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September 12, 2023

The Sun is the giver of life and the most important cosmic entity when it comes to defining cardinal directions in vastu Shastra. All the directions are dependent on the movement of the sun and the sunrays. The importance of sunlight is well defined in ancient text along with the eight cardinal directions that are based on the science that ensures positivity enters the house and brings along health and prosperity to the dwellers. With this vastu Shastra ensures that each room receives the best of exposure to sunlight as per the positioning of the sun and the cardinal directions that are in harmony with its movements. Let us understand the eight cardinal directions as per vastu science as explained by vastu consultant from Dubai.

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Eight Cardinal Directions and Layout

Vastu Shastra comprise of Vastu Purusha Mandala or the layout plan that is dependent on cardinal directions. It is essential to note that these are assigned to the Gods symbolic to these directions with the inherent qualities in relation to the directions. For instance if one is to build kitchen then the ideal direction would be the direction of Agni or Fire that would be the south-east direction as cooking activity requires fire.

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  • The direction is ideal for open spaces, for instance it is good to have water sources placed in this direction, have a meditation room or Pooja room.
  • It is as per the logic of the dawn principle where the sun movement begins between 3am and 6am where the sun is usually present.
  • The north-east part of the house will begin receiving sunrays from dawn that is beneficial to begin activities like yoga, prayer, exercise and meditation.
  • The north corner of the house should be devoid of any hindrances and kept free of any obstructions to make it beneficial to the residents.
  • When the water source is located in this direction it is automatically purified with the sunrays.

EAST (Purva)

  • The direction is ruled by Sun the most important celestial body in our universe.
  • Prime entrance and doors/ windows should be ideally built in this direction to have ample sunrays in the house throughout the day.
  • Bathrooms too can be built in this direction as 6-7 am is the ideal time for bathing that would perfectly align with the sun direction cleansing and purifying the mind and body.

SOUTH-EAST (Aagneya)

  • The direction is related to Agni or the God of Fire therefore it is best for building kitchen.
  • As the sun moves, the time between 7.30am to 9am is the ideal time for cooking that will bring health to the one eating meals cooked in this direction.
  • The timings and the direction related to the specific element ensures that the food cooked is free of bacteria and the sunrays acting as germicidal will prevent any unwanted growth that may spoil the food.

SOUTH (Dakshin)

  • The direction is related to God Yama making it suitable for work space, store rooms.
  • If one has to build a bedroom then children bedroom can be built in this direction as it is based on the sun movement when the sunrays are at the highest full of lot of energy.
  • The energy generated by sun during noon time is where the direction is essential to be noted, therefore having a workspace in that area is ideal to utilize the energizing benefits of the sun.

SOUTH-WEST (Nairutya)

  • The direction is ideally the direction for our ancestors or our Pitras. Ancestor’s pictures can be hung on the wall of this direction.
  • It is also ideal to have your wardrobes constructed or have your library in this direction.
  • It is essential that you reduce the heat in this direction that would help induce cool atmosphere within the house.

WEST (Paschima)

  • Varun or the water God is associated with this direction.
  • Water is all about mental aptitude and therefore it becomes logical to build your study room, keep your toilets or even bathrooms in this direction. Keeping your plants that are sensitive to sunrays will thrive in this direction.
  • Children bedroom and study can be in this direction for good results.

NORTH-WEST (Vaayavya)

  • Dedicated to the wind God this direction is good for building store rooms, or less used rooms in this direction.
  • The direction is also good for good social life and for gaining prosperity, so any individual wanting to have it shall have a bedroom in this direction.
  • Pictures or wall paintings depicting flow of air should be ideally hung on this wall to bring in wealth and prosperity.

NORTH (Uttara)

  • The direction is related to the God of prosperity Kuber and for this reason the direction is associated with wealth and prosperity alike.
  • People wanting to increase income or bring in more wealth often tend to purchase a property that faces north direction, the direction is also ideal for politicians and entrepreneurs and businessmen alike benefiting in increasing their wealth.
  • Having open spaces in north direction ensures that the home is full of prosperity of all kinds.
  • Ideally one can build a living room in this direction for all to benefit from the energy of this cardinal direction equally.
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Although, these cardinal directions are easy to understand, but when these are not applied and balanced as per vastu Shastra rules then it only creates chaos and disharmony. For this is it essential to consult a vastu consultant from Dubai who is experienced and provides tailor made plans for vastu compliance as per individual needs.

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