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Vastu Shastra – The Art of Channeling Positive Energy

Vastu Shastra is a science of energy balancing that helps in achieving harmony and prosperity. Achieving positive results in every arena of your life and being able to enjoy a healthy life it is essential to apply vastu Shastra principles for channeling positive energy. Let us understand as per vastu consultant from Dubai how to channel positive energy and benefit from it using vastu Shastra principles.

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How to channel positive energy in home?

 Keep your premises decluttered and clean at all the times, especially the windows that are a gateway to Goddess Lakshmi.
 Avoid any broken or chipped things even if it is dear to you as it only impedes positive flow of energy in the house.
 Keep your bed boxes organized at all the times and keep clearing out unused items or items that you no longer require.
 Mopping the floors with salt water helps in removing negativity from the house.
 Bathroom doors should always be kept closed and the lid of the toilet seat shall always be down or closed when not in use. Air fresheners should be used in your bathroom.
 Avoid keeping your medicines in the kitchen.
 The morning shall start with divine music or chants of mantras for maximum positivity.
 Furniture edges shall not he sharp, similarly it should not be red, black or grey, remove such décor from the house or rather keep it at minimum.
 Keep positive pictures at home that induce calmness and positivity when you look at it.
 Light a Diya or camphor in the evening that helps in harnessing positivity within the house. Sandalwood incense sticks can be used for the same purpose.
 If you are experiencing regular negativity in the entire house then burn a few bay leaves in a fire-proof container and let it smudge the entire house or go through each room and then open the windows for removing negativity.
 Remember to dispose off items no longer in use or those that are not used from a very long time.
 Hang wind chimes near the prime entrance of your house it attracts positivity and wealth.
 For those looking for overseas opportunities they can place paintings of foreign currency, racing bikes / cars and flying birds on the walls.
 Placing peacock feathers on the south-east wall helps in attracting wealth and positivity within the house.
 Keep a statue of laughing Buddha for removing any negativity from the house, place it in the east direction of your house or on the main door entrance if the house is east facing.
 For maximizing positivity in your house use a wooden tortoise that should be placed in the east or south-east area of your house.

 Placing all the clocks on the north or north east direction is ideal for progress, if any clock is non-functional then remove it or get it repaired immediately as it leads to stagnation in your life.
 Hanging a horseshoe ends pointing upwards on your main entrance will bring your good luck and all the positivity will be contained within your house.

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Applying these simple yet effective vastu Shastra remedies for channeling positivity works well but forpersonalized consultation and vastu remedies for your premises whether home or office, it is good to consult a vastu expert from Dubai.

Significance of Industrial Vastu

Industrial vastu is essential to balance the energy of the space that would enable in providing best results in business and bring abundance to the owner of the industry. However, with significant vastu adjustments and following vastu principles even vastu doshas in industrial space can be dealt with as per vastu consultants from Dubai. Let us understand why and how vastu for industries in Dubai is significant.

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Significance of vastu for industry

Vastu for industries in Dubai is auspicious as it helps in optimum performance for the unit with good production and good production quality. Vastu Shastra supports every kind of structure; it helps in reducing or nullifying the impact of any negativity that may lead to malfunction or conflict of any kind in industrial premises. When vastu for industry is done by vastu experts from Dubai they provide personalized analysis and remedies that helps in bringing profits to the business.

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When it comes to industrial vastu there are numerous factors that come into play:

 The plot of the industry is taken care of by checking the direction, the slope and inclination of the plot or the slope that should be from south to north. The plot shape should be that of square for best results.
 Boundary of the plot is also essential where the compound walls should be as per vastu Shastra, some should be higher and thicker other needs to be in different direction.
 The industry location should be in the right direction or area, there should be significance space for a corridor around the area leaving place for parking lot and a passage for vehicles. The west and south compounds should be occupied as these are auspicious directions.
 Location of the industry should ideally be in south, south west or south east zones that would bring the business immense profit.
 The entry to the industrial premises shall be in the eastern direction.
 The administrative staff should be ideally sitting in the west or south west directions and the manager overseeing them should be sitting in the north or east while facing these directions.
 Raw material should be placed in the east direction while finished goods should be placed in the north west zone.
 Maintenance workshop is essential in an industrial unit; it should be ideally placed in the south or south west zone of the entire compound. Remember to steer clear off north east and central zone of the area as it would thwart any growth or positive changes.
 Production units that require heat for production process should be in the south east zone of the factory premises. The direction is ideal for furnace, transformers, boilers and other energy meters or materials.
 Toilet area shall be built in the south east or south west directions. Underground water tanks, pumps, bore wells, etc. should be in the north or north east zone.

