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Role of Vastu Pyramid
November 28, 2023

Vastu Shastra is the ancient science that is built to bring harmony between nature and living space occupied by humans. It works on directions, vibrations and the movement of Sun primarily. It is applied science that uses numerous tools such as Vastu Pyramid to banish negativity and bring positivity. As per vastu expert from Dubai, pyramids are infused with vital energy source and these are energized to bring about positivity in the environment it is placed, there are numerous types of pyramids so, it is essential to understand it and know its role as well.

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Impact of Vastu pyramid on human life

Vastu pyramids work as a conduit that would harness the cosmic energy to any space it is installed for balancing the positive vibes in accordance to the space. It contains within itself structured organic particles that are highly charged to help banish negativity and establish prosperity, harmony and bring about well-being in the lives of people occupying the space.

  • It rectifies defects and negative impact when it is placed in a specific direction as suggested by vastu expert from Dubai.
  • Impacts the environment by uplifting the energy of the place and provide a balanced atmosphere.
  • Re-establishes and energizes the space thereby making the occupants full of energy by removing stress and negativity.
  • If there is excessive energy in a given point, then it channels the energy, balances it and establishes harmony that eases any troubles the occupants of the space are dealing with.
  • Vastu pyramid acts as a catalyst by aligning the cosmic energy with various positive energy of the given direction and space by bringing in tranquility.

Types of Vastu Pyramids

Promax pyramid- Utilized for the purpose of projection of activation for numerous aspects of human lives such as finance, building, construction, land, property investment.

Flat max pyramid- Built to impact the energy of the apartments / flats thereby transmitting positivity in the environment wherever it is placed.

Multier 9×9 pyramid- Used for the purpose of resolving vastu defects in a house; these are multi-layer instruments that serve the purpose of being beneficial for shifting/ changing land too.

Bemore 9×9 Pyramid- For good luck and enhancing fortune, it energizes the place wherever it is installed.

Education Pyramid- Good for students who are looking to enhance their education and improve their knowledge as this pyramid is responsible for blessing the individual with wisdom.

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With all that is stated above it is essential that one should get in touch with a vastu expert from Dubai to be able to understand where a pyramid should be installed. The pivotal points that require changing of energy are central point, a specific room/ space, or any energetic point within the house or the office, these can only be well analyzed by a vastu expert and then the suggestion of installing the type of pyramid suitable for the direction can be made.

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