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Kitchen in Northeast

Kitchen in Northeast

Vastu shastra is suggestive of placement of things and balancing the energy of the space along with the planet governing it in the rightful manner. With this it is essential that each room in the house be built with utmost care, for instance people often play low with the placement of kitchen, but in fact when a kitchen is placed in the north east zone then it leads to numerous health and mental issues. According to Vedasrivastu When this happens it is essential to get a personalized opinion and remedial measures by an expert on vastu shastra.

Significance of north east zone

North east is the zone of the water element, all the work Kitchen in Northeast like cooking and baking is related to fire and it is logical that fire and water never go together, it is chaos. For this reason having a kitchen in the north east zone of the house would only lead to numerous troubles to the occupants such as:

  • Mental health issues and ailments related to brain. 
  • Low immunity levels of members of the house. 
  • Lack of clarity and focus in the residents. 
  • Not being able to find a suitable match for eligible female of the house. 
  • Ongoing financial issues and financial losses.

However, if you too are suffering due to this vastu defect then you can apply a few remedies as per vastu for home in Dubai.

Kitchen in Northeast

Kitchen Remedies

 It is important to take note that the ideal direction for kitchen in south east, other directions are south or east directions, but never north east, as already mentioned above. If you too have a north east kitchen and cannot shift it elsewhere then as per vastu for home in Dubai, you can follow the remedial measures that will help balance the negative energy of the kitchen or neutralize it in the best possible manner:

  • Foremost you should immediately shift your gas stove to a different direction, it is suggested that the cook top or gas stove should be moved to east-north-east direction of the house that will help neutralize the fire element. Another thing to remember is that while cooking you should be facing the east or north direction for receiving positive blessings. 
  • The kitchen slab should be all painted or have stones in neutral or light colors that should not resemble the fire element, it is ideal to have green marble. 
  • The door of the kitchen should open in the clockwise direction that should be north east or east direction. However, the back of the cook shall not be facing the door at any time while cooking.
  • The food in the kitchen should be all consumable items, nothing heavy like grains or dry raw materials, if so then these shall be ideally placed in the south or west corner of the kitchen area. 
  • If you are to paint or have cabinets installed in the kitchen then use all shades of light blue, ivory, light green or beige. 
  • If you are dining within the kitchen then the center area is not ideal for a dining table, it should be placed in the Northwest direction for good results. 
  • Electrical appliances shall be placed in the south east direction and if you can then build your cook top in the south east part of your kitchen.

All the above mentioned remedies are effective, yet it is essential that you seek the advice of a vastu expert in this matter for better and quick results.

Toilet in the Northeast direction

Toilet in the Northeast direction

Vastu Shastra provides scientifically proven means of balancing energy in a space and area that includes interiors of the house too. It is essential to balance the energy of the house well that includes placement of all the rooms including the bathroom. For instance, many would neglect the fact that having a bathroom in the north east direction would lead to financial issues and numerous health troubles to the occupants. According to Vedasrivastu, this direction is a sacred direction where the most positive energy resides, God energy of the house resides in this direction and for this reason it is marked for prayer room or Pooja Ghar most of the time. Another use of this direction is for living room or a room where the family would dine together or spend time together.

However, despite these facts, this direction is often neglected, and often it is not possible to make changes to the structure or demolish the interior, then what is the solution? As per Vastu consultant in Dubai, no-demolition remedies too are available for those who would like to remedy their north east direction where their toilet is placed, let us have a look at these simple yet effective remedies.

Remedies for toilet in north-east direction

Rule of thumb says that there should be no toilet in Northeast of the house.  If you have a bathroom in north-east direction, then the best thing to do is only use it for bathing purpose. But if still there is no solution than few simple tips will help you to minimize the impact of toilet in north-east direction.

  • Painting bathroom walls in light pastel colors like light blue or off white is a good idea or using light colored tiles is always better.
  • Placing plants like spider plant in the bathroom will help neutralize negative energy by absorbing it.
  • A bowl filled with sea salt will ensure that all the negativity is absorbed well but remember to change it once a week.
  • The lid of toilet seat and door of bathroom shall always be closed even when not in use.
  • Ensure your bathroom is always spic and span as it would invite positivity in the house.
Vastu Shastra

All the above-mentioned remedies for northeast toilet are simple and effective. However, if you are looking for personalized remedies and vastu consultancy then you should reach out to an expert like Vastu consultant in Dubai.