The tips and information regarding Vastu for industries in Dubai s mentioned above is generic, if you are keen on looking for a professional vastu consultation then vastu expert from Dubai is where you need to get in touch. A good vastu expert will provide you with complete analysis of the plot and provide you solutions as per your industrial needs.

Do’s and Don’ts for Factory Vastu

Financial growth and productivity of workers are at the optimum level when Vastu Shastra’s tips for the factory are followed, but when these are in non-compliance then the production flaws of vastu cause hindrances in growth and prosperity. It is essential to seek advice from a vastu consultant from Dubai for building a vastu Shastra-compliant factory and for a better factory layout as per vastu principles. The design, concepts, foundation, layout and even the plot for the factory when in compliance with vastu Shastra principles lead to good production and profits. Let us understand the similar concept of Vastu for industries in Dubai and the dos and don’ts for factory vastu in detail. 

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  • The best site for a factory setting is when it is high raised towards the direction of south, south-west or west. 
  • Open spaces and water bodies located in the north or northeast directions are ideal; however, these shall be placed at a low height that is beneficial for a factory layout. 
  • The location of the factory shall be in the east, north, or northeast direction for it to be a profitable venture. 
  • The office of the owner should be ideally in the east or north direction of the factory where the owner shall be facing north direction. 
  • All the finished products/ goods should be placed in the northwest direction. 
  • Workshops and maintenance work offices should be in the south or south-west directions. 
  • The north or east sides are ideal for placing heavy machines.
  • Bore well must be ideally placed in the northeast. Overhead tanks should be built in the southwest direction. 


  • Avoid any site for factories that have large open land in the south, west, and south-west directions as this would lead to losses, and your property will most likely stay abandoned. 
  • The unlevelled or uneven land is the worst for any factory setting as it brings bad luck. 
  • North-east or central zone should be avoided for placing any workshop or heavy machines or anything that would clutter or hinder the energy of that space. 
  • North-east is not the ideal direction for placing any water body such as toilets or septic tanks as it would pollute the good energy of that area rendering it negative in every aspect. 
  • Ensure that you are avoiding placing your heavy or light machines in the northwest and northeast directions of the factory. 
  • The factory premises whether within or outside should be free of any cutter or litter, this especially goes for the northeast area of the entire compound. 
  • Storing raw materials and finished products should be avoided in the northeast area. 
  • Avoid any heating equipment in random areas or zones as it would lead to accidents and breakdowns leading to life endangerment of the workers. 
  • Avoid building or using the northeast zone as a parking lot for any kind of vehicle. 
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These are some of the simple yet effective Vastu for industries in Dubai, however, for detailed factory and plot analysis you need to consult an expert vastu consultant in Dubai. Proper analysis and remedial measures in compliance with Vastu Shastra principles will bring you abundance and profits in your factory. 

Are you facing Relationship issues – Can Vastu help?

Emotions are energy and each zone carries different energy, as per vastu there are 16 zones or directions in a place that affects each emotion of the individuals occupying that space. Governed by five elements, fire, earth, air, water and sky, these elements create a harmonious environment when these are balanced as per Vastu Shastra principles. These elements are the core of managing the environment, space energy, and elemental energy and influence everything within that space including the mindset of people living there.

An energy field is created that influences each thought and action; these are negatively influenced when the said elements are out of balance. Let us understand more as per vastu consultant from Dubai about relationship issues that occur due to vastu doshas.

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Directions and relationships

South-West (S W) Zone

1)Related to harmony, family, intimate relationships and stability. When this directive has a toilet it leads to disputes among family members.
2)Bathroom built in this direction adversely impacts relationships and leads to pitra dosh as this direction is for our ancestors.
3) Wall painted in red or blue in this direction will lead to negative energy, and chaos will prevail in relationships.

Mid of South to South-West (SSW) Zone
The right direction for waste disposal or building bathrooms helps in letting go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions that harm a relationship.

