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Easy Vastu Tips for Inviting Wealth in Your House
June 29, 2022

Having enough money is never enough, in fact all that we humans desire is to have wealth that would make our bank balance burst money rather than simply hold it. While some have it easy, others keep working towards it, if you are the one who is still struggling in the finance department then you need to know why? Often the cause of not having wealth is vastu doshas in your own home or the property that you are acquiring. If there are vastu defects then you will keep losing money, but if you are aware of these defects then these can be fixed too. Let us find out some vastu tips for inviting wealth in your house.

Lord Ganesh

As per Vastu Shastra, placing a picture of Lord Ganesh can help ward off bad luck and invite prosperity. Consult a Vastu specialist like vastu consultant in Dubai who suggests placing one such picture in the right direction. However, after a thorough analysis, only one should make changes.

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Basil Plant

Basil or Tulsi plant is auspicious and helps in bringing prosperity as per vastu Shastra. The best place to keep this holy plant in in the north-east direction of your house, it should be outside rather than inside. When this is done it helps create positive energy flow throughout the house.

Basil Plant


Lighting a lamp or Diya every morning and evening impacts the energy of the house in a positive way. However, the lamp should be lit in front of the idol or picture of Goddess Lakshmi in your home temple. Another thing to remember is the placement of the temple, as per the Vastu consultant in Dubai the temple shall be in the northeast direction.

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Kuber Yantra

If you are not yet aware, then God Kuber symbolize wealth and keeping a Kuber Yantra in your temple or holy shrine at your home will invite prosperity. Another thing to take note is that you should remove any clutter, heavy furniture, or objects from northeast direction/ corner of your home or else your wealth and abundance would be blocked. According to Vedasrivastu, you can fix the yantra on the north wall of your house if you cannot place it in the temple.


All your precious gems, jewels and money along with important documents like property documents or money bonds should be placed in the north or south-west corner; this is an ideal place for keeping your lockers and having a locker room. When this is done you are inviting in prosperity, remember that the door to your lockers or locker room shall open towards north or north-east direction for best results.

Easy Vastu Tips for Inviting Wealth in Your House


Water Bodies

Water tanks, water bodies, pools or any such source of water should be better placed in the north direction that calls for positive flow of wealth in the entire house. If you have a water fountain big or small regardless of the size then too it should be kept in the same direction.

Having a financially abundant life is indeed a dream come true, however if you are wondering what all can be done then it is suggested you consult a vastu expert like vastu consultant in Dubai for personalized vastu Shastra remedies and analysis.

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