The Science of Colors as per Vastu Shastra

Has it happened with you too that you entered a premises which was painted in white and yellow and you felt as if it was relaxing sunshine and warmth around you?


The environment has a tangible effect on human brain, physical health and also on the quality of life. Natural light plays a very important role in any home/premises. It plays a significant role as it is required by the humans for our cells so that they can function and grow appropriately. In addition to natural light, when humans are exposed to any other colour or different colours, the respective colour vibrations will lead to different types of mental, emotional and physical state. Additionally, it is also important to understand that colours can change their character with the change in light and saturation.

The Science of Colors as per Vastu Shastra, homes/residences used to be bigger spaces and definitely had a greater access to sunlight whereas in the present times, sunlight is largely coming in from just one side in the home and therefore, some areas of the home may become completely dark and thus the significance of colours and colour tones is increasing in a greater way in the present times.

The Science of Colors as per Vastu Shastra

In the earlier times, homes/residences used to be bigger spaces and definitely had a greater access to sunlight whereas in the present times, sunlight is lathe colours used in a décor, space is especially important because every specific color used will reflect the light in that specific area and also the color that is implemented will also connect with human subconscious mind for sure.

Image 2 Science of Colours


In every room, there are several essential elements that is four walls, a floor and a ceiling. Thus, what can actually go to make a room overstimulated and under stimulated is the colour palette. In the absence of natural light being available in every room, it is actually the colour of a particular room/space that will be primarily reflected and will lead to intensity of that room. When the intensity of colours is weak or is a monotonous colour contrast, it can lead to the creation of an under stimulated environment. Whereas, use of saturated colours and usage of strong contrasts or may be usage of too many clashing and visual patterns can result in a totally overstimulated environment in a given space. Thus, what is extremely important is to ensure the right balance of colours and contrasts.


God has created several things for the peace and healthy survival of human beings. If we align our efforts in balancing and coherently using those energies, then it can actually lead to proper and systematic functioning of human body. According to Vedasrivastu, A human life cycle is actually based on total five elements. Water forms a large part of our body and our body’s essential need is both oxygen and water. The source of oxygen is the plants and trees around us and we can also get wood from the trees. The wood that we obtain from the trees can be used to produce fire and for fire to keep burning, air is required. The ashes that get produced because of burning of wood are absorbed by the Earth. Thus, these five elements and balance around them constitutes the “Science of Panch Tatva”. Each of these elements has a specific colour associated with it and also a direction or a zone such as:

  1. North zone: is always correlated with the water element and hence is considered to be the coolest zone and the colour that is associated with the same is Blue Colour.
  2. East Zone: is associated with the rising of Sun and thus, new life comes from the East and with the East Zone, the colour that is associated is the green colour.
  3. South Zone: is associated with the fire side and thus red/orange or colours of this family are associated with the South zone.
  4. South West Zone: the direction is associated with the element of Earth and the colour that is associated with this zone is Yellow.
  5. West/North West zones: The colours which are associated with this zone are Grey, Silver, and White.

Whenever we look at a particular zone, human sub conscience connects a zone with a particular colour and as per Vastu Consultant in Dubai, if the colour of the zone will be in alignment with the zone to which the sub conscience connects itself – it will always yield positive energy and bring in harmony. Therefore, the balance of colours in different zones becomes extremely important.

Most of the times neutral colours such as white, black, brown and grey should be targeting to achieve the balance in a décor including stronger colours which could be either active or passive. Also, if in a particular context, zone wise implementation of colours is not possible, then best would be to use neutral shades of colours such as off white, warm white, etc. Making the use of lighter and neutral shades on most walls and furnishings will help in making spaces look bigger and also will ensure to create a harmonious and balanced space.

Wall Clock, Table Clock & Timepieces – Best Placement Tips

Timepieces have a distinct significance in the life of an individual, whether it is a gifted timepiece on your mantle or a wall clock adorning your living room or bedroom. However, the placement of a table clock, wall clock or any other type of timepiece has a great impact on the life of the individual owning it. The clock itself is not just symbolic of time but your life time itself, it is all about attracting positive energy and ensuring smooth sail in your life. How should you ensure which direction is the right direction for a timepiece? As per a vastu consultant in Dubai certain directions are best while others are a must to avoid, let us learn about it all as suggested.

