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July 28, 2022

Timepieces have a distinct significance in the life of an individual, whether it is a gifted timepiece on your mantle or a wall clock adorning your living room or bedroom. However, the placement of a table clock, wall clock or any other type of timepiece has a great impact on the life of the individual owning it. The clock itself is not just symbolic of time but your life time itself, it is all about attracting positive energy and ensuring smooth sail in your life. How should you ensure which direction is the right direction for a timepiece? As per a vastu consultant in Dubai certain directions are best while others are a must to avoid, let us learn about it all as suggested.

Wall Clock, Table Clock & Timepieces - Best Placement Tips

Direction for wall clock placement

North the direction of Kubera is the best direction to hang a wall clock as it would harness the positivity of that direction bringing in wealth to the owner of the clock. 

East- Direction is the next best direction where you can place any kind of timepiece as it is the direction of Indra that helps in attracting prosperity.

West- If you are looking for stability whether in life in general or in your work place or relationship then hanging a wall clock or keeping a timepiece in this direction is where you will be able to maintain stability in your life.

South- This is the only direction where you should avoid having any timepiece or any wall clock as it would adversely impact your finances and your family life would always be full of chaos too. This direction belongs to Yama, as so it will only empower the destructive element when a clock is placed in this direction. 

Now equally essential is the kind of clocks pendulum or antique or wooden or metal or plastic, it creates a different kind of vibe as per vastu consultant in Dubai:

  • Antique and pendulum clocks are auspicious as they symbolize energy flow and positivity. 
  • Circular shape is the best when it comes to a timepiece as it boosts positive energy of the area it is kept. 
  • If you have a metal clock with white or grey hues then the best placement is the north wall or north sector. 
  • Wooden clocks are best to be kept in east direction for best results. 
  • Always ensure that the clock is up and running, if you have any timepiece that is stuck or broken or not working then it is better to throw it away. 
  • A clock or timepiece with melodious music too ensures positive energy flow in the house throughout. 
  • Ensure that the clock or any timepiece should show accurate time, not ever behind or forward. 
  • Best colors for clocks are brown and off-white shades that should be placed in north-east or east directions 
  • Always ensure that you do not put any watch under or near your pillow as it hinders good flow of energy and causes sleep disturbances.
Wall Clock, Table Clock & Timepieces - Best Placement Tips

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