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North-East (NE) Zone
1) The place of God with divine energy should be used for meditation as it helps in calming the mind.
2) Avoid building a kitchen in this area which may lead to aggression.

Mid of North to North-West (NNW) Zone
1) The pleasure zone and fulfilment of senses and sensual pleasures.
2) Couples’ bedrooms are to be built in this direction for marital bliss.

Numerous such vatu tips are available for bringing relationship harmony whether amongst family members or intimate relationships, but only consulting a vastu professional from Dubai will greatly enhance your luck in relationships.

Succeed at new business with these vastu tips

It is important to understand that a new business is not easy to establish; then another reason is how the business is going to generate money and become a source of prosperity in your life. 

 Succeed at new business with these vastu tips

Now the question is when it comes to establishing a new business where to begin and how to recognize the favorable Vastu aspects that will help you in establishing your business venture. If Vastu defects are overlooked then you will lose business deals and important business contacts as well, for this reason, it is important to correct the Vastu defects of your office. Let us have a look at a few of the Vastu tips that will help you improve the business space in a way that will welcome prosperity back.

Succeed at new business with these Vastu tips

Tips to succeed at new business with these Vastu tips

  1. If you are beginning new business then it is essential that the plot at which you wish to establish your business should be Vastu compatible. We are providing Vastu for offices in Dubai or Vastu for warehouses in Dubai services. Any premises whether a house, an office, a factory or any commercial structure is considered good to be aligned with cardinal axis i.e. N-E-S-W direction
  2. According to Vastu, commercial properties near an operational road are always considered auspicious as that would enhance the chances of generating profits. 
  3. The entrance of the office is essential to check, best is to have an East or North facing entrance. Equally important thing to keep in mind is that the main entrance should be free of any hindrance as it will create obstacles in your business. 
  4. Guest room or welcome area of the office should be in the North or East zone to usher in prosperity. 
  1. Internal departmental meetings are best to be held in Northwest zone. This is also good zone to design a conference room. Pair of white galloping horses ensures timely support and stability.
  2. The central part of the office is the heart of the office and for this reason it should be kept empty or free of any heavy furniture, iron or steel decorations or any such thing could weigh upon you heavily. 
  3. The owner of the business should occupy the South-west direction and face the North or East direction and the desk shall be rectangular in shape. 
  4. The staff seating arrangement should be such that they either face North or East direction. 
  5. The accounts section or department should be sitting in Southeast zone facing the North or East direction; these directions are significant for continuous cash in-flow and financial profits for the business. 
  6. For those who are in manufacturing business for them the favorable direction is South and moving towards the direction of North and West that can end in East. 
Succeed at new business with these vastu tips

How to use colors and objects for better Vastu?

  1. Now it is equally important to pay attention to the colors you use in the office, although white and crème colors are neutral and they can be used sparingly anywhere but few things should be kept in mind. Pantry should not be built in North sector of the office and it should not be painted pink or red. Similarly, the South-east area should not be painted in any shade of blue, rather use or decorate the sector with green plants. 
  2. Avoid using L shaped workstations or desks, ideal shape are rectangular or square. 
  3. Electrical equipment like machinery, communication devices or copiers and other such should be kept in the South-east direction. 

What’s in the Name?

People generally say “Naam mein kya rakha hai?” Your identity is your name and your destiny is directly linked to your name that’s what nature understands…Your name is your only identity that is used, most by others. Every name hasa number, a meaning and a frequency. The sound effect of name produces certain patterns, expectations and meaning. First name of person determines his / her personality, desire and thought process while the second name (surname) indicates heredity influence of the family. The combination of first and surname, that means full name, makes the destiny and is the most important one to consider for name meaning. Your numerology name number determines whether your life is peaceful, successful or not. It indicates, the type of people you attract and the quality of person associate with you. It also indicates the nature of the experience you face, the kind of life you spend and opportunity and threats comes in your life. That’s why our ancestors used to follow astrology for naming the child. Vastu Shastra does further more detailing into it by suggesting right name as per individual numbers. Name or alphabet change is one of the most effective remedies in numerology, which is why even celebrities often change their names. Numerology is also widely used while naming a newborn child. Frederick Douglass rightly says as