Wall Clock, Table Clock & Timepieces - Best Placement Tips

Direction for wall clock placement

North the direction of Kubera is the best direction to hang a wall clock as it would harness the positivity of that direction bringing in wealth to the owner of the clock. 

East- Direction is the next best direction where you can place any kind of timepiece as it is the direction of Indra that helps in attracting prosperity.

West- If you are looking for stability whether in life in general or in your work place or relationship then hanging a wall clock or keeping a timepiece in this direction is where you will be able to maintain stability in your life.

South- This is the only direction where you should avoid having any timepiece or any wall clock as it would adversely impact your finances and your family life would always be full of chaos too. This direction belongs to Yama, as so it will only empower the destructive element when a clock is placed in this direction. 

Now equally essential is the kind of clocks pendulum or antique or wooden or metal or plastic, it creates a different kind of vibe as per vastu consultant in Dubai:

  • Antique and pendulum clocks are auspicious as they symbolize energy flow and positivity. 
  • Circular shape is the best when it comes to a timepiece as it boosts positive energy of the area it is kept. 
  • If you have a metal clock with white or grey hues then the best placement is the north wall or north sector. 
  • Wooden clocks are best to be kept in east direction for best results. 
  • Always ensure that the clock is up and running, if you have any timepiece that is stuck or broken or not working then it is better to throw it away. 
  • A clock or timepiece with melodious music too ensures positive energy flow in the house throughout. 
  • Ensure that the clock or any timepiece should show accurate time, not ever behind or forward. 
  • Best colors for clocks are brown and off-white shades that should be placed in north-east or east directions 
  • Always ensure that you do not put any watch under or near your pillow as it hinders good flow of energy and causes sleep disturbances.
Wall Clock, Table Clock & Timepieces - Best Placement Tips

For personalized vastu analysis and vastu remedies it is best to consult a professional like Vastu consultant in Dubai.

Paintings on Walls and Science of Vastu Shastra

Cheerful interiors well adorned with paintings exude positivity and the same is believed to be true when it comes to paintings on walls and science of vastu Shastra. However, it is essential that you need to check what the painting depicts, the colors, the placement and the direction to ensure a vastu compliant wall painting that would bring in positivity within the house. To understand it all you need to listen to what professional vastu consultant and numerologist service in Dubai has to say about it.

Paintings and Message

It is essential to check what kind of painting you are choosing for your home or other interiors. The message depicted in the wall painting should be that of positivity. It brings in positive energy, changes and enhances the mood of the space along with the onlooker.

If you are wondering, having bare walls is something that is better, and then think again; it not only exudes emptiness but also depression and anxiety. Having a beautiful wall painting is something that immediately changes the psychological condition of the person.

Vastu Shastra and Wall Paintings

Following are the benefits of having beautiful and positive wall paintings in your interiors as per professional Vedasrivastu.

  • It reduces stress and provides relief in depression.
  • Paintings are known to provide healing to people who suffer from mental disorders.
  • If you are looking for tranquility then painting depicting spirituality or waterfalls is good to go in north-east direction as it helps in connection with God.
  • North-west is the zone where you can place a painting of wind that brings in positivity or a pair of galloping white horses.

 Paintings and Message
  • If you are looking for awards and recognition, then you should be enhancing the south sector with painting of running horses. It will provide you strength and recognition. One can also place their accolades / certificates in South.
  • Wall painting of rock, mountain, and any earth element that exudes strength is beneficial to be placed in southwest wall.
  • West zone is good for any painting depicting a camel or any other artwork that will help you with gaining opportunities abroad. It enhances your financial opportunities and so is good for businessmen too.
  • Painting of a pair of swans (also called love birds) can be placed in Southwest zone. It ensures healthy relationship between husband and wife.
  • For healing of mind and body natural wall paintings depicting nature and natural beauty, scenic views that can be placed in hospitals- lobbies, waiting rooms and even in the room of patients.

