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Image 2 Traditional home design
April 1, 2024

Vastu Shastra is fast becoming a trend in the modern interiors too the rendering of design with the touch of traditional vastu Shastra is fast taking over. It is all about scientific yet elemental or proper placement of designer layout within a given structure that brings harmony in relation to vastu Shastra with modern touch. However, the principles still remain at the core of modern design or modern vastu Shastra, as per vastu Shastra expert from Dubai, it is all about the increasing resurgence of ancient scientific principles of vastu Shastra that are recreated to suit the modern world.

Image 3 Traditional brick wall

Spatial Planning

  • Balancing the five elements is where the foundation of vastu Shastra is at the core, modern aspect requires incorporating the core principles in modular structure with natural materials.
  • Striking harmony with the elements that enables in balancing energy of the materials with the space creates perfect harmony in spatial planning.
  • Optimizing the energy flow of a given room or layouts of a structured plan to make it positive energy or engulfing it with the Prana is where balance is achieved with energy flow ad spatial planning.

Harmonizing Spaces and Layout with Items

  • Vastu Shastra states that each aspect holds an energy, colors, spaces, things, directions and even lightening.
  • Using right colors in the right space with the right design will strike a positive energy balance within the given space.
  • When the kitchen appliances are kept in the right direction and the fire element is matched with the right direction with cook top or cooking stove in the right manner then the food cooked in kitchen is pleasing to appetite, becomes medicine and enhances appetite.
  • Designers incorporating ambient lighting in the right direction for creating serenity within a given space as per vastu Shastra principles are all about maintaining positive energy flow.

Nature and Design

  • Using the right plants, flora & fauna in the outdoor garden brings perfect serene atmosphere.
  • Incorporating indoor plants for the purpose of enhancing aesthetics and for purifying indoor air is yet another example of vastu and modern interiors.
  • Traditional vastu Shastra is all about using natural material whether for building a structure or within the dwelling, when modern vastu steps in with these core principles then bamboo, jute and wood materials are incorporated in adorning indoor furnishings.

Image 1 Spatial Design 1 1

It is essential to maintain the right flow of energy within and outside, harnessing the positivity of elemental science of traditional vastu Shastra with that of modern vastu within designing principles is where the barrier is crossed. Reawakening the traditional vastu Shastra with a modern touch that forms a connect with modern design tapestry is beyond fleeting modern trends. Understanding that whether it is about designing, creating or refurbishing something, modern vastu Shastra with traditional vastu is all about striking harmony and harnessing optimum positivity through its collaborative means without being in conflict with it all.

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