clean as it is the entrance of positive energy and it helps in inviting abundance in the house. 
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Vastu for Fame and Career Advances

Needless to say that we all like to progress in our lives, however, something or the other keeps creating hurdles. If you too are facing troubles in your career and even after your best efforts are left short-changed then it is essential to check for Vastu tips that will help you in bringing advances to your career and fame. It is all about the energy and the vibrations, balancing the elements around you, and inviting positivity that will help you stabilize your energy in such a manner that you will reap the rewards of Vastu. A fruitful professional life is possible by following some easy-to-do but important Vastu tips as suggested by Vastu consultants in Dubai who are known to help in providing the right guidance related to Vastu. So, let’s begin and understand what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided when it comes to achieving fame and career advances. 

How to use Vastu for fame and career advances? 

There are some rules of Vastu that one should follow to gain the optimum benefit from this scientifically proven technique. You will need to balance out the elements and identify the don’ts that are the cause of negativity in your career advancement. 

how to use vastu for fame and career objective

Things to do

  • Ensure that your workstation exudes positivity and for this, you need to place a small statue or figurine of Laughing Buddha that helps in removing stress and invites positivity to your workplace.
  • If you can then change your regular chair to a high-back chair, not only it provide the right lumber support but also invites career prospects. If you have a cabin then make changes to your work furniture that should be made of wood as this will enhance your success rate. 
  • Your face should be in the North or North-East direction that promotes positive energy and ushers career growth. 
  • Empower the North-East direction of your cabin or work station by placing a painting or picture of a water body or a waterfall or a lake that helps in accelerating the career instantaneously. 
  • If you own an office then ensure that your cabin should have the doors and windows facing the East or North direction and these areas in the office entrance too should be free of any clutter or obstructions. 
  • Ensure that the workstations in your office or your own are rectangular in shape that ensures career growth. 
  • The workstation should be easy to reach and it should be ideally in alignment with the navel. It is essential for bringing in positivity and inviting positive energy. 
  • Keeping your work area free of any clutter, organizing it, and keeping it clean ensures a smooth workflow and a positive mindset. 
  • The workstations should be ideally facing the East direction and the back of the person sitting on these workstations should have a wall behind to promote creativity among the employees. 
  • For positive energy, you can place a small idol of Lord Ganesh, Om symbol, or even the Swastika symbol to promote good energy. 
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Now that you are aware of what you should do, there are some things as suggested by Vastu consultant for business and growth in Dubai that one should completely avoid, these are as follows: 

Things to avoid

  • Avoid sitting right under a light beam as it is not only bad for the eyesight but also causes mental distraction and tension. It hinders your mental process and focuses at work. 
  • Ideally, you should have your meals or lunch in a lunchroom or office cafeteria, avoid having it on your workstation. 
  • Plastic furniture, noisy atmosphere, and negative pictures that depict violence or negative imagery in paintings or pictures should be avoided as it hinders mental clarity. 
  • Avoid sitting in a congested area or workstation that would only rob you of your mental peace. 
  • Your sitting position is essential to let positivity flow through your body from the universe, so avoid crossing your legs.

These tips may be simple yet effective, for more tips and detailed analysis it is advised to consult Vastu experts. 

Why Should You Consult a Vastu Expert?

Vastu is the proven scientific means of correcting the doshas or defects related to the imbalance of energy with regard to the directions and the placement of objects, it comprises of making the proper use of space elements that require adjustments and changes. However, it requires a professional Vastu consultant to provide the analysis and then the diagnosis with remedies that help correct and balance the energy within a space or premises whether it is for home, workplace, office or factory all require Vastu corrections especially when one is suffering due to Vastu defects. 

Image 1.3

Now that you know the gist of it all let us understand what role does a vast expert plays and why you need one?

Why should you consult a Vastu expert?

  • While all the information is presented at your fingertips via Google, it is not always that you find a tailor-made plan for correcting Vastu defects, you need a Vastu expert as per your personal space and balance the energy right in a specific direction. 
  • Consulting a Vastu expert will help you plan your space usage, design a particular area better and make it Vastu compliant. 
  • An in-depth consultation and analysis are required to understand the details and specifics regarding space or a given structure and only an expert will help you with removing Vastu defects. 
  • Study-related to specific direction and foundation of the structure and other constructions with proper analysis can only be provided by a Vastu expert. 
  • It is all about improving the life quality of the person and even changing the fate of the occupants of a particular area or space occupied, the results are obtained with the help of deep analysis and removing, studying the ill-effects that help in eliminating Vastu doshas. This can only be done by an expert on Vastu. 
  • Minimizing stress and negativity is the priority of the Vastu expert and providing the best advice that will help you with making major and minor changes to the space and building or house does wonder in transmuting the negativity to positive energy. 
  • Consulting an expert helps in understanding the structural changes or minor adjustment of the elements in the given area that improves overall energy and vibrations bringing about a positive impact. 
  • Vastu expert knows what needs to be done with regard to the space, area, and directions, providing practical and easy to apply solutions that will help in ushering prosperity and abundance. 
Image 1.2

Other benefits that you will gain by consulting a Vastu expert are:

  • Avoiding negativity
  • Avoiding litigation
  • Avoiding mental health issues
  • Financial stability
  • Success in business and or studies
  • Bringing harmony in business and personal relationships
  • Gaining better health 

Vastu shastra is an ancient science that requires the practitioner to be well versed and an expert in Vastu, for this, you need to reach out to an expert like Vastu consultants in Dubai who provide practical solutions to your problems related to Vastu defects. Flexible layouts to your building or rooms that can be easily applied and remedies that will dramatically improve the vibrations of the space occupied. 

