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Image 1 Vastu and Technology
July 28, 2023

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science based on directions, space, elements and the cosmos, in the modern day it is well incorporated within the architecture providing a vastu compliant home. However, with technological advancement and to provide a tangible yet user friendly innovation, it can be fused with the AR, Deep Learning, Image Processing and 2D. As per vastu expert from Dubai, with the growing need of vastu implementation, client demand and availability of AI modules can all be a great collaborative medium for providing technologically driven Vastu Shastra solutions, here is how.

image 2 Vastu and Technology

Designer Modules and Vastu Shastra


The most essential tool that will be able to provide accurate 8 directions: East, West, North, South, North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West. Identifying these directions as per the space and provide a clear picture for placement of amenities within a given space.

2D Vastu

The module based on 2D Vastu will be able to provide valuable information to the user whose phone is not equipped with a compass sensor. Select items from the scrollbar-> drag and drop into the space and click the item to discover its favorable position as per the Vastu suggestion. If the item dropped is in the right vastu direction then it will turn green or else red.

Plot Selection and Evaluation

We all know that vastu Shastra suggests ideal shape for a plot, keeping this in mind, the user will select the plot-> seek plot shape detection-> algorhythms identification determines plot shape-> results declared.

The results will depict if the plot shape is in compliance with vastu principles or not, the shape and the measures will all be taken into consideration by the software. The user might be quizzed by the software regarding the plot and the results will examine each answer concluding whether the plot is vastu compliant and if the user should go ahead with the deal or not.

Space Scanning

Uploading the video of the room or the space where one would like to apply vastu principles or seek vastu validation, the API will detect the objects or items of the room-> provide solutions. The software will be built to detect all shapes and sizes of objects, items and amenities as per vastu and then provide conclusion based on it all for the rightful placement. The 3D objects will be viewed by the user in AR view to make it user friendly.

Analyzing Floor Plan

Select the floor plan using mobile device that will be further sent for processing using image software and processing techniques. The image with text detection for each segment of the entire house will be analyzed by the software as per vastu agreement. Calculations, image checks, text detection all will be done providing certain proposals in compliance with vastu principles.

Vastu Bot

How about chat with a bot that would answer your vastu queries and help you with better understanding of where the principles can be rightfully applied. Providing fundamental vastu principle based answers the bot will be helpful in giving out information / reactions to the user on the questions related to vastu.

Image 3 Vastu and Technology

Whether it is designing, planning, arrangement or utilizing a given space as per vastu principles, suggestions and analysis can be provided by modules built in harmony with vastu Shastra principles. However, when it comes to personalized touch and less hassle, with years of experience, non-demolition vastu Shastra implementation and how to proceed in a tricky situation, all can only be handled by a vastu Shastra expert from Dubai. The expertise and experience is what makes it the best choice for building / re-arranging items accurately as per vastu principles.

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