Vastu Space and Wall Painting

  • Painting depicting sun brings in positivity and connects the onlooker with nature and the energy of sun that is nurturing and that of providing success. A sun depicting wall painting should ideally be placed in East direction of the house but refrain placing one in bathroom.
  • Water painting is good to be placed on north to northeast direction as it is related to flow of energy, and it helps in enhancing money flow.
  • Paintings depicting Buddha tranquility, hence should be placed wisely. Placing buddha statue or painting in zones of money and relationships are not very advisable.
  • Flowers, trees and flowing river and such paintings are suggested for restaurants and hotels or café.
vastu shastra 2

You should choose any painting that is inspiring, brings positivity, and is personally meaningful to the onlooker. Depressive paintings, example sad faces, tears, poverty etc. are not meant for homely environment. Also, paintings of aggressive animals should be avoided.

For personalized vastu analysis and tailor-made remedies, it is best to consult with professional vastu consultant in Dubai.

Numerology for #5 People

If you area born on 5, 14, 23 of any month then you are ruled by #5 and the planet of your influence is Mercury. According to Vedasrivastu It is the fieriest yet courage related planet and thus your nature too depicts the same. You have an aura of a person who is always strong no matter what the circumstances; you at times provide strength to people around you. Being a good communicator you are always able to find the right words for right situation and immediately handle everything easily through the talent of being a wordsmith.

Numerology for #5 People

Character traits

  • Mundane is boring and so you tend to veer of a job after a while when it stops being enjoyable.
  • You are warm, intelligent and good communicator that makes it possible to lead people even when you are not in an authority position.
  • It is hard to keep you interested for long whether it is a job or a relationship. You just tend to get bored after a while.
  • You are a quick learner, you love to learn new things and often you learn it on the job.
  • You have a big social circle due to the warmth you exude and it is all because you are approachable.
  • People easily open up to you as you do not judge people and their choices or opinions.
  • Due to Mercury you easily recover from any trouble in your life, faster than others.
  • You love travel and you love a life that is filled with adventure, as without it you won’t survive a day.
Character traits

Areas of improvement

  • Try sticking to your promises as often due to a prior obligation you tend to slip off with it that deeply impacts your personal relationships.
  • Your volatile nature is something that needs a personal guard or you tend to become reckless in a wrong company.
  • Addictions are something that you should completely stay away from as you may find it pleasurable that would ruin you.
  • You can learn from situations and experiences of people around you rather than turning your back on them.


Career best suited for you would be that would involve lots of meetings, having people around and communication.

You would thrive in an environment that would enhance your skills as a communicator, attorney, marketing/ sales, public figure, counsellor, agents for celebrities or Travel Company.


  • You have blind-faith on your partner and you provide a complete loyal relationship to them.
  • You may seem flirtatious but you will never cheat.
  • Having ample personal space to grow in a relationship even apart sometimes is where you freely love another.
  • Living with unconventional attitude you expect the same from your partner.
  • Freedom yet stability are where you provide all to your partner.
  • Bedroom fun and intimacy is your core of relationships.
Numerology for #5 People

Lucky colors

Colors that will enhance your luck if you wear them or include in your daily dress-up would be all shades of light grey. Any light color is good for you as it brings peace and luck to you.

If you are looking for personalized numerology report with accurate predictions and remedies then it is always better to consult with a professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai.

Numerology for #4

If you are born on4, 13, 22 or 31 of any month, then According to Vedasrivastu your ruling number as per numerology is #4 and the planet of your influence is Rahu.  You have a life that is full of lot of upheavals and sudden changes that has made you a hard nut to crack. However, you are someone who is stoical and have the ability to rebound as compared to others. Your ability to see things clearly is where you stand out of the crowd.

Numerology for #4

Character traits

  • Hard to let people in your world or let others know what exactly you are thinking. 
  • Although compassionate by nature you hardly ever could show your true emotions to others and like to keep it closed. 
  • Your close contact people appreciate the warmth you exude and are always sharing their inner most thoughts with you. 
  • You like to set your own rules and stay on an authoritative position as you can never submit to authority yourself. 
  • You are hardworking, organized and dependable for this you are most sought after in your employment. 