Leading a Healthy Life with Vastu Tips

As it is said good health is above wealth, however, if you and your family are suffering from health issues and there is no apparent reason behind it, there could be a Vastu defect or one may think of a possible Vastu defect in the property where a person is spending maximum time during the day. The home you are occupying may be full of Vastu flaws and as per Dubai-based Vastu Consultant, it should be fixed immediately. Looking for the right solutions and tips that will enhance the positive energy is where Vastu shastra provides help. 

So, given here are a few tips that when applied will benefit and improve the health of your family members. Following these simple Vastu tips will help you and your family lead a healthy life. 

How does Vastu help?

Imbalance in the energy of the house and the elements/objects placed in the house may result in poor health of the occupants, for this reason, it is essential to understand what is it that is causing these Vastu doshas and how to correct them as per Vastu consultants in Dubai for property planning in Dubai.

How does Vastu help
How does Vastu help?

Following are the possible doshas that lead to poor health of the people living in the house with numerous Vastu defects:

  • A toilet or kitchen towards the Northeast
  • An entrance in the Northwest, South-Southwest
  • A bedroom towards the West of Northwest or South-Southwest
  • An overhead water tank in the Northeast or East
  • A septic tank in the Southeast
  • A borewell or underground water tank towards the southside

These defects may be unnoticeable or ignored by the occupants of the house/office/commercial space, yet these are potent in creating energy imbalances in the house leading to major health issues. Additionally, ignoring the color of the walls or painting them in darker tones is yet another reason for energy imbalance creating vast defects. Placing home appliances, furniture, electrical equipment, and other such objects in the wrong direction leads to health-related issues. 

The Cut Corner Vastu Defect 

A huge disturbance may result in the lives of habitats because of cut corners, the reason being that each cut corner has its own functionality in itself. Also, in order to avoid cut corner defects at the time of plot extensions also, one should definitely seek the advice of a Vastu Expert as at the time of plot extensions as well, the balancing of energies is equally important. 

Image 14. 3

How to correct Vastu defect?

As per Vastu consultant in Dubai, you need to pay attention to the North and North-East directions, these are essential for maintaining the health and immunity of the residents of the house. These directions are where the majority of energy is concentrated and when these directions are blocked, hindered or wrong objects are placed in these directions then it leads to health sufferings of the residents. When this zone is imbalanced it sets in diseases in the residents, weak immune system, and reduced immunity. 

Image 14.4 1

Following are some of the Vastu tips to promote good health and balance the energy of the house:

  • Rooms – Make sure all rooms are properly ventilated and lit, however, remember not to keep the windows of your bedroom open when the window is behind your bed, also there should be a proper headrest on the bed that should be comfortable.
  • Bathrooms -Attached toilets have become a trend, but remember to always keep the door of the toilet closed. You can clean the bathroom floor with sea salt to remove negativity in that area. One can also place Himalayan salt or Himalayan salt lamp in the bathroom to defuse negativity.
  • Balcony– Often also called the verandah, it should never be left abandoned or filled with useless objects, instead keep potted plants in the balcony. 
  • Center of House – Avoid placing heavy objects or avoid planning heavy construction elements in the center of the house as this may be responsible for stomach/abdomen related health issues. Displacing any such elements/furniture items could be the solution to this. 
  • Kitchen – It is advised that Kitchen should be designed towards the southeast direction of the house. Avoid planning the kitchen or putting the stove in the Northeast direction. Placement of stove or burner in East of South East direction can lead to anxiety issues, Diabetes, and even Hypertension. 
  • General Vastu’s tip to keep the house full of positive energy and cleansing it of any negativity is to clean the floor of the house using sea salt, a pinch of it, or a teaspoon of it in the mop bucket is enough to do the trick. 
image 14.1

How to Better Your Finances with Vastu

Prosperity is something that we all strive for along with a good source of wealth. The most essential element in today’s world is money. However, even if all your efforts are not paying off and you are still finding no valid reason for it then, it is essential to focus on the Vastu element of the home. The reason behind the money crunch and thwarted money flow in the house is due to vast defects. How to deal with it is the question, as per Vastu consultants in Dubai, there are a few things that you can do to improve your finances. 

Image 13.4

Tips to better your finances with Vastu

  • Lord Kuber is the one who is worshipped for wealth and prosperity and the North is the direction where the Lord governs. For this reason, it is suggested that this particular direction should not be cluttered. Avoid having toilets in this direction, there should be no shoe racks or heavy furniture. For activation of this area, it is suggested that a mirror be placed on the north wall. 
  • Placement of locker or locker room is yet another aspect that should be considered. For this reason, caution should be taken into storing your money, financial documents, and jewelry in a place where it should grow in amount, the best direction should be South-West or west that should be facing the direction of North or North-East. 
  • Placing wind chimes on the door is auspicious. 
  • Another important thing to remember is to keep the doors and windows of the entire house clean so as to invite the positive energy and blessings of Devi Laxmi. 
  • To invite positivity in the house placing water objects like waterfalls or water fountains in the direction of North to North-East is good. It cleanses the home or the property from any stagnant energy and keeps the energy positive. 
Image 13.2


Now that you are aware of what should be done, it is equally essential to know what should be avoided, following are some of the things that should be avoided:

  1. The doors of the house should be free of any faults, cracks, or problems in the locks. 
  2. Avoid having an overhead water tank from North to North-East. 
  3. Water leakages should be avoided if any they should be repaired immediately. If this happens then it only leads to financial loss. 
  4. Avoid setting up toilets or bathrooms in the South-East or South-West corner. 

Overall, it is essential to balance the energy of the house by placing positive elements and cutting off the negativity of the house. It is essential that for an in-depth consultation and understanding of Vastu with relation to your home and its effects can only be analyzed by a Vastu consultant in Dubai who will be better able to tell you about Vastu for home in Dubai

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