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Numerology for 3 People
March 30, 2022

If you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th of any month then your ruling planet is Jupiter or Guru, the Guru of all. The planet denoted affluence, wisdom, knowledge, and ambition. 

Character traits

  • You are an early bloomer who began working early in life and became independent of obligations in your life at an early stage. 
  • Versatile by nature you are the one who enjoys a position of authority rather than following it. 
  • You are a nature lover and creativity is something that is an inborn trait that you carry. 
  • Taking things as they come, you are confident in your words and action which makes you an excellent leader. 
  • Positivity is one such trait in you that you are well admired for and makes you attractive to others as well. 
  • Your social skills are excellent which makes you a good communicator. 
  • Charming and magnetic you are the majority of the time’s center of attraction. 
  • Having an uncanny insight into people and things you rely upon your strong inner voice.
Numerology for #3 People

Areas of improvement

  • Your bad habit of procrastination is something that keeps you from completing a project undertaken. 
  • At times you find it difficult to deal with the challenges of life and tend to lose focus. 
  • You may begin showing over-dominance and let your emotions take over you. 
  • Learning from your own mistakes will help you reach for success. 
Numerology for #3 People


  • Your work should be something that gives free rein to your creativity or else you may get bored and switch to the next best option available that at times leads you to roam clueless when it comes to the career front. 
  • An inspirational work field is something that would keep you glued to a particular job or a position. 
  • The travel industry, musician/ actor, a chef are some of the careers that may keep you inspired yet help you with financial stability. 
Numerology for #3 People


  • Being an extrovert your partner will never find a dull moment with you. 
  • Parties and having fun are your way of life that will keep your partner interested in you for a long. 
  • You need to be careful with being over domineering as this often pushes your partner away from you. 
  • Fun-loving and creative you let your partner have their say whether it comes to picking home décor or having guests over, you are all game for it. 
  • Socializing is something that comes naturally to you, but this may backfire when your partner feels left alone or ignored at times.

Lucky colors

Including purple and yellow in your wardrobe and surrounding yourself with these colors will help with your creativity and enhance your spiritual power as well. Thus these colors will help you strike a balance between the material/ creative aspect as well as the spiritual journey that you undertake. 

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