Areas of improvement

  • You should try to loosen up a bit and learn to go with the flow once in a while. 
  • Have to lower your work ethics to involve everyone on the team and others contribute a while. 
  • Keep patient even at the time of opposition. 
  • Keep an open mind and accept the ideas others are having to bring equality at work place. 
  • Try not to impose your views on another and explore a bit more to be able to give freedom of speech and action to others. 
  • Patience is a big virtue and you too should try it.
Numerology for #4


  • Detail oriented work and attention to detail is where you would work best. 
  • Career best suited to you would be IT, clerical work, legal, business, coordinator, manager and real estate agent. 
  • Something that has to do with lots of paper work and requires focus is where you thrive well in your career.


  • Sharing your emotions and letting your heart open is a good advice to maintain relationships. 
  • Keeping patience with the family especially kids is where you would be appreciated by all. 
  • Try to involve more with people and accept their imperfections will provide harmony in your relationships. 
  • Being a good provider your family will always feel secure. 
  • You refrain from PDA but deep down you have true love for your partner.

Lucky colors 

Include more of electric blue and grey in your wardrobe to harness the positivity of this number and gain success. 

The best thing that you can do as a #4 person is to understand and accept the chaos is a part of your life and learn to manage it at all levels. Use your fiery nature to propel forward in life rather than gaining perfection. 

If you are looking for personalized numerology report with accurate predictions and remedies then it is always better to consult with a professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai.

Easy Vastu Tips for Inviting Wealth in Your House

Having enough money is never enough, in fact all that we humans desire is to have wealth that would make our bank balance burst money rather than simply hold it. While some have it easy, others keep working towards it, if you are the one who is still struggling in the finance department then you need to know why? Often the cause of not having wealth is vastu doshas in your own home or the property that you are acquiring. If there are vastu defects then you will keep losing money, but if you are aware of these defects then these can be fixed too. Let us find out some vastu tips for inviting wealth in your house.

Lord Ganesh

As per Vastu Shastra, placing a picture of Lord Ganesh can help ward off bad luck and invite prosperity. Consult a Vastu specialist like vastu consultant in Dubai who suggests placing one such picture in the right direction. However, after a thorough analysis, only one should make changes.

ganesh fb

Basil Plant

Basil or Tulsi plant is auspicious and helps in bringing prosperity as per vastu Shastra. The best place to keep this holy plant in in the north-east direction of your house, it should be outside rather than inside. When this is done it helps create positive energy flow throughout the house.

Basil Plant


Lighting a lamp or Diya every morning and evening impacts the energy of the house in a positive way. However, the lamp should be lit in front of the idol or picture of Goddess Lakshmi in your home temple. Another thing to remember is the placement of the temple, as per the Vastu consultant in Dubai the temple shall be in the northeast direction.

v15 removebg preview

Kuber Yantra

If you are not yet aware, then God Kuber symbolize wealth and keeping a Kuber Yantra in your temple or holy shrine at your home will invite prosperity. Another thing to take note is that you should remove any clutter, heavy furniture, or objects from northeast direction/ corner of your home or else your wealth and abundance would be blocked. According to Vedasrivastu, you can fix the yantra on the north wall of your house if you cannot place it in the temple.


All your precious gems, jewels and money along with important documents like property documents or money bonds should be placed in the north or south-west corner; this is an ideal place for keeping your lockers and having a locker room. When this is done you are inviting in prosperity, remember that the door to your lockers or locker room shall open towards north or north-east direction for best results.

Easy Vastu Tips for Inviting Wealth in Your House

Water Bodies

Water tanks, water bodies, pools or any such source of water should be better placed in the north direction that calls for positive flow of wealth in the entire house. If you have a water fountain big or small regardless of the size then too it should be kept in the same direction.

Having a financially abundant life is indeed a dream come true, however if you are wondering what all can be done then it is suggested you consult a vastu expert like vastu consultant in Dubai for personalized vastu Shastra remedies and analysis.


With modern time as we struggle to keep a balance between work and our personal life, it is hard to maintain relationships too. Having misunderstandings every now and then, but not being able to sort them out or amicably maintain positivity in relationships is something of a grave concern. When this happens it is possible that the house is full of numerous vastu doshas, so, what can be done to reduce family feuds and maintain harmony within the family? As per professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai there are certain remedies related to vastu Shastra that helps in bringing unity within the family.


