Understanding the Important Space Elements of the House

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Understanding the Important Space Elements of the House
December 23, 2021

Vastu is the science of space that helps in ushering in positivity in the premises whether we are talking about home or office, both need a perfect balance of the elements and the space where a balance needs to be achieved. For this, it is essential that you need to focus on what and where of the space, for instance here we are talking about the center of the house of the Brahmastthan and its importance that is the heart of any house or premises, then we focus on the elements/ directions in the space of the house that need to be positively balanced. Let us learn all about it and understand the important space elements of the house as suggested by the Vastu Consultant in Dubai.

Brahamsthan (Center of the House)

The center of the house or any geographical area is referred to as the Brahmasthan. It is the energy point that is kept in mind by the Vastu Shastra experts while designing a structure as it is the point that is full of energy flow of the area. The energy of this area affects the occupants of the structure so, it is essential that the energy radiated should be positive that would have a positive impact on the inhabitants of the structure. Now it is essential that the following points be kept in mind when it comes to the center of the house to ensure the wellbeing of the occupants:

  • The center of the house should be clutter free; it should be devoid of any heavy or metallic elements that weigh down the occupants of the house. 
  • There should be no obstructions in the center of the house within the circumference of 1 to 1.5 meters if possible or else follow the rule of thumb that you should keep the area free of any furniture or any other object. 
  • There should be no pillar or beam that hampers the positive energy of the house and would meddle with the health of the family members. 
Understanding The Important Space Elements Of The House

Southwest zone

It is yet another powerful zone that is the power zone of any geographical location, therefore caution is advised prior to designing it and putting in any species in this direction, following things will make it clear for you what should be avoided to keep this zone positively powerful:

  • Southwest zone is the most powerful zone of the house. Also called as ‘pitrucon’. Any disturbance in this zone could disturb the stability in life.
  • Dubai is a place where people prefer their own swimming pool in their backyard. But a pool in Southwest could do more harm than the benefits of entire house. Hence, must be completely avoided.
  • Kitchen, toilet or prayer room in Southwest could affect the bonding and understanding between family members, hence disturbing the peaceful state of mind.
Understanding The Important Space Elements Of The House

These tips may seem generic, yet these Vastu tips are often overlooked when it comes to designing a house of designating a structure within the area of the house. It is essential that the house you occupy be well balanced with the elemental energy related to the space of the house as only then the occupants will live in a healthy and peaceful environment. 

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