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December 6, 2021

It is important to understand that a new business is not easy to establish; then another reason is how the business is going to generate money and become a source of prosperity in your life. 

 Succeed at new business with these vastu tips

Now the question is when it comes to establishing a new business where to begin and how to recognize the favorable Vastu aspects that will help you in establishing your business venture. If Vastu defects are overlooked then you will lose business deals and important business contacts as well, for this reason, it is important to correct the Vastu defects of your office. Let us have a look at a few of the Vastu tips that will help you improve the business space in a way that will welcome prosperity back.

Succeed at new business with these Vastu tips

Tips to succeed at new business with these Vastu tips

  1. If you are beginning new business then it is essential that the plot at which you wish to establish your business should be Vastu compatible. We are providing Vastu for offices in Dubai or Vastu for warehouses in Dubai services. Any premises whether a house, an office, a factory or any commercial structure is considered good to be aligned with cardinal axis i.e. N-E-S-W direction
  2. According to Vastu, commercial properties near an operational road are always considered auspicious as that would enhance the chances of generating profits. 
  3. The entrance of the office is essential to check, best is to have an East or North facing entrance. Equally important thing to keep in mind is that the main entrance should be free of any hindrance as it will create obstacles in your business. 
  4. Guest room or welcome area of the office should be in the North or East zone to usher in prosperity. 
  1. Internal departmental meetings are best to be held in Northwest zone. This is also good zone to design a conference room. Pair of white galloping horses ensures timely support and stability.
  2. The central part of the office is the heart of the office and for this reason it should be kept empty or free of any heavy furniture, iron or steel decorations or any such thing could weigh upon you heavily. 
  3. The owner of the business should occupy the South-west direction and face the North or East direction and the desk shall be rectangular in shape. 
  4. The staff seating arrangement should be such that they either face North or East direction. 
  5. The accounts section or department should be sitting in Southeast zone facing the North or East direction; these directions are significant for continuous cash in-flow and financial profits for the business. 
  6. For those who are in manufacturing business for them the favorable direction is South and moving towards the direction of North and West that can end in East. 
Succeed at new business with these vastu tips

How to use colors and objects for better Vastu?

  1. Now it is equally important to pay attention to the colors you use in the office, although white and crème colors are neutral and they can be used sparingly anywhere but few things should be kept in mind. Pantry should not be built in North sector of the office and it should not be painted pink or red. Similarly, the South-east area should not be painted in any shade of blue, rather use or decorate the sector with green plants. 
  2. Avoid using L shaped workstations or desks, ideal shape are rectangular or square. 
  3. Electrical equipment like machinery, communication devices or copiers and other such should be kept in the South-east direction. 
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