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April 1, 2024

Vastu expert from Dubai is here to break some very common myths regarding vastu Shastra principles these myths might be common and yet these may seem right but not in the way people misinterpret it, let us understand a few of vastu principles that are misinterpreted till date and why?

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Vastu Myth:
Using colors in living room, children’s room and master bedroom

When it comes to vastu Shastra principles on colors, it is all about choosing the right color corresponding to the given direction and energy flow that should be enhanced to strike harmony rather than create chaos or imbalances.

The direction of the given room should be analyzed by a vastu expert and measuring of direction accurately is essential to reach to the right conclusion of which color should be used ideally for which room.

  • The living room should be ideally built in North or North-East and the best color is blue, when it is in north-West the colors corresponding to that direction are grey and white, if the direction is East then the best color to be used is Green.
  • Master bedroom be built in South-West should have earthy color tones. If it is South direction then use Red and if it is West then dark blue and Silver.

Vastu Myth:
Eldest person should live in master bedroom


  • South-West direction is the direction of leadership and commanding direction. The senior most person if retired or free of their financial obligatory duties are not well suited for the position.
  • In fact the functional head of the family capable of bearing the responsibility of the family whether financially or otherwise should be occupying master bedroom.
  • In this same light the eldest son or daughter ready to take on family responsibility or already doing their duty towards the family should be offered to occupy master bedroom.
  • Senior most member or elders of the house should be offered bedroom built in North-East direction the direction of spirituality.

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Vastu Myth:

Avoid mirrors in bedroom

  • Mirrors when placed in the right manner in bedroom can be beneficial too.
  • Placing mirror in a manner that no body part is reflected is ideal direction.
  • Mirror in bedroom should not even reflect the door of the room directly or else the person occupying the room would lose opportunities in their life.

Vastu Myth:
Ganesh Idol is auspicious for house

  • Undoubtedly Lord Ganesh is auspicious but depending on the position of His trunk and the positioning of the statue.
  • Trunk of Lord Ganesh towards his own left is auspicious while Trunk on the right side is ideal for Temples. Ideally trunk turned to left side is good for home as it brings prosperity.
  • Trunk when turned towards right is referred to as Siddhi or spirituality and giver of spiritual powers that is ideal for temples.

Vastu Myth:

Mythological images or nature related images can be placed on any wall


  • Even mythological images are not good when they depict violence or bloodshed or cruelty, like the images from popular epic Mahabharata. These should be avoided at all costs.
  • Images depicting violent side or sad side of nature like rains, thunder, storms may seem beautiful to look at but again these would only bring chaos in the house.
  • Images of wild animals may seem ideal but yet again when animals like tiger, lion and wolf and coyote are in question these should be avoided as these are violent by nature and would only bring chaos and relationships will suffer with anger issues amongst people.
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