Vastu Shastra tips as per vastu consultant and numerology service in Dubai for reducing conflicts and to maintain good family relationships:

  • Conflicts and tensed relationships in a family can be resolved by placing a white sandalwood statue of either a God or Goddess or any happy figure that depicts or exudes happiness. It should be placed in such a direction where each family member would be able to see it easily throughout the day. It helps in reducing mental conflicts and brings in harmony within the residents of the house.
  • Disputes amongst the male family members can be resolved through keeping a small branch of Kadamba tree or burflower-tree in your own home. It helps in maintaining peace within the house.
  • If female members are at cross with each other then the best remedy is to avoid red color clothing at any occasion by family members. Also avoid wearing red at the same time within the family.
  • If a single female member of the house is the pivotal cause of conflict within the family then she should be asked to wear a moon stone in a silver ring that should be gifted to here on Shukla paksha Monday. She should be advised to wear it on her right hand ring finger.
  • Family that eats together stays together, this is an old age saying but also true, it not only keeps the family together but a shared meal experience helps in bringing down any conflict within the family. If you have a big kitchen in your house where it is possible to sit and eat then the whole family should do so, it helps in reducing negative effects of Rahu.
  • If the reason of conflict and tension is hard to find then the family members shall avoid haircut and shave on Thursday.
  • Sprinkling holy Ganga in your home on full moon day helps in bringing overall harmony within the house.

These tips may be simple, yet effective in banishing negativity and bringing in harmony within the house and amongst the occupants of the house. However, without thorough and personalized vastu analysis it is hard to deal with the situation, especially vastu doshas, so it is advisable to consult vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai. For personalized vastu Shastra analysis and for gaining best out of the situation through personalized remedies that will work wonders in your house and bring harmony.

Vastu Tips for East Facing House- for Abundance

As per Vastu Shastra, each space occupied holds a unique energy and each direction signify flow of certain energy. Vibrations associated with it all are what create either a positive or negative impact on the occupants of the residence or the space. When it comes to East facing home, it is said to be one of the most auspicious directions and it is harbinger of good luck too, learn why.

Even with an east facing home one would need to have a home that is vastu compliant, as per vastu for home in Dubai, it is essential to follow the rules of vastu Shastra for maintaining positivity and abundance even in an east facing home. Let us learn about it all.

Vastu Tips for East Facing House- for Abundance

Vastu for east-facing house

1.     Living room

The décor of your living room shall be in the north to east direction of the house. According to Vastu for Home in Dubai, another thing to note is that positive energy should not be hindered and so avoid placing kitchen or bedroom prior to your living room. Dining area or siting arrangement shall be such that the house owner should face the east or north zone.

Vastu for east-facing house

2.     Bedroom

As per professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai, it is essential that your bed should be placed against south or west wall. Your head should be in west or south direction and legs in north or east direction. Remember never to place the attached bathroom that should face the bed, the door of bathroom should always be kept closed. Avoid placing TV set or plants near your bed. Avoid placing mirror opposite to your bed where your bed would be reflected as it would cause numerous bodily ailments. Another thing to avoid is having a temple in your bedroom, same goes for having an idol in your bedroom of any God or Goddess.

3.     Kitchen

The best direction of having kitchen is the south-east where your stove shall be placed. The second best location for kitchen should be in the west or north-west. South-east is the ideal direction for placing electric equipment like toasters, electric cooking tops and microwave or ovens; while keeping the refrigerator in the south-west direction is the ideal placement.

4.     Puja room

This shall be ideally placed in the north-east and while praying the face should be in east direction. The puja room ceiling should be lower than that of other rooms. If you have a dedicated puja room then it should be on the ground floor and avoid having any bathroom near it.

5.     Dining room

Positioning of your dining area or dining room where you specifically have your meals is in the north-west or south-east direction. It is perfect when placed next to or near the kitchen on the same floor. Additionally, having a dining table in the shape of rectangle or square is ideal while any other shape is should be avoided.

Having positive vibrations in the house is essential even in east facing home; consulting vastu consultant and numerologist service in Dubai is the best option for having a personalized consultancy.